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PODCAST: The Perfect House

“The Perfect House” not only marks the official feature directorial debut of Buffalo (NY) native Kris Hulbert, but also makes cinematic history in filmmaking as the world’ s first indie feature film to ever premiere on an independent-movie distribution platform built for Facebook.

The first film to officially virally debut on the hugely popular social media platform (Facebook), “The Perfect House” has been touted as the trailblazing film that has redefined the traditional methods with regards to standard Hollywood channels of distribution in today’s entertainment landscape. The film is a real horror movie that takes the standard Hollywood formula for this filmmaking style, kicks it to the curb with an in-your-face real raw horror.A riveting, visually intense, psychological examination of what real life horror is: the capacity for evil that hides within each of us yet remains anonymous.

Kris Hulbert still remains at the forefront of the next generation of filmmakers. Sticking to his “high-tech guerilla” business and production model via Gratwick Films, the avant-garde storyteller and entrepreneur is securely cementing his status as an enduring talent who has pioneered a new wave of filmmaking where a no-to-low budget equals just as many opportunities and possibilities for distribution and release as a multi-million dollar film.

The film epitomizes the definition of “high Tech” Guerilla Filmmaking approach, 21st Century Style – one that demonstrates how indie filmmakers can make excellent movies at a very low out-of-pocket price point and find a viable home in the new media market. The digital and social media revolution is creating the future of indie marketing and providing an effective distribution vessel for audience building.

Podcast Interview

I spoke to the film’s co-director, Kris Hulbert about the film

Podcast: | Download |


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