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Bitten Season Two Q And A

BITTEN — Season:1 — Pictured: (l-r) Laura Vandervoort as Elena Michaels, Greyston Holt as Clayton Danvers — (Photo by: Matt Barnes/Syfy)

Laura Vandervoort and Greyston Holt Talk season two of Bitten in this Q and A held with reporters in 2015

My first question for Greyston because I know Laura you already talked about this but can you talk about kind of your character’s experience being with the witches and how it’s going to kind of change Clay this season?

Greyston Holt:  Yes. I mean, I think it just – it broadens all of our horizons a little bit you know. It’s a big bomb to drop in our world that there was – there were others out there with you know supernatural abilities and there’s a whole new world that’s opened up and I think it’s just kind of made all of us a little more accepting and trustworthy of the world around us.

Laura had said how on set sometimes you guys joke that it would be nice to see them just go out on kind of a normal date. So my question is, what do you two think that would be for them?

Greyston Holt: Yes. What would be a normal date? Like normal for us or?

 For the characters.

Laura Vandervoort: I mean I guess for the characters it would – like we’d go to some restaurant that serves raw meat and maybe go see Werewolf in London at some old theater and…

Greyston Holt: Oh, you’re really hitting on the nose there.

Laura Vandervoort: Yes, and then go – and I’ve thought about this for Elena for a long time –   and then have a nice little fire at StoneHaven.

Greyston Holt:  Yes, and ‘Hungry like a Wolf,’ you know.

Laura Vandervoort:    Yes.

Greyston Holt:  Yes. It sounds about right.

So getting into a little more of the witch aspect, I think I’ve seen the first couple of episodes of the season, I really liked them and can you talk a little bit more about how that relationship sort of evolves with the witches? It seems to begin at sort of an enemy of my enemy is my friend. But can you talk a little bit about how that changes over the course of this season?

Greyston Holt: Yes. I think you know initially you know the werewolves, the pack, we are you know obviously very weary of the witches and you know their intentions. But as the season progresses you know there’s another darker force out there that we realized and we also realized that we need to – we need their help and they need our help in order to deal with this new enemy.

Laura Vandervoort: Yes. I think – you know this – I – like what Greyston said, the witches are a whole supernatural force that we – like most of the world with us didn’t know existed and it’s not something we can really go up against.I mean, we have brute force and the pack mentality and pack law but when it comes to their abilities, we really have no way to counteract them. And it does seem like they are our enemies but that I think eventually we – without giving anything away, we choose to work together because there’s strength in numbers and combining our abilities to help solve the problem we’re trying to solve this season.

Greyston Holt: Yes. And I think it’s really interesting dynamic that season two is kind of like what Laura was touching on there was – is that, yes, the werewolves, we deal in physicality and strength. And the witches deal in magic and spells. So to see those two sides kind of butt heads and come together is a really interesting dynamic this season.

Does it help Elena at all to sort of have this feminine energy introduced as well since she’s really the lone woman in her pack. Does it help her…

Greyston Holt: Hey, Clay has a feminine side.

Laura Vandervoort: Yes. I mean it was – it was personally nice for me to have female energy on the set because as much as I love the boys, I you know would tend to always be the only girl. So it was nice to have these wonderful actresses on the show.And then for Elena as well, there’s one of the three – well the three witches, she has great relationships with throughout the season, they sort of develop. But there’s a young witch that she sort of takes on a mothering aspect with and has sort of a protective vibe with her throughout the season that just gets stronger as they are sort of forced to be together and to take care of you know one another. And so that’s a thing that’s the nurturing side of Elena because last season you know she was an unsure woman who didn’t know where she belong. This season, she sort of very certain as to who she is and her future and is very violent in ways, but then to juxtapose this little girl brings out the warm side of her.

At the end of the last season, Elena and Clay finally reconciled. I’m sure the shippers out there were thrilled. Can you talk a little bit more of what to expect from this relationship, if there’s any – going to be anything different going into the new season? How the relationship–?

Greyston Holt: Yes. Well I think you know there – you know a lot of the big things are out of the way relationship wise but we do face – you know we’re back together you know that’s definite. But there are a lot of obstacles that we have to face this season. I think Clay has really taken – taking a step back and just kind of letting Elena deal with some of her issues this season.

Laura Vandervoort: Her issues.

Greyston Holt: Issues, yes. It’s not euphemism by the way.

Now that you’ve gotten season one done and under the belt, are there any – going to be any other more difference going into season two? Anything that may be different now that you’ve done first season?

Laura Vandervoort: I mean, I think with a – with a lot of shows, the – you know – I mean speaking for myself but I think it’s most of us, at the beginning of this first season we were all a little bit you know nervous to get it right and make the fans happy because the books existed before, we were recasting the roles and – so that – you know it’s important to the fans.So we wanted to get it right. And I think now that they’ve accepted the show and they’re happy and the fans – you know the fan base has been growing, it sort of gives us a little more freedom to play with the characters and we’re more comfortable. We were always comfortable with one another but the comfort factor is a lot higher and this season you know it’s a darker show with witchcraft, and it’s gorier. So I think this season we just feel more comfortable to expand our characters’ minds a little bit more and the writers always give us great material. So we are following the books in a way but taking a lot of liberty.

I’m kind of wondering if you’ve talked to fans of the book series and kind of what have been their reactions to seeing Elena and Clay really come to life.

Greyston Holt: Yes. I mean, we – you know we get feedback on you know many levels. You know there’s Twitter now and the online forum.But you know the best is you know we go to these conventions and meeting with fans more often and I think you know like anything you know there’s a certain amount of winning friends over in the beginning especially when you know these characters already existed and we have to kind of do our own version of them and our own interpretation.But I think people have – at least the doubters in the beginning have grown to love our characters and then I think the people who were with us right on board from the beginning are just happy to see it come to life. But everyone, the reaction’s been amazing.

