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Mark Sheppard: As Always Crowley

Veteran actor and go-to guest star Mark Sheppard talked to us reporters at a Supernatural Roundtable at SDCC 2013

Mark Sheppard: What do you want to know ?

What kind of situations is Crowley going to find himself this season ?

Mark Sheppard:  The best way I can explain this is that the process of trying to cure Crowley has had a profound upon him. Not the effect that was originally desired I would think but probably more profound that Crowley would enjoy.I’m sure it’s going to have its consequences.

What about some of those consequences ?

Mark Sheppard: Anal leakage. Have you always hated that when they say, “Hey a new product.” It causes anal leakage. Never good.

How will Crowley react to the fallen angels ?

Mark Sheppard: React, he’ll move slightly out of the way as they land.That’s the first thing that Crowley would always do.React to the fallen angels ? I think right now. They showed a scene (At SDCC) from the beginning of season nine.A scene from where you first see Crowley. Watch that.

Tony Tellado: What has it been to play this guy ?

Mark Sheppard: Fabulous. They are very kind to me.There’s something rather fun about having that kind of power and that kind of whimsy , that kind of enjoyment of everything that he does.He’s really insatiable when it comes to consuming for fun.It’s a lot of fun to play.

His power and insatiability does that carry over into his personal life ?

Mark Sheppard:  Yeah, because I kill so many people in my personal life.

I don’t mean killing but that sense of empowerment.

Mark Sheppard:  So you’re saying I have a sense of empowerment.Do I feel that I have sense of empowerment. Why would I answer that.If did have a sense of empowerment, I don’t know if I would never answer that.

I mean’t if playing the character carries over off the set as well.

Mark Sheppard: One tries not to. As I said killing people is frowned upon in most places.

One of the things I like about Crowley is that he is a jolly bad guy.We’ve seen some really evil villains on Supernatural.You’re very unique. How much of that is written ? How much of that is how you play it ?

Mark Sheppard: Giving absolute credit to the writers.Ben (Edlund)  created the character at first which made it so interesting.There is a benevolence and a malevolence  to him. It’s kind of Bugs Bunny-ish in a way. He tends to only fight once provoked.If you shoot him,he’s going to do something.It makes it a lot of fun to do.Was it created with that idea in mind ? I’d like to say that it’s a bit of both. Now very much so they write to where the character’s evolved.I think they’re really smart with this working in this way.Let’s keep going in that direction.That’s a great thing about having smart writers on the show.Different groups of writers.The great person to ask is Bob (Singer) .Bob has been through all the regimes and the different show runners.That’s a man that has more information than anybody.Whether he will tell you is something else.He’s watched the changes and has been an integral part of that.He’s the  guy to ask. The evolution of Crowley. he’d know more than anyone.I’m sure there’s a little trial and error  when it comes to that.

Tony Tellado: They must also write to you as well. Your strengths…

Mark Sheppard: When I have read it, if you know the sound of a voice and you have a sound of voice, it’s kind of more fun to do.Ask Bob how much fun is it to write for stuff that makes you laugh or how much fun is it to write for stuff that makes you…I don’t know crazy ?

When you read the lines on the page do you get some flexibility ?

Mark Sheppard: Most lines fit.You have to remember what human beings say is not always what they mean.So what they say is not always as relevant as what the meaning is behind it.So you could write Mary had a little lamb.Her fleece was white as snow and every where that Mary went, the lamb was sure to go. (Note he changed the inflection so obsure the meaning of the lines. He made his point) Pleasure guys thank you.

Special thanks to the CW and Warner Bros


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