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FROM THE SEVENTH MATRIX – Horror Short Film Spotlight – “LILITU”

From – For me, the best horror films aren’t the kind filled with exploding heads, tons of viscera, and bloody dispatches of oversexed teens. My favorite is the kind that slowly crawls under your skin, up your spine, and wraps around your brain. Maybe this is why horror films from the sixties and seventies, like Rosemary’s Baby and The Birds, affect me the most. The short horror film LILITU is a throwback to those classics. It tells the story of a woman who uses her power of astral projection to help a Catholic priest solve a dark mystery.  This 9-minute atmospheric short is creepy with a huge order of dread on the side. Its eerie tone is achieved not by showering the screen with blood and guts, but with compelling performances by the actors, and masterful cinematography used to malevolent effect.

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