The Walking Dead Season 7: Heartache And Hope

The controversial seventh season began with a heartbreaking episode as one of the big bad of the comic book series, Negan made his on screen debut in the personna of talented actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan. They group lost two of their own and for the first time looked beaten and a shadow of their former selves.They were partly done in by a false confidence that they could handle anyone especially after dispatching The Governor and his minions. It reminded me of the Civil War, where General Lee buoyed by several key victories against a union army better equipped and manned figured they were on their way until Gettysburg. Yet unlike Lee’s army, for Rick’s survivors there is hope in the numbers from combining the Kingdom, The Scavengers, Alexandria and Hill Top (Once they kick Gregory out of the way) Yes, there will be blood promised for the season finale with more key losses. But I expect that will be on both sides. The television series has somewhat followed the comic series in Glenn’s death and some other key moments. Will Negan survive ? Will Ezkiel suffer the same fate as in the comics ? Will Sasha die soon so she can command The Discovery on the new Star Trek series ? This season has a dip in the ratings. People ten to flock to the next big thing and too many series are forgotten way to quickly. People aren’t taking this series up as much at the watercooler these days. A shame!! The writing has been stellar, the addition of Jeffrey Dean Morgan (Give the man an Emmy) in his charming, downright evil, leaning back and forth Negan gave the series an adreline rush.I have covered many series that ran too long or lost steam after year five. My friends this ain’t one. After Scott Gimple settled into the showrunning chores he surrounded himself with very talented writers. The cast is stellar too. That’s a combination that is hard to beat.

Source: The Walking Dead Season 7: Heartache And Hope




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