Bitsie Tulloch’s Dual Character Nature

Bitsie Tulloch spoke to us reporters about her character of Juliette  being a hexenbeast and what’s ahead

I’m really loving the way the show is going. And you’ve gotten, you know, some really great scenes lately now that you get to be Wesen as well.Can you talk about kind of that experience getting into that character and also working with any special effects? I’m not sure how much is makeup and how much is digital but.

Bitsie Tulloch: I just finished an interview and someone was asking how much fun was it to shoot the scene with Claire? And I said we really need to give credit where credit is due. And because it takes so much time to actually get into prosthetic makeup, we simply don’t have the time to do it.

Bitsie Tulloch: So that was when the characters are morphed that was our stunt doubles. And also that was a really intense scene to film. And, you know, the first time they started shooting it, Claire’s double fractured a rib. So we had to reshoot with a different double the next day.So what happened when we morph is that we’ll shoot the scene. And then everybody kind of has a different way that they morph. Like I have a little bit of a head toss and I hiss. I don’t know that anyone else really makes a sound.

But I’ve always sort of interpreted it like snake like. And I always hiss and I kind of toss my head. But when that happens, they apply little yellow drops with latex on top of our makeup. And then they’ll remove them and we’ll continue the scene.So that’s what happens with the morphing. And then, you know, if you go onto my Instagram and my Twitter, you know, whenever I’m ADR, I kind of take pictures so that people can see what it looks like, you know, during the process of the VFX team going in and sort of painting me in as Hexenbeast.

As far as, you know, psychologically, and it has been such a great storyline because there’s such a push-pull with her. Where, you know, at first she really didn’t want. She just wanted to have her normal life back. But now that she’s sort of learning how to control the Hexenbeast within she’s realizing just how powerful this makes her.And, you know, to an extent, as much as she’s been able to contribute to the Scooby squad as a veterinarian and then also as somebody sort of good with a gun. This is the first time that she has sort of supernatural powers.

So it’s really the question going back and forth of do I want to be normal again and be with Nick? Or do I want to stay a Hexenbeast because this is kind of fun. And I think the Hexenbeast are pretty wicked.And so she’s definitely going to the dark side and that’s the intention. And I think that’s really where they’re going with the character at least in the immediate future and for the rest of the season.

Do you want her to stay Hexenbeast just in your own opinion since you have to play it?

Bitsie Tulloch: I think it’s pretty fun.You know, I’ve had pretty crazy arcs for my character since Season 1. You Know Season 1, she was rather passive in order to serve the story with Nick kind of hiding everything from her.

And then Season 2 she was in a comma and lost her memory. And, you know, had this love triangle with Renard. In Season 3 she finally found out and was able to kind of join the Grimm gang and that was a really fun season.But this has been, this sort of really changed everything. And I was really thrilled when I saw the first script. And we had no idea and I remember texting with the cast. And everyone was like what? This is so crazy; what an awesome idea. And yes, going forward it’s adding a new element to the series for sure.

The scene with Nick that we saw in last Friday’s episode, you know, he looks almost I guess embarrassed at this point for all the things that have happened to Juliette as a result of him being a Grimm.Why do you suppose she continues to stay with him? And how do they sort of get over this latest wrinkle in their relationship?

Bitsie Tulloch: Well I think the reason they’ve stayed together thus far is that there’s a lot of love there. And, you know, it’s been one of the things in both of their lives that even though it’s sort of wreaked a lot of havoc, you know, you always go back to home.And I think he represents home for her and vice versa. And they’ve so far kind of managed to get through everything together even if it’s been tough. And so the initial question like how they’re going, obviously, how are they going to handle this because this is the craziest thing obviously they’ve had to deal with.