Laura Vandervoort: Yes. Like Greyston said, social media you know this tool now that we can use to interact with the fans has been – you know there’s – it’s a double-edged sword but it’s great when you get the fans that really want to talk to you and are excited about the show.And you can you know send out behind the scenes photos and get them excited as well and their live tweeting and the instant feedback we can give them on the show as they’re watching it is amazing. And then like Greyston said as well, the conventions. There – it’s just a great way to talk to them what they like about the show, what they don’t like. Hopefully there isn’t anything that they don’t like. But they seemed very happy with what we’ve done so far so we’re grateful that they’re watching.

For Greyston, we have a question from a reader. She wants to know, speaking of Clay’s hair, how long does it take for his hair to be camera ready?

Greyston Holt: I actually – I pretty much always have long hair… It’s just kind of always the way I like to keep my hair so it’s – unless a part comes along you know my – in the off time from Bitten, it’s pretty much a longer length so I rarely cut it short unless I need to.

And how long…

Laura Vandervoort: And it is not there because – it’s not there because Greyston will come in to the trailer and like his hair is already perfect. You just have to mess it up.

Greyston Holt: No. But they still put some time – I don’t know, I mean – but I’m still like a good 20 minutes in getting my hair ready. So I don’t know what they do but…

Laura Vandervoort: But it’s like that messy like – OK, all right.

Greyston Holt: OK? All right? All right?

Laura Vandervoort: You’re supposed to say you always look like that.

Greyston Holt: I don’t. I’ve been rocking a ponytail lately actually.

Laura Vandervoort: The man bun.

Greyston Holt: Man bun.

We find out pretty early in season two without being specific about spoilers for folks who haven’t seen the episode yet that what Clay thought about his childhood and how he came into the Danvers family wasn’t exactly correct. Will that weigh on him through the course of this season now that he has more information about his human family?

Greyston Holt: Yes, definitely. I mean, that was a huge, huge blow to Clay. I mean, it’s everything he thought that was wasn’t you know. And I think there’s just – it just set in stone in Clay’s heart just what it needs to be done and that you know going to be the bottom of this and capturing Malcolm is just you know priority number one and putting him to justice because he is not a good dude.And it’s – you know it’s kind of the – it’s kind of – you know the thing we’re all chasing, right, is Malcolm. So many reasons – we all have our individual reasons why we want to bring Malcolm to justice and you know basically squash him, kill him.

Laura, I just wanting to ask you also, I noticed that you both had been in Smallville which I absolutely loved. And I just wanted to know, did you two get a chance to interact when you were on Smallville or was that just like a one episode thing where you didn’t see each other or–?

Greyston Holt: I – well, I did a guess star and I think that was before Laura was cast.

Laura Vandervoort: Yes. I did – I did four year on it from season seven on. So our characters never really existed within the same world. So we actually never met but we did talk about that when we were both cast on Bitten, how we both – you know our connections with Smallville.

My question has to do with the fact there’s going to be so many changes especially in the characters coming into this season. How – or what can you tell us about how your characters are – finding these new characters and without getting too spoilish and are you guys as actors enjoying having more people playing in your universe?

Greyston Holt: Yes. I think it’s – I mean you know obviously it’s just nice to have this female element introduced to our show and then Laura of course. Yes, I think that’s been – it’s been really great for her to have this female presence around.But it’s just – it’s been an interesting – it’s – you know our – you know when you think that you’re the only ones that exists in this you know in this world and then you find out there are others with powers and abilities, I mean it kind of shocks your world, right? And it’s just been – it’s been really interesting and challenging to incorporate these witches into our world and just to interact with them and see how we interact with them and you know my – personally speaking you know the only interaction I have with females on the show is with Laura and she’s like my one true love.But it was interesting just to have other women around and to see and – you know I didn’t even know how I was going to react to having them around on camera and with you know my character. So it was – it was kind of just you know finding the moments and the beats and seeing how we interact. But it was very interesting and challenging.

Laura Vandervoort: It completely changes the tone of the show. It’s – from the first season to this season, it’s – not that it’s a completely different show but the look and the material that we’re dealing with is completely different.And for the fans of the witches, they certainly get their share of them this season. And it’s not just the female witches, there is you know a bad presence that is you know after the pack and they have to deal with that and you’ll discover who that is as the season goes on and it’s just someone that they really have no way of dealing with. And – so that last season, our threat was either ourselves or the humans and the (mutt), this season, it’s a whole new realm of possibilities and dangers for the pack.

Greyston Holt: That we didn’t know existed until now. So it’s kind of a – it’s a shock.

My question is, you guys play a werewolf couple, what advice do you think modern/human couples could learn from Clay and Elena?

Laura Vandervoort: Passion.

Greyston Holt: Passion, yes. That we all have secrets and sometimes you need your partner to help you keep it secret. I don’t know.

Laura Vandervoort: Or to help you get through it. I mean their relationship is a little you know in flux season one and I think – I mean you have to look at it that Clay is her one true love and she’s destined to be with him and she was fighting that.And maybe you know – maybe human relationships need to look at what their heart is really telling them and to listen to that, because I think we’re all looking for the right fit and sometimes the right fit is the wrong fit and it’s someone not just you truly are in love with and have fun with, and that was Clay for her and she tried to deny that. She tried to you know check off the boxes of what she feels a woman needs in society as a human. But maybe you know as human relationships in the world need to look at passion and what your heart is truly telling you and not try to check off those boxes.

Greyston Holt: Yes. Nailed it. You nailed that answer.

Laura Vandervoort: Yes. Nothing really more to be said. That was a pretty perfect answer.

Special thanks to the SyFy Channel



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