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David Giuntoli: There’s A New Grimm

COMIC-CON INTERNATIONAL: SAN DIEGO — “NBC Installations at San Diego Comic-Con 2013” — Pictured: NBC’s Grimm installation at San Diego Comic-Con — (Photo by: David Yeh/NBC)

From 2013 – David Giuntoli joined the roundtable I was a part of at San Diego Comic Con to discuss the fourth season and Nick’s status.

David Guintoli: Hey guys what’s up

Tony Tellado: We want to hear it from you what’s up next season.

David Giuntoli: There’s zombie violence that I shall be partaking in.That’s all I really know. I read three scripts.Because I’m in the coffin right now, I haven’t been in the first episode yet.They just filmed a week and I haven’t even done it which is the greatest.Nick can’t get a passport but gets a flashlight. What’s this ? They shine it in my face and I turn into a zombie.

Any thoughts on that ?

David Giuntoli:: In all honesty, I can see that in some other cases.This one was pretty frantic.Maybe he should have been a little more on guard looking behind him.But I think is forgiveable. We need cliffhangers more than we need continunity or that kind of stuff.

And there’s a new Grimm coming.

David Giuntoli: Yeah. The more Grimms the merrier for God’s sake.I feel like we will be meeting someone, I don’t know if anyone has told you that already.I don’t know if I’m related to this person.Did they tell you who this person is ?

Tony Tellado: Not exactly

David Giuntoli:: It’s really cool.It’s not going to be anything like me  (Nick) It will be an interesting kind of Grimm relationship.I don’t know when it’s going to happen but it will happen for an extended period of time.

Tony Tellado: What was it like for Nick losing his girl then slowly getting her back. A lot of frustration for Nick.

David Giuntoli:: Oh yeah.This has been a wild ride. What a terrible boyfriend, I’ve been.She’s been in a coma, but I don’t want to tell her because she might get mad.Really bad boyfriend.You know kind of like cowardly lies.I hope Nick and Juliet are renting a movie having some normalcy.

Tony Tellado: A lot more people now know he’s a Grimm, too

David Giuntoli:: I’m out of the closet as it were.Which puts Nick in a much healthier spot and I don’t think that he’s more easy going now but he’s more content and on solid ground. Before this role were you a genre fan ?

Is this easy to do or a challenge to do this genre ?

David Giuntoli:: I can’t say that I was a genre fan.There were genre things, I was a huge fan of.But I wasn’t aware of the classification.The challenge was, what is our show going to be ? I know David Greenwalt worked on Buffy and Angel, and everyone was comparing us to Once Upon A Time.Where as we didn’t know what we were yet.So I wanted it to become what it would be in and let it become its own identity.

Special thanks to NBC




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