Jennifer Morrison

Actor spoke to us, reporters in a roundtable setting at NYCC 2013

Jennifer Morrison:  We are desiring to get to our happy endings in Fairly Tale Land and yet we flashback to Fairy Tale Land before the curse and a lot of terrible things happened.I guess the idea is not that Fairy Tale Land represents a situation where everything is idealistic.There’s sort of a rule of fairness that ends up applying to that universe or world.So people do suffer and people do go through things.But if you’re going to be invested in doing the right thing then you will be rewarded.if you do the evil thing then you will be punished for doing the evil thing.. So despite that fairness rule applying to the best version of Fairy Tale Land, I don’t really know. Weirdly fairy tales don’t seem to be about peasants.They are starting from stories that already exist.So there is a certain amount of time to evolve beyond certain things that have just been implanted in our minds as what these fairy tales have been.

From a psychological standpoint are meant to go deeper into ourself identity or have some level of self discovery through the story telling.Maybe that’s why it’s always projected higher in terms of  class systems.I would think though that if there were ever a time where Snow White and Prince Charming were able to rule in peacefulness that there would be some sort of effort to bring what people needed to them. That seems to be a part of their personalities.Snow White didn’t kill the Evil Queen when she could have because it wasn’t the right thing to do.There is sort of a moral center to them that would have benefited the peasants had they had time to rule.

What is the theme for this season ?

Jennifer Morrison:   My instinct is to say relationships.I think we spent so much time setting things up in the first two seasons.It’s all happening at a deeper level all because of the nature of Neverland which kind of causes you to go back to your childhood in a sense.And it makes you more vunerable and more emotional. I think it leaves room for those relationships to be explored in a deeper level, so I would say relationship.

There haven’t been many scenes between Emma and David. Could we possibly see more of those ?

Jennifer Morrison:  There’s a little bit more. That is definitely not explored as much as Mary Margaret and Emma for sure. I’m not sure why.It’s definitely a slower burn in terms of seeing scenes between Emma and David over time.I think part of that maybe is that there is sort of an intrinsic understanding of each other that they have.Emma is more similar to Charming  than she is to Snow White in terms of her personality.I think that they have a more instrinsic understanding of each other and unspoken understanding of each other. Where as Snow White and Emma are constantly trying to work out misunderstanding each other.They are trying to find a common ground and how they connect.I think Snow feels extremely guilty and her maternal instincts have kicked in an intense way that also heightens her emotional response to Emma.

On Tumblr, the fans want Emma and Hook to get together

Jennifer Morrison:  I genuinely mean this and am not taking  this lightly.I feel that as an actor my job is not to judge my character in the first place.That’s kind of my number one rule for me when I take on a character.Emma’s pretty easy that way  because there’s not much to look down on her for or judge her for.I have played characters before where I might have looked down on certain things that they do.I’ve had to remove my own judgements from those situations and find what drives them.What inspires them. What causes them to make the decisions that I might have personally not have made.And find a way to build a life that leads to those decisions in a totally justifiable loving way.

So that I truly love the character even though they might be doing something not so great.In the same way that I feel strongly that it is an important part of acting, I feel that about the relationships that develop on the show.I don’t write it. Thank God.I couldn’t because it’s incredible. My job is to show up every day and do the best I can to bring her to life.The best way I can do that is to be in the moment of her life and be fair to the moment of her life. So if I, Jennifer made judgements on what Emma should be doing, then I feel it starts to violate what I want to do with the character and keeping the character pure.

What do you think the Neverland dynamic has added last year ?

Jennifer Morrison:  I love Neverland personally as an actor.It has given me license to be far more vunerable and volatile with her. I know I have said that before but I don’t know a better way to re-articulate it.Her life has been so tough. She’s been so guarded and had to work hard to survive.And so hard to hang on to any ounce of hope based on the circumstances before Henry came to her door.It would not have been real for me to play her in a way where she would say, “Great.My son’s here. And my parents. It’s all great.” That wouldn’t be  a fair assement of what this person has become and what they’ve gone through.There were certain limitations that I had emotionally in expressing her because I had to be true to her past and who she was.And the rules of Neverland have opened that wide up.And given me an opportunity to push her further in every direction.It’s been way more fun for me to be able to explore those extremes in her personality.

Tony Tellado: One thing I admire about her in the beginning her reluctance to be thrust into a heroic role.Eventually she embraced her destiny.

Jennifer Morrison:  That’s something that I totally credit Eddie (Kitsis) and Adam (Horowitz) with. I think they really understand human nature in a particular way where they realize that if this woman had lived her life this way, there is no way that she would identify herself as a hero in any way. And she will always continue to have trouble identifying herself as a hero or brave or courageous. She just knows how to survive.And she’s always been as we said in the “Lost Girl” episode, an orphan.She’s always been he kid that didn’t mean anything and wasn’t going to mean anything.And so that doesn’t go away.I know the crap that I went through in junior high and high school.That’s still there.It’s not gone. I still have buttons that can be pushed and things that get under my skin.Things that hurt me and things that change they way I think the rest of my life and have to fight against in certain ways.That’s always going to be in here.That is the honest response for someone who has been through what she has been through in that situation. I think they did a great job of embracing humanity in an accurate way.

Special thanks to New York Comic Con, Disney and ABC Television


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