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Meet The New Misfits – The Librarians Season One


The cast of The Librarians joined us reporters in a roundtable setting along with executive producer Steve Rogers to discuss the new series at New York Comic Con before the premiere of episode one.

The cast of The Librarians joined us reporters in a roundtable setting along with executive producer Steve Rogers to discuss the new series at New York Comic Con before the premiere of episode one.

John Kim – Ezekiel Jones

John Kim: The Good thing about this show is that we go off on so many different levels.We have a bit of comedy,a bit of action and a bit of adventure…a little bit of romance.I think the best thing about this show as you go along is that you’re going to see everyone kind of thrown into these crazy scenarios like minators and while some are light and cordial, there’s some stuff that’s pretty full on.It can get emotional at times.As you go through the series, you’re gonna find that it’s a lot of fun but your’e also going to be vested interest in the characters.A lot of running. A lot of escaping things in time.

On his character Ezekiel Jones: He’s trouble.He’s not a good dude.He’s a bad guy. I wouldn’t be friends with him.Sometimes to get stuff done, you need to go outside your moral bounderies and that’s what Eziekel represents.He represents doing things as a means to an end.He doesn’t see the problems in doing what he does but the rest of the group does. Eventually you’ll see he finds a greater sense of purpose with everything that he goes through.Eziekel goes through a very big change.He brings a bit of trouble but there’s nothing wrong with trouble.

John Rogers – Executive Producer

John Rogers: The Librarians is a pulp show.It very much reflects an Indiana Jones pulp sensibility.I will say honestly that I fought very hard for and we got. And I’m so happy.I say I but Dean (Devlin) also fell in love with the idea.We burn the title in underneath so it’s like The Librarians And The City Of Light much like Doc Savage And The Golden Pyramid.We wanted that feeling to it.You’re going to see a lot of supernatural mysteries, a lot of magical mysteries.Genre audiences are very experienced now.They have seen a lot of shows like this. They have seen Warehouse 13.They have seen movies like this. So our big rule was let’s start with an episode you may have seen four or five years ago and put a really weird twist in the middle.So most of the episodes are structured like”They’re doing this one…No, I know what they’re doing now” We really tried to make sure it felt like a good solid mystery each time and there was something to uncover.It wasn’t go chase that object.

Christian Kane – Jake Stone

Christian Kane on his character – I don’t fall far from the tree of Christian Kane.John wrote my character to start with very similar to something I would know. He’s from Oklahoma his dad was a working man.He’s a little bit of a bar fighter. He doesn’t mind a beer once in a while.That’s where it ends. He literally took me on this journey. All of a sudden we’re introduced to magic.If you’re really really smart but you’re trying to be cool and pick up on chicks that stuff didn’t work.But now being smart is very attractive in this world.But when I grew up it wasn’t. You had to be a tough guy and had to be in your fair share of brawls. And women would be intrigued as to how much beer you can drink, that kind of stuff.It’s not like that anymore but that’s where he grew up.So being smart was something that he hid from everybody in his life. Then all of a sudden he’s thrown in with these guys, with Lindy’s character, with John’s character and Noah Wylie at the helm.And he’s like,”It’s ok to be smart.It’s ok to be this guy that I have always been.It’s kind of a breath of fresh air to him.Whe you first see my character, I’m playing me then all of a sudden this whole new world has opened up and he gets to be who he really is.You see a transformation of character almost right off the bat which is fine.

Rebecca Romijn – Eve Baird

Rebbeca Romijn – Well I have twin toddlers.I have three dogs and two cats.So I feel like I’m running the show at home.As we all know women are the multitaskers of the world.And very equipped to deal with keeping everybody in line.I have said no to a lot of projects that don’t appeal to me. And there are so many great opportunities now especially in television.So many great roles that are more interesting and less arm candy.First of all the genre of action adventure was the reason I wanted to get involved with it.I really loved Indiana Jones. If you ask Noah Wylie he says that it’s Indiana Jones if Indiana Jones was played by Don Knotts.It’s fun. I love the genre. It was a perfect opportunity.


Lindy Booth – Cassandra Cillian

Lindy Booth – It’s like we all have this different reaction to where we are and what we’re doing. Cassandra goes into it like”This is awesome. Magic is great. Are you kidding me ? She is so psyched. It’s like the first day of school and she’s got her back pack and is ready to go.”Magic exists.Awesome.”And the other guys are like “Whaaat ?” Not entirely sure of everything and highly skeptical and not happy about being there. But I think that’s what is part of the fun of the show is watching these people that don’t get along, have totally different opinions, different points of view and things that they like and things that they’re good at.Watching them try to get along and eventually we do.But there’s a lot of comedy to be had with these people that do not have anything in common.

Special thanks to TNT And New York Comic Con


From the NYCC Roundtables I joined other reporters to chat with John Rogers, Executive Producer plus stars Rebecca Romijn, Christian Kane,John Kim,and Lindy Booth.Special thanks to TNT and NYCC

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