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Gotham’s Robin Lord Taylor In 2014

Robin Lord Taylor

Actor Robin Lord Taylor who is Oswald Cobblepott aka The Penguin talked to us reporters at NYCC IN 2014 about playing the young super villain to be.

Your make-up artist says that you are going to be a break out star

Robin Lord Taylor: That would make sense that they would say that because that’s more work for them.(Laughs). It’s all good all around. Now I have to (dye my hair) I’m a blonde naturally and we do this every week and a half. I have ruined so many pillow cases and towels.I’m keeping Bed Bath And Beyond in business, man . I should buy stock or something.

What about Twitter ? (He has live tweeted during episodes)

Robin Lord Taylor: The thing about Twitter is that at first I was kind of retiscent. It’s a big world out there. I do have to say that the interaction with fans, everyone has been….ninety nine point nine percent of it has been incredibly positive.It’s so gratifying and validating to see that in real time happening. I have to say I was trained in the theater and I found myself working in film and TV randomly. I love the theater thing…It’s an interesting…

It’s a similar experience.When you’re on stage you’re getting immediate feedback.No verbally but feeling when things land and what people are responding to.On Twitter it’s this weird similar thing.Something will happen and immediately you see how people are processing it.It’s this kind of cool experience. It sort of helped me embrace it. I’ve had to change my whole mindset about it.

Tony Tellado: Thanks for favoring my Tweet that your performance is fascinating.

Robin Lord Taylor: No thank you.

Tony Tellado: Essentially there is a vulnerability to him and also a side where he strikes back like a cobra.How much direction did you get ? He’s pretty much a blank page at this point. We really don’t know much about Oswald at this point.

Robin Lord Taylor: Right.The whole MO of the show, I feel is to bring some real human pathos to these characters that we all have grown up with and known and to show sides of them we’ve never seen before.And with the Penguim every other literation is way in the future where he’s been established.They way the scripts are written it’s all sort of right there.It’s brilliantly created character by Bruno Heller.It’s sort of been the easiest job I’ve ever had in this really weird way.To make him human there needs to be..I don’t want people to sympathize with this like psychopath. But at the same time when you learn more about where someone is coming from you can’t but…sympathy is too nice of a word…Identify..understand. You know what I mean.I think the vulnerability comes in through that.

Was there anything that you added that wasn’t scripted ?

Robin Lord Taylor: Not really. I think everyone adds through their personality and the kind of actor that they are.There are certain things that I have brought to this. If they had gone a different direction then that person would have brought in that way. Like I said, it’s so fully realized and I put on the nose. I put on the suit and I feel like half my work is just done.It is transforming.It’s stepping into his skin in that strange weird way.

He chats about working with Carol Kane who plays Oswald’s mother

Robin Lord Taylor: She’s such a fantastic actress and that’s the thing about her is that she pays so much attention to the people that she’s playing with.And that was one of the things. She and I rehearsed together in her dressing room before we worked.Immediately we just opened up. She’s telling me about her mom and I’m telling her about my family. And we’re like holding hands.”I can’t believe this is happening.”She is so throrough in her work that it’s so inspiring. I’ve been a fan of hers forever.It’s so much more fulfilling to be working with someone like her who is really taking the moment and bringing her own things to it.We play off each other so well in that way.It’s a dream. She’s the best.

Special thanks to Fox, Warner Bros and New York Comic Con.


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