REWIND: Grimm Showrunners Season One

GRIMM — “The Walking Dead” Episode 221 — Pictured: (l-r) David Giuntoli as Nick Burkhardt, Russell Hornsby as Hank Griffin — (Photo by: Scott Green/NBC)

Here’s the Grimm Press Conference Transcript with David Greenwalt and Jim Kouf, the executive producers and writers from Grimm at the start of season one

Can you talk about where the idea of the extended world of the Grimm fairytales came from?

David Greenwalt:Yes. The – this is originally a Jim Kouf and I were approached by Hazy Mills which is Todd Milliner and Sean Haye’s company and Todd had this great idea about doing the – something in the modern world with the Brothers Grimm. And we flipped for the idea. And we came up with the notion that the how to marry that mythology into the modern world would be by the following. That the original Brothers Grimm were in fact profilers.

And that the stories they were telling were in fact true on some basic deep level. And we came up with the notion that in our world of the Grimm, there would only be one world. There wouldn’t be a fairytale world and a real world. There would just be our world. And in our world lived these creatures who can be seen by our hero. And for example, he can see the big bad wolf and the child molester.And it’s a sort of a marriage of a police procedural and a mythological fracturing fairytales every week.

I was wondering why is now the right time to be bringing this kind of a jock fairytale out?

David Greenwalt: Now is a good time because it’s always a good time for fairytales. It’s a good time to be scared on a Friday night a little bit and have a bedtime story that kind of, you know, gets under your skin a little bit.

Jim Kouf: These tales get told every year all the time. So it’s not – it just happened to be the time that they would put one on the air. But they’ve never got away.

David Greenwalt: In particular, the ones that are really iconic have been handed down you know, the ones that have lasting emotional residence have been obviously handed down of the years. And we’re taking bits and pieces of these fairytales and using them for our own purposes in the show.

Do you think it’s been a bit of a recent kind of rise in the trend though? You know, we have movies that reinvented the genre as well.

Jim Kouf: Yes. That’s pretty interesting that all of sudden so much of attention was given to fairytales. We’ve been on this one over a year. I don’t know why it’s all of a sudden. I think people are just looking. Yes, I guess they’re just looking for things to remake and books and source material for a lot of different projects. And this got on (unintelligible) guy. So everybody suddenly starting paying attention to the Brothers Grimm.

So similar to that about the Buffey, XFiles, True Blood and other TV shows that have run before, I know it’s early but I wanted to ask a question given where I’m calling from. What are the chances we’ll see a complex series based on this show?

David Greenwalt: The chances we see a comic book series based on the show I think are very good. And I think there’s terrific room for that in the comic book world. And the big question is will it come before or after the musical.

It’s seems to have some of a prestigural element to it. But is there also going to be a season long story ark or something like that?

Jim Kouf: Both actually.

David Greenwalt: All of the above. There will be week to week episodic tales that you can just enjoy like opening a book and reading a fairytale. And there will also be seasonal arks involved in the show as well.

And like a big bad or like or used to with Buffy and Angel?

David Greenwalt: Well, you know, the big bad comes in a little different form in Grimm because we’re presenting some characters that appear to be bad but may actually have some good agendas, you know, a little more mix of good and bad in the characters that Nick, our main character will go up against.

And I just wanted to ask you. I have a 2-part question for you if that’s okay. And I read some information on the creatures in this series having you know these royal bloodlines that date back hundreds of years. And I thought that was a pretty cool idea. And I was wondering will the audience ever get to see, you know, flashbacks or otherwise of the original Grimm brothers?

David Greenwalt: That’s a great question. I wish. The answer is maybe. We don’t – we haven’t gone that far in the mythology yet.Of going all the way back. But certainly, these creatures have been around from time to memorial. And there certainly is royalty in our story today. You know, there are still royals around but they like the creatures live among us and have their own disguises and their own agendas.

And just kind of a second part of that question. I was wondering do you have like a story bible written that matched the first season or even beyond?

David Greenwalt: Yes and no.We have a book that’s much like the book that’s in the show that tells us of our different creatures and some of their different abilities and a lot of history on each of these creatures. We’re also discovering as we go. You know, we like to be surprised to. So it’s not like we know every move on the board but we kind of know what the board looks like if that makes any sense.

The look of the series it. It’s very saturated. There’s a lot of saturation in the colors. There’s a very distinct look to Grimm. And I was wondering if you can talk about the lensing, that process, any technical information that you might know from your cinematographer or your camera department. But it has a very lush, densely saturated look.

Jim Kouff: Part of that’s where were we’re shooting which is Portland. The look of Portland and the surrounding area is that lush, beautiful landscape. And I think we always wanted to give it a film like quality. So David and I both come from the film world as well. So we wanted that – we want it to look like a movie.

David Greenwalt: And a bit like a story book movie. And also we wanted to push when we’re with the so called Grimm characters or Grimm creatures, we wanted to push the look and have, you know, brighter colors and less subdued hues. And then when we’re with the regular “regular normal people”, we wanted it to look a little more like real life. But we love the look of that, you know, the forest with mist in them and the waterfalls and the streams and the rivers and all that great look you get in Portland as well as the story book look of the..

Jim Kouf: Yes, (Clark Mattis) was DP and he did a fantastic job.

David Greenwalt: He did a really great job.

Can give us an indication of what episodes 2 and 3 are going to be like?

David Greenwalt: Yes we could give you an indication of episodes 2 and 3. One will involve a retelling of Goldy Lochs and the Three Bears. And one will involve bees. Like thousands of bees. Lots of bees.

Jim Kouf: Well we’re taking little bits and pieces from a lot of fairytales. So you may not actually recognize the fairytale we’re drawing from because some are not that well known.

Jim Kouf: But there’s one called the Queen Bee and it’s not one that everybody can recall immediately. But, so we take bits and pieces from a lot of fairytales and we kind of meld them into real life stories as well.

Tony Tellado: Can you tell us about the casting process in finding the people on your show like for David and Russell? Were they people you had in mind or all the cast came through the casting process?

Jim Kouf: The only one that we had in mind was Silas Weir Mitchell who plays Monroe.

David Greenwalt: Because Jim had worked with him before and from the beginning was saying you got to see this guy for this part. And when we saw him, it was like, “oh yes, who else could possibly do this part but Silas Weir Mitchell.”

Jim Kouf: Yes.

David Greenwalt: And David Giuntoli came through the casting process as did Russell Hornsby. But it was clear when those guys came into the room and read that there’s something very special about these 2. And then there was something special about those 2 together. We really saw them as partners. And Russell has a lot of depth and a lot of strength and power to what he does.And David is terrific. He’s got charm. He suffers well which is always a thing you look for in these young stars.

Jim Kouf: We have a good supporting cast with Bitsie Tulloch and Sasha Roiz.

David Greenwalt: Yes.Sasha Roiz and Reggie Lee. We actually created a part for Reggie Lee. We liked him so much we created a part for him as Sargent (unintelligible) in the series.

Tony Tellado: Well kudos for you guys for using Kate Burton as the aunt. I think she just, you can see that they have a very warm relationship. And it really helps to sell the idea of the Grimms, the scene together that I saw was really moving.

Jim Kouf: Well wait until you see the second one.

David Greenwalt: Yes. She – wait until you see the second one.

Tony Tellado: Monroe does look like a fun character. He’ funny. I think already we’ve seen that he’s going to supply quite a bit of it from what we’ve seen so far.

Jim Kouf: Yes,

David Greenwalt: Absolutely.

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