Ghost Hunters Q And A

From 2013 – Ghost Hunters Q&A featured two members of their investigative team in Adam Berry and Amy Bruni who answered us reporters questions.

Can you both talk about your favorite investigation or moment with Grant and how you feel about him leaving?

Amy Bruni: My favorite investigation moment with Grant? honestly like Grant and I had – one of my favorite investigations with Grant happened off screen and it was at the Stanley Hotel. There was a carriage house there that we’re not really allowed to investigate any longer.But I investigated there with him and his wife and we had some pretty insane paranormal activity happening and this was before I was ever with TAPS. And it was kind of overwhelming. And I remember him just being this very calming influence throughout the whole experience.Even calming down his wife, calming down me and I remember thinking at the time gosh, he is a great investigator. And then lo and behold, a year or two later I’m on the TAPS team investigating with him all the time.So I think that was kind of one of the first moments I had that inspired me to – not really inspired me but it just made me realize like how true to the field Grant is.

Adam Berry: One of my – it was the most recent experience honestly. It was at the USS Yorktown when Amy and I caught, the apparition of the guy walking across the flight deck. We were so excited to show Grant this evidence that we ran down.They didn’t show this but we ran down the side of the ship basically, jumped – we could have jumped off the ship and we’d have been fine. We were so excited. And we showed him this evidence and the way he reacts any time, we as a team work together and get some really great stuff, while we’re investigating, it’s my favorite thing because he kind of reenergizes all of us. And he gets really excited and we’re very excited.And, we don’t need coffee, we don’t need Red Bull.

We can stay up the rest of the night and for like days on end just investigating. And I feel that, he will always be around. we can always call him or text him or talk to him at any time.So we’ll have his, we’ll have him around and I just, that’s something I’m going to miss definitely. And, I didn’t get to meet him until after I was done with Ghost Hunters Academy.And to have him accept me as a family member and as a team member right off the bat leaving, that competition it was really, really great and it spoke a lot about his character.

Tony Tellado: Good. Good. Obviously this is a very bittersweet time. A successful season but Grant is saying goodbye. Besides, his departure being one of the highlights or lowlights of this season what else do you both remember from this past season?

Amy Bruni: Honestly just the incredible evidence that we’ve been capturing. The Yorktown was probably one of the best investigations that I’ve ever been on. It was just one of those places where you never wanted to leave.And then I think being able to return to the places that we’ve been to before like the Mount Washington Hotel, this coming week going to the Spalding. These are places we’re all so familiar with.And it’s always nice to kind of revisit these haunts and every – I just think that we’ve been so lucky, especially these last few cases with Grant just evidence wise. We’ve been so fortunate. It’s been so much fun.

Adam Berry: Yeah. I’d have to agree. I mean I would also say – I’d have to throw in Waverly Hills just because…

Amy Bruni: Oh, that’s right. Right.

Adam Berry: ..I mean Waverly Hills was a life changing – I mean when I first went to Waverly Hills it was incredible. But to go back again with the TAPS team, with Grant and to have those experiences, especially something that was so emotional, it’s really – it’s rewarding from A to Z.And it will be – it is bittersweet that he’s leaving but we have so many, many good memories to kind of put in our back pocket and to,bring up any time we need a little Grant in our lives.

I wanted to say congratulations to Amy. I bet that…..this Sunday will be more special for you.

Amy Bruni: Thank you so much. I appreciate it. It’s been interesting investigating that’s for sure.

Adam Berry: I know. We do all the heavy lifting. That’s good.

Amy Bruni: Yeah.

Good for you. I know that – I mean it’s going to be a little bit different investigating.
Are they using you as a new tool

Amy Bruni: Well…No. It’s funny because like as soon as the guys found out it was like don’t touch anything Amy. And like – they’re like grabbing my hand and like leading me upstairs and stuff. I’m like you guys, I’m fine. It’s okay. They’re like the best band of, the best brothers you could have.Like they’re just – they’re all so overly protective and sweet and this child’s going to have six uncles they never bargained for. So but yeah, it’s – I think more than anything it’s been more just, I was really sick in the beginning and so everybody was really great and understanding with that.And now obviously like I can’t lift heavy things and stuff. But other than that I’m fine. Everything is the same. I haven’t like noticed any heightened sensitivity to anything. I’m definitely a little more emotional but I’m sure that’s just hormones.So but it’s been interesting. We’re kind of anxious to see, if it ever really like brings on any additional activity or anything but we’ll see.

