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Killjoys: The Galaxy’s Bounty

Stars Hannah John-Kamen, Aaron Ashmore, and Luke Macfarlane spoke to reporters via phone about this new SyFy Series.

And all of you have really great chemistry together, was that kind of — did it happened right away, can you talk about the first time you guys kind of met and work together as a group?

Luke Macfarlane: Sure. I mean, it’s always – and so much of it is credit due to the casting process, we had a really great casting director that took the time to really kind of do mix and matches. So as we’re sort of slowly assembling this group, we kind of auditioned with like various people and that’s always terribly nerve racking as an actor but I think ultimately it’s really a useful sort of thing to do. Because yes we got along from the beginning almost immediately, very similar sense of humor. This is Luke Macfarlane by the way, I play D’avin.

Aaron Ashmore: Yes, and I think that as far as chemistry and stuff like that, you know, you either have it or you don’t. That is something that obviously due to casting process and when they’re doing a show like this that obviously revolves around the characters having sort of dynamic chemistry, it’s really important. But, you know, sometimes you just really lockout and I think the three of us have become, you know, really good friends and we got along so, so well, and it’s kind of rare. So I think it’s special and I think that we all appreciate it and it’s kind of lucky too that you get three people that just get along so well.

Luke Macfarlane: It’s almost…

Hannah John-Kamen: And I think it’s a great – but it’s important to like have the chemistry on the screen and off. And I think that we all have the same sense of humor which really helps and…

Luke Macfarlane: Weird, weird. I think we’re all weird.

Hannah John-Kamen: Much fun. And we sing a lot too.

Luke Macfarlane: Yes, we do, we make up songs on the set all the time.

You got to release those, see

Luke Macfarlane: Yes, DVD extra, special behind the scenes.

It seems like this group they don’t tend to always follow that rules that are set forth, is that going to become a problem or do the company just kind of doesn’t care as long as they get what they’re after?

Luke Macfarlane: It’s a good question. I think what is interesting with Killjoys is like, you know, there’s been a lot of comparisons to Firefly, that show. And what I think makes Killjoys really different as an entity and as a show is that we do have to abide by those rules. So the tension exist within that sort of how far can you bend the rules. And I think that makes for an interesting thing, it’s not like we’re just rogue cowboys, we really – we really do have to operate with inside the system so that it becomes a sort of like doubly complicated way of sort of bending the things as far as we can but yes of course it becomes complicated because we don’t always abide by the rules.

Hannah John-Kamen: I mean, like the whole saying, is take no bribes, take no sides, to one is all, but it’s really hard when you’re put in a situation like Dutch in the first episode with John and D’avin and taking on that warrant and basically kind of saving people’s asses and kind of having that kind of morals – having those morals as well. They kind of gives that kind of dilemma and that conflict with the characters which I think is more interesting.

Aaron Ashmore: Yes, and I think it shows their sort of intelligence and their creativity and their knowledge of this world and how we sort of – to circumvent some of these things and make it work and I think that that’s kind of interesting as well to see us doing those things.

Luke Macfarlane: I’m D’avin, this is Luke Macfarlane, I play John’s older brother and I don’t join as a Killjoy, I sort of bump into John in the kind of weird sort of way and then we sort of you know, then I end up kind of sticking along with them for a ride. So as the show progresses I get very intrigued with the Killjoy myself.

My character is a former military man who tends to be a bit of a rogue kind of guy, probably less the military under sort of bad circumstances. And yes he’s immediately taken with Dutch and kind of the power that she possesses and her fight skills, yes. And I like D’avin a lot, he’s not very similar to me and that he is like kind of a bit of a super cocky bro, I wish I had more that in me but I’m not really like that.

The ship is pretty much another character on this series, how does each of you kind of interact with that ship?

Aaron Ashmore: Well, I would say that John is sort of – does most of the work with Lucy although we all interact with her, in all the episodes we all sort of talked to her and stuff. But I think John is Lucy’s favorite and I think that’s sort of addressed at times, even thought John denies that. But he definitely, you know, works with her the most and fixes her and he’s definitely more of a tech guy.

Hannah John-Kamen: Dutch is a level-five Killjoy, which means she’s a top Killjoy, which means that she can kill for warrant. She lives on (Deluci) with John, and she’s known John the character for seven years. And Dutch has a really, really complicated past that is catching up with her in the current moment of when you start watching Killjoys. Dutch is also really, really badass, she’s very loyal, and (she feels over other) characters within the show, she’s very respected, and yes that kind of comes with her loyalty as well

Aaron Ashmore:    Most definitely our fearless leaders. I play – this is Aaron, I play John Jaqobis who’s a level-three Killjoy which basically means he’s not as sort of skilled and dangerous as Dutch in sort of the tactical and combat aspects of things. But I think John is a more of a – would lean towards more of a pacifist in this group where he is, you know, a little bit more willing to talk things through instead of, you know, shooting and asking questions later.

There’s also I think a really strong loyalty that lies in John and he’s completely dedicated to Dutch, they’re partners. But, you know, as we sort of said that Dutch is definitely the leader. And also that loyalty sort of we get to .

see (Rick’s) brother as well and they’ve been D’avin and John has been sort of estranged for eight or nine years.


And in the first episode we see them comeback together but loyalty is still really there with his brother, he wants to work things out, he wants to figure things out. And I think John sort of role in this team that we’re forming as the sort of hold it all together, I think he’s sort of the glue that’s trying to hold this team together. And yes that’s, you know, maybe more information than you needed but hopefully I get you started.

But I also think that Michelle Lovretta our creator and the whole creative team have also created their own unique world. And as much as there maybe some similarities in a broad sense I think the specifics of the show and characters and details are definitely going to become something all to themselves. So I think the comparison are like totally cool, I think it’s flattering too because as genre fan myself like Firefly is obviously, you know, one of the biggest shows, one of the most beloved shows so any comparison to that are cool.

Luke Macfarlane:  Yes, I definitely think about that. I mean, that’s the way we understand things is by comparing them to each other, I mean it really is. I mean, my hope is that, yes, eventually it steps into its own unique thing and then one day they’ll compare us to something that we haven’t yet seen around the set.

Hannah John-Kamen: Yes, exactly.

Luke Macfarlane:  But I would also say and I think I said this before but like, you know, Firefly was essentially a rouge group of individuals. The Killjoys operate within a system and I think to that is very, very deeply sort of what makes this different. We can’t do whatever we want whenever we want, we have to operate with inside the system called the (R.A.C.). And I think that’s really fundamental difference that makes the world actually fundamentally different.

Special Thanks To The SyFy Channel


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