Glenn Hetrick Judges On Steampunk’d

Tony Tellado: You’re judging like in Face Off but this is kind of a different venue for you Steampunk’d. Are you a fan of the sub-genre ?

Glenn Hetrick: Yeah. I would consider it my singulary,favorite, defining asthetic of every asthetic, I’ve come across in my life. I’ve been a huge fan of Steampunk since the late 70’s, early 80’s finding art in early Dungeons and Dragons source material also in literature with Welles and Verne. It’s not omni present in every single thing that I do. I don’t think any artist that is working as a commericial artist should infuse a singular asthetic into everything too much. But in my personal art, it is epic. It’s my favorite.

Tony Tellado: I started the same way with it. I’m accepting of it because like you I started reading Welles and Verne whom I consider the fathers of Steampunk. What amazes me is what people can actually come up with. The difference between Face Off and Steampunk’d is that in Face Off, you provide the artists with the materials yet here, they are on their own.

Glenn Hetrick: It’s an absolutely an immense amount of work that they are expected to do. And it’s so huge and all encompising. First of all when I was told about the show, of course I was doing backflips. I can’t get this fast enough. It sounds amazing.In my mind, I had pretty high expectations as to what I was going to be seeing. I thought I’d come in and see them working on a singular item or something on a desk, a steampunked themed computer, a steampunked themed office chair, and instead it’s an entire room with fully realized characters in costume and some giant centrally themed object.In my episode it was the garage, my favorite episode. The vehicle that they did and the vehicle of itself would be more than one could expect. It far exceeded my expectations. I did not expect the show to be so big, production value wise. I did not expect the contestants to be so big to create. So I was thrilled. The judges were great. The producers are amazing in the way that they handled the subject matter.When they gave me this request and I thought about the idea, I thought about what the show would look like in my head. So I had a version of a preoconcieved notion of what I was walking into. And I was surprised just how much further it had evolved and how much cooler it was than what I was hoping to see.

Tony Tellado: You have a standard on Face Off but the bar seems high on Steampunk’d.

Glenn Hetrick: When you have competition, it’s one thing to say that as show but when you have completion that can deliver. There are a couple of contestants that bring that level of perfection to everything that they touch.It’s one thing to see these teams sort of huddle together after the show and continue working on on things that they had endless amount of time to work on it. I’d love to see what they art looks like if they sort of jelled into a little community of steampunk artists and continue to collaborate. They should.Their talent and chemistry is there to create some one of a kind pieces.

Tony Tellado: The skill set for this show is really amazing on all the things you have to do to build, especially in building a car.

Glenn Hetrick: Extraordinarily difficult. You kind of have to give hats off to the producers. I’ve been involved in a show like this for so many years.You garner a sophisticated appreciation for what it takes to put a show like this together. Where do you find the contestants ? How do you find that many people that are that good at this particular skill set ,at this particular asthetic ? And have the background to be able to deliver it in and incredibly short time, in a time that you can produce a show. Where do you find those people ? So just having the idea is one thing. But gestiating the idea and bringing it to full term to get it out there, create the show, get a beautiful set, get a great director, get amazing judges. The judge panel is awesome and get contestants that can deliver the goods…very difficult stuff.

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