Adam Berry: Yeah. and I investigate with Amy a lot. So anything that she doesn’t want to do I try to steer away from as well just because, I’m not pregnant obviously.So I don’t have – I don’t know what she’s feeling and I want her to be as comfortable as possible in that environment that we are in. And, it’s definitely a really great thing to, see one of your best friends kind of,bring life into the world. It’s exciting and, we are on the road all the time and, I get to see, I get to see it all go down.

I think it’s pretty neat that we all get to – as viewers we get to kind of go along with you on this.

Adam Berry: Yeah.

Amy Bruni: Yeah. It will definitely be – next, when we come back in the fall you’ll be watching the belly grow for sure.

Now with Grant leaving, the Ghost Hunters team has had,some team shifts and,change of dynamics. And of course this, will change the dynamics again.Was it any shock to you or were there signs that, he was thinking about taking a step back.

Adam Berry: For me it was out of the blue. I had no idea. It was shocking and I think the most heart wrenching thing was, I’ve been on the show two seasons. I’ve worked with this team for almost two years.But you have Amy and Steve and Brit and Tango who have known Grant for years and years and years. And just to see, I was emotional about it but to just see how their level of reaction, it hits you hard because you are one huge family.

Amy Bruni: Yeah. I know it was definitely a shock. That moment that they show when he told us was like that’s when we found out. Like there were no…

Adam Berry: That’s it. Yeah.

Amy Bruni: Yeah, that was it. And we were – we had no idea what they were telling us and it was a huge shocker. And it was just really, I don’t know there were any signs per se. But, Grant’s always been like family first and his kids have been getting older.And the travel’s rough. He’s been on the road for eight years. And so I think that, a lot of people once they’re doing something for so long – once, they have other opportunities come up or they feel like it’s time to move on they just do so.That’s really what he did and I definitely understand it for sure, especially with how long he’s been doing this and how long he’s been on the road. And so none of us can fault him for it by any means but…

Adam Berry: No. No way.

Amy Bruni: …we miss him for sure.

Adam Berry: Yeah.

Do you see any difference in the team dynamics since he’s been gone?

Amy Bruni: Yeah. I mean we’re definitely – there was definitely an adjustment period. And, we’re just kind of all just falling into different places. And, it’s just kind of – we’re just still really just kind of figuring out who’s doing what and how the whole dynamic is going to change.It’s not something that we just knew was going to happen immediately. So it’s still an adjustment process for sure.

Adam Berry: Yeah. I mean we do – we’re short one set of hands so on investigations we all kind of put in that extra effort. we’ve always given 150% but now, now we’re giving 200% and we all are kind of stepping up to the plate to,get it done.Do the investigation for the client and find out, the answers that we need to know.

I had a question of – regarding technology. I was curious, how are you guys using new technologies such as Smartphones, in your investigations or if it all.

Amy Bruni: We really don’t use any Smartphone applications or anything in our investigations just because, we really can’t verify the technology behind them. I certainly don’t know what’s going on inside my iPhone and so…

Adam Berry: Yeah.

Amy Bruni:…but we do – we have been using a lot of new tools on investigations. we’ve been experimenting with shadow detectors and we’ve been using these things we’ve been calling trigger objects, proximity centers where we can tell if…something is approaching a trigger object. We’ve been using more (unintelligible) to detect like fluctuations in, EMF fields and things around them. And we’re being able to like plant them all over rooms so we can kind of track something as it moves through the room.So there’s definitely a lot of things we’re doing technology wise. But we kind of have steered clear of the Smartphone apps.

Adam Berry: Yeah. Most of the time our phone are off or, somewhere else completely just because we don’t want any interference with,what we’re doing.

And what’s the best fool proof basic instruments that someone could use if they’re a beginner, for investigation.

Amy Bruni: I would suggest for people to get at least like a digital voice recorder and a digital camera. And if you want to like invest a little bit more then a mini DVD camera is great as well because then you have video and audio,something with night shots.But those are like great places to start right there, and a flashlight obviously.

Adam Berry: Yeah. That’s what I was going to say. I was like a flashlight so they don’t fall down.

I hope this isn’t a naïve question for you Amy but I was curious, you’re you noticed if your senses have been heightened at all recently like when you do your investigations.

