Icarus Down


In the distant future, Defense Space Craft ICARUS must escort a stranger named Draynar, carrying a mysterious case to a space station in the dangerous Epsilon 13 galaxy.  All hell breaks loose when Icarus is shot down and forced to crash in an unknown planet. Captain Althenia Torla faces the destruction of Icarus, the death of her husband the fatally wounded Lieutenant Orrin and the danger Draynar poses.  Thus unfolds a poignant, riveting story about survival, space and love.

Partial Transcript of interview with actor Tedi Nicoletos (Captain Althenia) and Director/Editor/Producer Paul Nicoletos

Paul Nicoletos: “Indie Go Go like Kickstarter and other crowd funding sources have given us an access that we would not ordinarily have.It means that we don’t have to go and beg and ask people for favors or money.We do give something in return. But we also lay all the cards out on the table.So this is what we’re doing and you can be a part of it.”


Paul Nicoletos: “It also gives people a glimspe of the filmmaking process and how they can be a part of it.I t makes them feel involved and a part of it.

Tedi Nicoletos: “I completely agree with Paul especially with the Sci-Fi community.There’s a lot of people who like to contribute into Sci-Fi projects.And they would like to see a short film turned into a feature eventually.So they like to feel like they are part of the whole industry.”

Tony Tellado: One of the films I was fond of as a kid was ‘Robinson Crusoe On Mars’ which was basically a survival film and getting along with others.
Is this in the survial vein as well ?

Paul Nicoletos: “Definitely in the survival vein.Its very interesting. Apart from being able to contain a giant story in ten minutes time,I’m trying to incorporate a little bit of action, a little bit of drama and character development. It tends to be harder because you don’t have the two hours to create this world.You have to engage the audience as quickly as possible.It does have the survival aspect as one of the fundamental cores of this story. But there’s also a little bit of love in it.And  a little bit of the tension, the fear of the unknown and this particular character Draynar who is not part of the crew.You have the survival instincts kick in because the main character is a captain and you also crash landed on an alien planet.What ever story comes after the short film, it is all about survival.”

Tedi Nicoletos: “It’s also not about the survival of one person, it’s trying to save the lives of the whole crew and not only that.There’s a key element in the story that depicts the survival of humanity.”

Tell us about the Captain. Is she the kind of person that would make Ripley of Aliens fame proud ?

Tedi Nicoletos: “Ripley is actually one of my idols.What we wanted to do for Althenia is we didn’t depict her as a typical woman type in Sci-Fi.We didn’t try to point out that she’s actually a female.She’s a captain. She’s a person.She’s strong.She follows her duty. Her main objective is her crew, her ship.We didn’t try to make her eye candy or the love interest of some body. She is the lead character.

Paul Nicoletos: “For me as a director, I tend to not interfere with an actor’s character development process unless they go off on an extreme tangent that I have to say,”No that doesn’t look like anything that I imagined”.That usually doesn’t have to be the case.When you work with good actors they can interpret a character and make them their own.I prefer that a lot more than me saying, “I want you to play the character this way or be influenced by these other characters.”Sure every other film borrows and takes from other films and other characters.But If I allow the actor to be as creative as possible, then something, I don’t want to sound too corny but something truly magical can happen.”

Tony Tellado: As far as what your asking people to give their money for. It’s primarily for the special effects, the sound. Do you have a visual effects house lined up for the project ?

Paul Nicoletos: We have a visual effects, post production house ready to go.They’ve done a lot of research, extensive research as to what the ship looks like what the planet might look like. And we also have the sound designer and the composer, ready to go.Everybody’s on board. They love the project.They love Sci-Fi. And working with people especially that love Sci-Fi, they tend to work more for the project as opposed to someone who’s doing it as a job.Not that there’s anything wrong with that. But if they love Sci-Fi they tend to be more creative thus making it a better project.This adds a different dimension to the film in the music especially the visual effects because they care more about the project.

Tedi Nicoletos: If you take this story and place it in the regular world, it wouldn’t be as compelling as it is in space because everything is unknown there.We try to engage people who are part of the Sci-Fi community as MUCH as we can because it is a community and they all help each other.We want to keep them involved and make them feel a part of it.”


Special edition has a conversation with filmmaker Paul Nicoletos and the star of Icarus Down, Tedi Nicoletos who discuss their film project and their effort to get it funded on Indie Go Go at this link.

From 2007 talking about the release of the indie sci-fi horror film, The Signal which literally drives all who hear it insane. Justin has since appeared in Final Destination, and on TV, Bones and Justified.




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