Because the Hexenbeast are basically – they’re mortal enemies of the Grimms. And they just want to kill them and vice versa which is why Juliette took so long to tell him the truth because she was terrified. Both that he would, you know, have a gut reaction and go after her and kill her.Also that she’s, you know, it’s been made apparent to her by this point that she’s incredibly powerful. You know, more so than Adalind or Renard who are both Hexenbeast could ever dream of being. And she doesn’t know how to really control it yet.So if he started to attack her and, you know, she morphs into a Hexenbeast like could she kill him.    So I think that makes sense. But really the question going forward, you know, can they live like this or not. And I think she’s kind of given up hope because she looks in the mirror and all she sees is this ugly monster. And she hasn’t really embraced it yet.

So she’s like I can’t handle the way that you look at me when I look like this and this is what I am now. Because, you know, we’ve tried and you know, Juliette tried with Henrietta and there seems to be no cure.So that’s really the question going forward. But, you know, it’s a little bit of, you know, it’s almost becoming like a Romeo and Juliette situation. Where, yes they’re in love but they can’t really be together the way it is right now.

I was a little surprised that you didn’t know this was going to happen. I suppose that probably as cast members you guys kind of I mean, you know, enjoy surprises like that.I’m wondering if you could tell us a little bit about the collaboration with the writers. And how much they sort of have clued you in as to where this is going to go? You know, if this is going to be a permanent thing or if it’s maybe going to resolve or change at some point, you know, either later this season or next season?

Bitsie Tulloch: That’s a really great question. Sometimes we know more and we have a little bit of a heads-up. And then sometimes, you know, what I’ve found with the showrunners, Jim Kouf and David Greenwalt, is that they’re really open to ideas and stuff. And it’s very much a collaborative process.But a lot of the times stuff changes because the show moves pretty quickly. I mean the episode that’s airing tomorrow night at 8 pm we shot in January. And it’s already airing. And they, you know, they go on Facebook. They go on social media.

And they see the stuff that the fans really like. And they’ll give them more of that. And so the Hexenbeast has been incredibly popular among the fans. And so don’t expect that to be going anywhere anytime soon.And but no, I think sometimes they sort of like seeing the cast reaction to crazy storylines, you know. I remember nobody knew was it Season, maybe either the beginning of Season 2 or Season 3, whenever Hank found out.We were all like wow that was early. We didn’t know he was going to find out that early that Nick was going to tell him. And then there have been a couple other storylines, you know, the thing with Adalind being pregnant.

That was another one that we, you know, that happened honestly, part of the reason that happened is that Claire Coffee actually got pregnant. And Bree Turner was pregnant Season 2. And they shot around it.And this time they were like are we really going to shot around another pregnancy? Or is this actually kind of, you know, a blessing in disguise. And we could add a sort of new element to the show using her actual pregnancy. So sometimes stuff just pops up and they’re responding to it.But yes, the Hexenbeadt thing I didn’t know about. The Season finale for this season is the biggest game changer we have ever had. I mean people will lose their minds.

There’s going to be gosh, I don’t know what I can say without giving it away other than yes, we’ve never done anything this big on the show before. So that’s going to really change everything going into Season 5. And the Juliette Hexenbeast storyline has a lot to do with that.And, you know, the reality is going forward, you know, you’re going to see a lot of the push-pull with psychologically wanting this power. And I think, you know, it adds a really interesting element to the story for her to turn really, really dark.

Tony Tellado: It’s great to talk to you after seeing you guys at Comic-Com this year in the pressrooms there.

Bitsie Tulloch: I know that was fun. That was a really fun time at Comic-Com. That was the biggest room so far.

Tony Tellado: Yes, yes it was. It really was and that’s great for a show, you know, going into its Year four at the time. You know, there’s a lot going on between you and Nick. I wish you guys would get a break, you know.I don’t know what you can tell us but there’s a rumor of some kind of pregnancy and the baby might be Wesen? And so is there anything you can tell us about what’s going to happen between these two?