Amy Bruni: Yeah, I haven’t but I also feel like I’ve been so much more cautious. Like I’m really aware of where we’re going and like, we’re walking in the dark so I’m always thinking about like okay, don’t fall Amy, you know.And so I almost feel like I’m maybe a little bit more closed off than I’m used to being to that kind of thing.I do know that even though I really don’t feel that I’m endangering myself or my child by investigating while pregnant but I do know that if, and there were situations before if there was something threatening I would of course stay and be like yeah, whatever. Bring it. You know? But now I’m more apt to say you guys take this one. I’m going to, go sit in the TAPS van for, a few minutes or something just to be safe. It’s better safe than sorry.And then obviously a lot of places we go in too there are like environmental hazards and stuff and I just won’t even go in those buildings. And so there’s a lot more I have to take into account. Like I’m always thinking, baby first. So yeah.So it’s definitely put a new perspective on my investigation style.

What fears did you encounter while filming this past season?

Adam Berry: Well there’s been some animal activity that was kind of frightening, like rabid raccoons or things that are hidden in the walls. That’s kind of frightening.

Amy Bruni:Yeah. I’m trying to think what we’ve done that’s been, it takes a lot to scare us at this point and so now we have to really dig. Like when did we get scared?

Adam Berry: Oh God. Well I mean any – I don’t know. I mean I have – I mean when I feel like there’s an animal present or something I mean that’s when Amy and I really get our, panties in a wad if you will, because we don’t know if it’s going to attack us or if it’s going to like – what’s it going to do? Like an animal can make its own decisions such as, ghosts can too but I would rather deal with a ghost any day than an animal.

What three elements must be present for you guys to consider it a successful investigation.

Amy Bruni: Well that is a good one. I mean any time we can get some sort of evidence obviously we consider that a successful investigation. The three things we like to have and I mean honestly it doesn’t have to be on every one but the three things we love to have are evidence.We like to have the ability to disprove things or give alternative explanations to our client. And we like to walk away knowing that our client has answers and feels more at ease. That’s, those are the three things – like those – we do have cases that have all three things which are amazing.We love it when we can come to a client and say hey, we have some evidence for you but at the same time here’s some stuff you were experiencing that you might want to take a second look at.And, and then to see the look on their face when they’re relieved and happy that we’ve, given them some definite answers. That’s really just kind of like the icing on the cake.

Adam Berry: Yeah. And I would also say that any time that we have a personal experience that gets us excited and we catch evidence at the same time that backs up our personal experience that’s great because we can show it to the client especially if the experience that we have is one of the same things that is happening to the client.If they’re having the same exact experience and we can have that same experience it kind of comes full circle for the client and for us and it gets us really excited.

I wanted to know where would you like to go? Is there any place that you want to go investigate yourself for the upcoming season that maybe you’re not so sure the team will go but you think might be a good bet?

Amy Bruni: I want to Graceland. I want to go to Graceland so bad. I keep saying, you guys if we investigate Graceland than, we can figure this out. if we find Elvis’ ghost he’s obviously dead. And so – but that’s really like a place like I want to go to so badly.But I think it’s more that – I think most of the team would be down with that but…

Amy Bruni: …I’m not like the – like Lisa Marie is really the one to ask there.

Adam Berry: That’s true. I mean you could always…

Amy Bruni: So if anybody knows her…We kind of…put in a word for us.

Adam Berry: I know. We throw out ideas all the time like the White House would be really, really cool but I doubt we’d get clearance to, it’s – there – we’ve tried and wanted to go to the (Bolesca) axe murder house before.We’ve, made attempts to get there but we haven’t been able to get there. So, I’d like to do Neverland Ranch. That would be fun. I mean see if Michael is there.

Amy Bruni: Too soon. Too soon.

Adam Berry: Hey. You never know. You never know. They caught that apparition of – they said it was Michael walking…through the hallway.Michael lives.But still I – I’m mourning a loss.

Tony Tellado:Guys, I just have a question for you about that it’s obvious from watching your show, I’ve been watching it a few years and covering it, that there’s definitely like – I guess the best way to say it there’s like a barrier between the – where ghosts exist and our existence. And that it’s very difficult to actually, gain contact with them. And the amount of energy it also takes for them to manifest themselves. Have you been both sensitive to something like that and kind of see it as another plain of existence?

