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Bombay Sapphire Imagination Awards

2013 Results Academy Award Winner Actor Adrien Brody Named As Judge Of The Bombay Sapphire Imagination Series: Film Competition Bombay Sapphire Gin, In Association With Tribeca Film Festival, Offers Film Makers The Chance To Have Their Own Short Film Made BOMBAY SAPPHIRE®, the world’s fastest-growing major gin brand by volume and value,1 names Academy Award® winner Adrien Brody as a judge for the Bombay Sapphire Imagination Series: Film competition.

Academy Award winner Brody says, “I was a wild, mischievous kid. I always possessed a vivid imagination. Just about any experience I had, I’d try to re-enact it. I would recall nuances of the moments, and unique behavior of the people that moved me, so I always had the makings of an actor within me. I’m grateful that I’ve found opportunities for that creativity to flourish and I feel extremely passionate to be able to work with Bombay Sapphire gin on this competition – which will encourage people to explore their own. Imagination really can take you anywhere and is so subjective, so I’m excited to see people’s interpretation of Geoffrey’s script and I look forward to embarking on this incredible journey with them.”

“We are proud to continue our association with a brand who embraces creativity and imagination the way Bombay Sapphire does. The competition is a fantastic way for filmmakers all over the world to express their imagination. We are excited to see where their imagination takes them,” adds Jon Patricof, President of Tribeca Enterprises. With a heritage rooted in imagination, Bombay Sapphire gin has long supported the world of creativity, design and innovative ways of thinking. Bombay Sapphire Global Marketing Manager Magali Podesta comments, “The Bombay Sapphire team believes imagination makes the world a better place. Everything the brand stands for and everything we do is infused with imagination from our exotic botanicals to our vapour infused distillation process and our iconic blue bottle. We want to spark people’s imagination in film and let them create a story based on an Academy Award winning writer’s script to create a series of unique short films, showing that imagination can take you everywhere.”


To watch the five winning films and for more details on the competition, script and how to enter visit: For updates on the Bombay Sapphire Imagination Series: Film visit: The Bombay Sapphire Imagination Series: Film competition winners 2013, include:

  • James Griffiths, a full-time film maker from London, whose film ‘Room 8’ is a live action cinematic piece in which miniature people, parallel universes and a twist at the end provide a true cinematic experience for the masses.
  • Shekhar Bassi, an aspiring film maker living in London, whose film ‘The Mrs’ is an entertaining black comedy crime, telling the story of a dysfunctional couple’s marriage.
  • Cadi Catlow, an animation director, who created stop motion film ‘The Crab’ set in an extremely limited environment that uses only subtitles and relies entirely on timing and extremely accurate animation to portray the emotions, thought processes and personalities of two crabs.
  • Paul Frankl, a freelance director from London, whose film ‘Water Song’ tells the story of a deaf competitive swimmer who is given the opportunity to cheat.
  • Alexis Barroso Gasco a writer, director and graphic designer from Spain, whose film ‘Concrete’ is set in an office block and tells the story of an executive man, a cleaner and a box, which brings your deepest darkest desires to life.

IMAGINATION SERIES 2014 On Friday, July 12 – Academy Award-winning screenwriter of “Precious”, Geoffrey Fletcher — who also made his recent directorial debut with the film “Violet & Daisy” (starring the late James Gandolfini) — premiered the five winning short films from “Bombay Sapphire Imagination Series: Film” – a new competition in association with Tribeca Film Festival, which challenges budding filmmakers from around the world to use their imagination to interpret a script by Mr. Fletcher. Hundreds of aspiring filmmakers entered last year’s competition and the five concepts deemed the most imaginative were produced into short films, which premiered at this year’s Tribeca Film Festival. Adrien Brody was recently named judge for the competition’s second year, which is currently accepting entries through August 4! (more info on program below)



Tony Tellado: Hello. Good to talk to you again. It seems that the judging was a little more difficult this year for you. Am I right?

