PODCAST: The Strain Season Two At SDCC Part One


Corey Stoll, Ephraim Goodweather

Now that The Strain is a few episodes into this season, here is the first of my transcripts from roundtables I covered.

Corey Stoll: We’re starting off pretty much we’re we ended up. The whole first season was sort of gearing towards killing the master was sort of going to end the plague and we were following Setrakian’s lead on how to defeat the strigoi (troubled souls of the dead rising from the grave) . We get him in front of the sunlight and he doesn’t die. So we’re starting at square one. All through out the first season, the outbreak of the strain was happening in these little pockets. It almost seemed like most of New York wasn’t aware of it. And now it’s very public and very clearly that society can really function at this point. It’s breaking down and we’re getting into post apocalyptic territory.

Our family unit has become very complex. Now with Kelly turned, Zack in denial about the the irreversabilty of that, that creates a lot of friction between the two of us. He’s getting to be that age where sons are starting to rebel. In the first season he was sort of this precious commodity to protect. And now he has a sort of a will of his own and not neccassarily on our team. He gets us in trouble and aids in the certain level of danger. That’s been a fun thing to play. Not neccassarily just a sweet father-son relationship anymore.

Tony Tellado: You seem to be drawn to characters that have serious flaws.

Is that something that draws you to them ?

Corey Stoll: Why would you want to play anyone that doesn’t have any flaws ? It seems more interesting. I pride myself in not being a puritan. I try not to moralize or editorialize on my characters. The more contridictions you can find in a character, the more interesting it is for yourself.

Executive Producer Carlton Cuse

Carlton Cuse, Executive Producer: Corey Stoll and Mia Maestro’s characters basically as epidemiologists try to engineer a way to wipe out the vampires. Setrakian is looking for the Osidio Luminus, this mysterious book that may or not hold the answer to wipe out the master. Gus and Fet are just trying to kill as many vampires as possible. The motto for the season “Fight Or Die” is very apt I think.

Samantha Mathis is a new character (Justine Feraldo) who is a council woman from Staten Island who basically suspends traditional civil liberties and decides to wipe out the vampires from Staten Island and suceeds in doing that. So the question is, do you want to put someone like that in charge ? Someone who may guarantee your safety but at the cost of sort some of the basic intrinsic values of a demorcratic society. What kind of trade offs there.

The feelers are basically blind children that have been turned into these super speedy really horrific vampire creatures. They are awesome. They were a creation of Guillermo (del Toro) and Chuck’s (Hogan) from the book. We decided that this was a great way to ramp up the force of opposition.

One of the great things I loved about the book and what drew me to the project was that there are multiple layers of antgonisim. In The Walking Dead you have one kind of zombie. In our show we have a sorts of different types of vampires with different agendas and different powers. It’s super fun as a writer to have all these tools in the tool chest.

We will learn more about the ancients. There’s Mr. Quinlin who is another mytic creature who also comes very much into play. We expand our knowledge of the vampires side of things significantly in season two.

Special thanks to FX and San Diego Comic Con


This edition has Corey Stoll, Ruta Gedmintas, Executive Producer Carlton Cuse, Miguel Gomez, Co-Creator Chuck Hogan, Natalie Brown, Jonathan Hyde and Kevin Durand. Vist the official page


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