Amy Bruni:I think there are so many different theories on it and honestly like the more we do this the more I’m not certain of what it is at all. because we do have instances where they seem completely unaware of us. We do have instances where they’re interacting with us and then wondering who we are.Most famously the princess EVP we captured at Mount Washington last time we were there.And so I mean I think there is something to – I mean some people think that everything we do will one day be explained by, quantum physics and that it’s some sort of, fold in time and just, like you’re saying, almost another plain of existence.But it’s just existing or it’s just happening somewhere else. So I wish that I had a definitive answer but I don’t.The most important thing to me is that regardless of where these things are coming from or who they are I just, as much as I love helping the clients I also want these entities to know that we’re here for them as well.So if they’re confused and lost and need help, even though we don’t know a lot about them and don’t know exactly what we can do yet, try to kind of convey that to them and let them know that someday we hope to be back and hopefully get more answers for them as well.

Adam Berry: I think you said it all. That’s – yeah, that’s it.

Amy Bruni: I was going to start babbling there. Sorry.

Adam Berry: No. It’s it. It really is.

Tony Tellado: I would also think it’d be hard to like find what’s actually an entity that’s there and also like residual energy or something like – well like plays in a loop. It’s just actually the event like replaying itself rather than an actual haunting. I would think that’d be a hard part of your investigations.

Adam Berry: Yeah, because…I mean you don’t know when that’s going to happen. Yes.

Amy Bruni: No. And it’s usually pretty clear too. I mean it doesn’t interact with you. Like the apparition we saw on the USS Yorktown…that looked like a person. Everyone was like you’re ghost hunters, you saw a ghost. Why were you so shocked? Because it looked like a person walking across the deck.It did not look ghostly by any means. But here’s this man walking across the deck, doesn’t acknowledge us whatsoever.I mean most people when they’re, they see a film crew or a crew of, cameras they stop and do the deer in the headlights thing like oh god, am I in the shot? What am I supposed to do now? This person didn’t look at us, didn’t glance at us, didn’t answer us when we yelled out to them.It just walked that path and disappeared. And…

Adam Berry: Right, and then I think we – the one thing that we noticed was its gait – the way it walked was a little strange, a little odd. But still even in that sense we completely were like oh, it’s – it looks like a person so like what are they doing?

Tony Tellado: Great answers guys. Thank you so much.

A question via Twitter – one person tweeted and said that they want to know for the upcoming season will you be doing any home investigations.

Amy Bruni: Well yeah, definitely. We actually just finished one. The last case we did was a home case and it was a really great one. So yeah, we’ve done a few.

Now how far in advance do you know where you’re going? So do you know where you’re going for all – for next season?

Adam Berry: No. That’s a good question.

Amy Bruni: We don’t even know where we’re going next week. Our schedule is so up in the air right now. It’s actually the craziest it’s ever been to be honest. We are…

Adam Berry: Right.

Amy Bruni: We are very – we really have no idea where we’re going at all. I mean we definitely have kind of an overview – a high overview of places we might go. But as far as what order and when it’s all up in the air.

Adam Berry: It’s up – yeah. Yeah. It’s anybody’s guess.

Well that’s kind of good to know because there are times where you are called out for like emergencies because of the activity that’s going on especially in children…

Amy Bruni: Yeah. That last case we just did was one of those type of cases. Like we didn’t even know we were doing it and then all of a sudden it was like you know what? We’re going to skip this one case and go right to this residence. And that’s, and that’s why.

How do you maintain your focus when you’re on an adrenaline rush investigation?

Adam Berry: Well in my stance Amy grabs me and tells me to shush.

Amy Bruni: I do.

Adam Berry: And it – sometimes it’s overwhelming. But I, for the most part something – we’re so excited that something is happening so we kind of have to, center ourselves and just sit in that moment for a little bit just to make sure it is what we’re seeing or hearing and where is it coming from.And all of our senses are kind of clicking at the same time.

Amy Bruni: Yeah. It’s one of those things where you just have to – I think after years of doing this you kind of – it’s almost like being in an emergency situation except kind of the opposite because you’re very excited.You just have to learn to just keep your cool and keep your calm and be collected and wait and get through the situation and then you can start going okay, that was really cool.

Special thanks to the SyFy Channel. Grant’s final episode aired On May 16, 2014



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