Geoffrey Fletcher: Good to speak with you again as well! I can’t believe it’s been a year already. The judging is always so difficult. We could have used 10 spaces instead of 5 because so many great ideas were submitted.

TT: What stood out about this year’s winners?

GF: The entries were so imaginative, which is what the Bombay Sapphire Imagination Series Film: Competition is entirely about – though I hesitate to call it a competition. I think of it as a showcase. Anyone who sits down and imagines something for this is a winner in my opinion, however corny that may sound. This year’s films also have their share of adventure, sci-fi and mind-bending aspects as well.

TT: I spoke to Kiara Jones and was struck by her love of film and story-telling. How important are the intangibles in selecting a winner besides telling a story their style I would think is also important?

GF: I always think that a compelling work of art seems greater than the sum of its parts. You can tell that what you’re experiencing may be the tip of an iceberg in terms of a person’s vision. You can also sense that the artist has a distinct point of view, creatively or otherwise. That’s how we all felt about James W. Griffiths’ Room 8 from last year. It took home a British Academy Award this year. We’re so proud of him and everybody involved.

TT: Besides Adrian Brody and yourself, Peter Facinelli has also become part of the program. How did he get involved?

GF: We reached out to Peter about becoming one of the judges. Thankfully, he said yes. He’s such a great guy and, as you know, he has a lot going on right now.

TT: What would you say to young filmmakers interested in entering next year to the competition?

GF: I would say that they should approach their work with all of the passion and daring that they have. It always shows.


BOMBAY SAPPHIRE®, the world’s fastest-growing major gin brand by volume and value1, in association with Tribeca Film Festival®, today announces New York’s, Allyson Morgan as the fifth and final ‘Wild card’ winner of The Imagination Series: Film Competition.With 41% of the votes, Allyson, a writer, actress and producer originally from Ohio, beat talented writers from across the globe with her imaginative, comedic script interpretation entitled, ‘Need for Speed (Dating)’, a tale of two friends that attend a speed dating event and experience the highs and lows of the New York dating scene.

The competition, now in its second year, asks budding filmmakers to use their imagination to interpret a short film script created by Academy Award® winning screenwriter, Geoffrey Fletcher, giving them the opportunity to have their film made into a five minute short.

With four talented winning script writers already selected by Academy Award® winners, Adrien Brody and Geoffrey Fletcher along with a panel of film industry experts Bombay Sapphire launched the Wild card’ leg of the competition, giving the public the deciding vote for the fifth and final slot now taken by Allyson.

Allyson joins the four other winners of the competition announced in October 2013:

  • Anthony Khaseria, a screenwriter from London and his film ‘Reflections’
  • Maite Fernandez, a bookseller and comedian from Spain and her film ‘Grafitti Area’
  • Chris Cornwell, a screenwriter from London, and his film ‘Exit Log’
  • Kiara Jones, a film student from the U.S. and her film ‘The Other Side of the Game’.

Bombay Sapphire Global Marketing Manager, Luca Vescovini added: “We wanted to give the public the chance to get involved in our unique concept and choose a script they were most inspired by. All of our winners show great imagination and versatility in their scripts and we can’t wait to see them come to life at Tribeca next April.”

Allyson says, “Imagination is vital and necessary for a productive, forward-thinking, empathetic society. It’s not just filmmakers who imagine: it’s also doctors, scientists, lawyers, and labourers. The only way to innovate in life is to dream big and push boundaries. I’m overwhelmed, touched, and humbled by the outpouring of support for my film. Opportunities like The Imagination Series allow up-and-coming filmmakers’ access to incredible mentors and production experience that is invaluable and I am so truly grateful to be included in this group of talented writers and creators. The last couple of months have been an absolute thrill ride and I can’t wait to see my script come to life on screen at one of the most prestigious festivals in the world!”

Graffitti Area

Two graffitti artists get more than they bargained for when their art work turns against them.

Exit Log

A neat space odyssey where time travel is legal and you can go back three minutes in time


A couple get to see a different view of their relationship

Need For Speed Dating

Sometimes past relationships follow us around.


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