Supernatural’s Jeremy Carver

From 2013 –  Co-Showrunner Jeremy Carver joined us reporters in a roundtable setting to chat season nine of Supernatural at SDCC

Tony Tellado: I remember you from running Being Human a few years ago.

Jeremy Carver: Right

Tony Tellado: It’s nice that you are working here now.What can you tell us what you’re planning for season nine ?

Jeremy Carver:  I think coming into the year, it’s really fun. It’s something of a broken landscape the boys are coming into here because the normal constructs that they have become used to, king of Hell in Hell and angels in heaven, that’s not there anymore.Part of it is their fault and part of it is Castiel’s fault.In the gap of sort of a real big bad,there are big bads but it’s a little different from season’s pasts.It’s a little more diversified.In that each of our characters are going through a pretty significant almost who am I journey here.Castiel is dealing with humans, Crowley is dealing with being a captive and not being in control.The boys are dealing with things that I can’t really get into.We really taking a real big swing at sort of, I know this isn’t the sexy pitch but we’re digging into our characters here.Hopefully rounding them out in a way that folks haven’t even seen yet.For me being on the show several years it’s a really fun place to be.For all the demons , monsters and everything, I think that’s what the fans hopefully respond to most are these characters.

Are you concerned about offending religions on the series ?

Jeremy Carver: That’s Interesting. I never thought of the approach that the show takes in that regard. I never thought of it as being as excluding other religions.That’s my personal opinion.If there is a world that could be angry at us could be Christians.Goodness knows we tortured Christianity, the Bible and teachings in ways that are fairly twisted.I think what people come to the show first and foremost for is not for any religious undertones.I think it’s the fact that it’s a story about family.I think that’s what’s bringing our viewers.I think that’s relatable across the board.

At the panel Jim Beaver was tweeting about the return of Bobby . Can you tell us what the plan is for Bobby if there is one.

Jeremy Carver: Well, a quick back story on that.Whe Jim came back last year, we asked him to keep it a secret when he came back in episode seventeen or nineteen.Nineteen I believe.It was a real pain in the butt for him apparently because he had to be very secretive going into Vancouver and back.So this year he said, “Do I have to keep a secret this year ?” And I was talking to Bob Singer and we were like, “No I don’t think he does.” And then like three minutes later it’s every where. So let me check out exactly who he was talking to. I go on his Twitter feed and I realize that he has two hundred and seventy-five  thousand followers.Ok. So when he says release the news it’s going out there. So he comes back in a way that we don’t expect and that’s very much true. And also I think it’s been a concern of some folks, he comes back in a way that is very respectful of our mythology.We’re not simply killing someone off and bringing them back for convienience.This is all fits the lore and mythology.We’re not bringing him back for kicks and ratings.It’s really a powerful return for him.

How far in advance do you scope out the season ?

Jeremy Carver: Before every season in the writer’s room opened, Bob and myself sit down and we basically sketch out the idea for the season.We have the general run that everyone is going on.A couple of big moves in there.We like to leave room for what we call happy accidents.As we really dig deep into this mythology stuff that can really looks like we planned it all along.

Note: Jared Padlecki interrupts from another roundtable asking if he can give more away from the season

Jared Padalecki: Jeremy, I want so badly to talk about that thing.

Jeremy Carver:  I know. You can’t.We sketch out in good detail and we leave room for the fine etching and inking as we go throughout the season.

Special thanks to the CW and Warner Bros


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