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Misha Collins’ Cas Is Being Human


From the roundtables, the actor chatted with us at SDCC in 2013

Will we be seeing a lot more of you this year ?

Supernatural — “Sacrifice” — Image SN823a_0174 — Pictured: Misha Collins as Castiel — Credit: Diyah Pera/The CW — © 2013 The CW Network. All Rights Reserved

Misha Collins: I think it means we’ll be seeing more Cas, yeah.I think I’m in thirteen,fourteen episodes, I’m slated for.Somewhere in that ballpark which is a substancial chunk.

I heard that your’e going to be directing an episode ?

Misha Collins: I am going to be directing.It’s toward the end of the season,my episode.It’s far enough away so that myself or anyone in the universe really knows what’s going to be going on in that episode.But I have to say that this season more than ever, they are pre-planning. Jeremy (Carver, executive producer) is doing a great job of sort of mapping things out in advance.I believe that nine scripts are written already which is pretty amazing considering that we’re still shooting the first episode.Not many shows say that.And then there’s outlines for a couple beyond that.We actually do know more than we have in the past at this time.

How much have they told you ?

Misha Collins: I’ve seen nine of the scripts.

Can you give us the first big story break of the season.

Misha Collins:  What an onerous responsibility. What can I tell you about this season ? It feels more character driven than seasons in the past in that each character seems to have their own arc that is important and their own issues to deal with that are very important.I think the show is more fractured that it has been in the past.There are a lot of different storylines and a lot more as Jeremy would say when he comes to your table, balls in the air.But as is often the case, with Supernatural everbody is having to make compromises and do the best that they can.But it’s not always pure of heart.Cas, my character is going to be struggling for sometime with being human with all the pitfalls and occasional joys of that experience.That’s something I’ve been wanting to do on the show for six years.I’m happy that we’re actually getting to do it now.And Cas has sex. I can tell you that.That’s abig spoiler.Are we going to see Cas’ penis. I can’t believe you’re going to ask that question. Disgusting (kidding) Sorry I cut you off…

Are we going to see some characters in Castiel’s past ?

Misha Collins: Yes. Short answer.

You said that Cas is going to have sex. So does that answer the question whether angels are anatomically correct ?

Misha Collins: I don’t know if it does because he’s a human now.I actually don’t know.We actually haven’t hit that question head on sort of speak.No pun intended.

What about how the series portrays angels ?

If you bone up on your biblical lore, you will discover in Revelation that angels are in fact highly imperfect creatures.Charged by God with the task of for example, slaying all the fish in the sea or half the fish in the sea, half the animals on land,I’m not quoting scripture accurately now. But they are in fact first and foremost warriors.It is more in our modern lore that they become cheribs that sit on your shoulders and make sure nothing bad happens to you.The Devil is an angel.Angels are warriors largely in the Bible.I think that in general, the show is…I said this before and I’ll say it again. I kind of feel that Supernatural has written..has turned it into a massive piece of fan fiction with the cannon that they’re drawing from as the Bible because they’re really drawing on material that is there and extrapolating and creating a new and twisted world from it.

Tony Tellado: Would you say that ‘s part of the secret of success.It was supposed to have been a five year arc. Yet you’re still chugging along and not losing any steam ?

Misha Collins: Yeah probably.One of the things that Supernatural writers have that any storyline that they start with is something that is Google-able. Perhaps a term that they’ve coined, I don’t know.They try to start with mythologies or monsters or themes that already existing in lore whether it’s biblical lore or folktale whatever it is. But that means that they are drawing from stories that reasonated with people.I think that’s really smart because they have a shitload to draw on.

Special thanks to Warner Bros and The CW




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