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Supernatural Season Nine With Jared Padalecki

How does the ninth season feel ?

Jared Padalecki: One of the great things we can do with this show, we can kind of reinvent it. Our fans are forgiving.They’re passionate and they let us know what they think.But ultimately they and I as a fan as an actor, trust the writers. There’s this amazing trust that the fans have with our writing staff,our producers who have these ideas and with Jensen and myself, and Mischa and Mark will do the right thing to help tell the story and remain true to the character.One of the things we’ve been able to do is to see these different versions of these two guys.And here in season nine, it’s not necessarily ..One of the things we didn’t have to do at the end of last year was to have this false ending. Oh when we’re all dead or are we ? Is the world over ? Or is it ? We knew we were coming back. You knew we were coming back. So we didn’t have to go ohhh….So this is kind of like..The season premiere is kind of like episode eight twenty four not like nine-o-one. It’s kind of like the twenty fourth episode.We get to treat it as one massive season.Which is great because we get to build and build and build and not break walls down when we don’t need to. Honest to God, it’s the writers.It sounds like a copout . I don’t want to compliement the writers, but it’s writers, Man.I don’t know how they think of it. And specifically this season , I’m so excited about it.I am more excited to what I get to do as Sam this season than I’ve been ever.

The boys have babies and wives.

Jared Padalecki: It’s nice. The original idea of the series…when we did a pilot called Supernatural and people asked me what it’s about we were told to say that it’s X-Files meets Route 66. Two guys on the road in a car. That changed quickly. We had kind of the monster of the week. But then you run out of monsters. So What’s been working ? And the fans stuck with us where we could try something and it didn’t work, then what’s this angels and demons stuff ? People are enjoying.We’re kind of having fun, this is good.

And it’s build and build and build.And we do have a standing set now. We had a standing set of sorts before. We had Harvelle’s but that didn’t work.We love the characters but we didn’t know where it’s going to go.But we had Bobby’s house obviously that got burned down. So it’s nice to have a base of sorts. And this year, with angels powerful and walking the earth, and us not having a friend as an angel any more and the demons always hate us. So it’s nice to have some kind of spot where we can let the audience know what the story is about before we go hit the road as opposed to always hiding in the bushes. And it became a little….Ya’ll allow us leaps of faith here and there but it became a little absurd.They’re a million angels and demons that can’t find us. So it’s easier to believe that there is one spot they can’t find us than there are fifty spots they can’t find us.

Tony Tellado: With everything you’ve done, it’s always been about the brothers.It’s always been the core. It’s supposed to be a five year show and here you guys are. Have you had a chance to step back ?

Jared Padalecki: No. One of the questions asked is you’re  nine seasons in as one of the longest shows on television. God. I just…Friday I turned thirty one. So this basically a third of my life.It’s pretty amazing. It’s going to be weird when it ends.It’s going to be a long time before it ends I hope. With this season, this is not just a line, I feel like with what we are doing we can go for however you guys and the writers want have it going. We opened so many doors. That’s another thing that we did last year. We didn’close any doors. We didn’t kill this or stop that.We left it to where we can do anything now. What they (the writers) have chosen to do is so awesome. But I want to strangle them because I can’t talk about it.Because I’m really excited about it. But I’m an employee so I…..

What inspires you these days ?

Jared Padalecki: My kid. He’s pretty amazing.We had a family emergency a couple of months ago.The strength of the human spirit….I’ve been inspired by my friends and family because we had some stuff going on. It had our full attention immediately.Seeing people pull through and seeing people join together.Social media kind of exploded during my time on the show.And I am sort of learning and it’s become such a powerful spot. Hey man thinking of you . Hey dude…..And it feels good.Maybe I’m naïve but Jared believes in the good of humanity.And I think Sam does too which is probably why they cast me.

Do you as an actor get to influence the show in terms of story and character ?

Jared Padalecki: A lot. We have a lot of trust. In fact Jeremy (Carver) and I have a lot of conversations because one of the big secret things that’s going to be a through line through this show, I filmed it this past week. So I called Jeremy to talk to him. I had a big discussion with him.I brought up some of my own experiences and what I wanted to bring to the table.And he said, “Yeah.” At one point in time, I said “Listen, I might change some of the wording. He said “Sure, dude. If you have to do something do it. We trust you obviously you guys know these characters.” I think they know also…There are stories of douchy actors and stuff who are just out for themselves but Jared and Jensen are out for Sam and Dean. I love Sam. He’s become a part of my life and forever will be.I care about protecting him.I care about being true to him.He’s an entity that I respect.He’s like a friend of mine.And so when something happens,and I want that to be honored, I will let them know or take it upon myself.They allow us a lot of freedom because they know we care about the show.We want it to go for ten years.It’s not like, “Listen, I think it would be cool if Sam had a motorcycle and a hot chick.” None of that. I want to be true to Sam and they know that.

Any plans to direct ?

Jared Padalecki: I don’t. I want to spend time with my family. Mischa (Collins) is not in every episode so  he can see his family and film.When filming starts, man I don’t see anybody.My family is all in Texas. We live in Austin. So my off time…We like spending time with each other.We don’t get that chance.The reason Jensen didn’t direct this year , is “Dude, I got a kid now. I want every last chance with my daughter…Thank you guys…


Supernatural — “Sacrifice” — Image SN823a_0174 — Pictured: Misha Collins as Castiel — Credit: Diyah Pera/The CW — © 2013 The CW Network. All Rights Reserved

It feels more character driven than seasons in the past in that each character seems to have their own arc that is important and their own issues to deal with that are very important.I think the show is more fractured that it has been in the past.There are a lot of different storylines and a lot more as Jeremy would say, balls in the air.But as is often the case, with Supernatural More

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