Bitsie Tulloch: Well, you know, the previews going forward, there is, you know, like I just said Claire Coffee is actually pregnant in real life. And so they’re having her be pregnant on the show. So that’s the pregnancy going forward.And as to whether or not the baby is going to have weird powers or, you know, how are you going to have like a Wesen-Grimm baby and, you know. That’s just going to be like the weirdest baby ever.But, yes that’s the pregnancy storyline going forward. Juliette is not pregnant.

Tony Tellado: Oh. And but, you know, Nick was kissing another woman. Can these guys ever get a break and have like a really good period between the two of them? I mean have you talked to the writers about that?

Bitsie Tulloch: Well the whole thing with Nick kissing another woman you will kind of see what happens with that going forward. That might be a little bit of a red herring.No, I was just saying there’s no conflict in stability really. And I don’t know that, you know, a stable, loving relationship makes for great television. So it’s funny because the fans like constantly, you know, until we actually did the Adalind and Juliette fight that was the biggest thing everybody wanted was for Juliette to have it out with Adalind and kick some butt. And so she did that. And now all I’m really seeing is Nick and Juliette need to get married. They should just get married already.

And it’s kind of fun seeing the fans come to Juliette’s defense. Well Nick better be understanding about this. Like look at how much he’s put her through. So that’s been really fun for me. I’m like yes, he’s put her through so much. Like come on man, you’ve got to be understanding about this.But yes, you know, at some point you hope. I don’t know that they’re planning on doing it anytime soon because the writers are having so much fun with this sort of darker character.But yes, I mean you would hope that at some point maybe they’ll get married. And actually have like one day of rest.

Tony Tellado: That would be nice. Well Adalinde was my favorite Hexenbeast. But after what you did to Arnold Vosloo, I think so far you’re moving up the ladder on the chain of Hexenbeast.

Bitsie Tulloch: Oh yes, well I certainly hope so. I mean she’s the biggest badass.

Tony Tellado: She certainly is.

Did you ever anticipate when you first started as Juliette that she may have become such a violent character eventually violent character?

Bitsie Tulloch: It’s a really good question. You know, at one point I remember saying, you know, she needs to – it would be so cool if they made her either super, super evil or like super, super good and able to protect Nick. I was thinking like maybe she’s been secretly protecting Nick all this time.

Either that or like wouldn’t it be so cool if actually she has been evil all this time. And now we know she hasn’t been evil all this time. It’s something that happened. But I think it’s a really, really smart way to take the series going forward into Season 5.To have this character who we’ve all, you know, come to know and love as being sweet and helpful and the just turning it on its head.

Tony Tellado: Actually I want to forward some congratulations to you and the rest of the cast for the great work you guys all did. I know Sasha was behind it for the Grimmster Fund and the money you raised with that great event you had in February.

Bitsie Tulloch: Oh thank you. That was really exciting. You know, we raised I think $310,000 for the Grimmster fund and Doernbecher Hospital that we’ve all volunteered at various points. You know, we really love this city and we’re grateful to be here. And, you know, a few of us own homes here.Some people are thinking about staying afterward. And so we really wanted to sort of have a positive legacy on the city since the city’s been so good to us.

Tony Tellado:  Yes that’s awesome. And I know that you were in Spain for a while. And your Spanish is so wonderful. I hope there will be a time where you’ll have the chance to speak more Spanish. I mean you clued us in on the Chupacabra. Hopefully there’s another legend coming down the pike as well.

Bitsie Tulloch: I know, I loved that and the show does exceptionally well in Central and South America. So the fans really like when I do get to speak Spanish. I really haven’t been able to speak much Spanish in this season. But hopefully going forward that comes back into play because that’s always fun for me.

Tony Tellado: Well I think it’s been an excellent season this year. I mean the energy level has been ramped up this year more than I think even last year if it’s possible. But it has really been a cool season to watch and I’m looking forward to the finale.

Bitsie Tulloch: Oh great, thank you.

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