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The Walking Dead At SDCC 2016: Tigers, World Building And Over Confidence


I covered a transcript of a press conference at SDCC 2016 with the cast and producers of The Walking Dead. This is the transcript of part of the session.

Robert Kirkman: (On Ezikiel) : We were reaching that point when Ezikiel is in the storyline. So it was a natural progression. As we move through the story, we will be bringing some characters and there will be other characters that you will see.Right now is all about Ezikiel and Shiva.

Steven Yeun: (On hardest scene last season) During the dumpster time. (reporters laugh) That was tough because I was hold up in the apartment. That’s something to think about these days. When you do sign on for a show that is long running and I guess in this day and age, you’re kind of not just signing up to be an actor in a show, you’re signing up to a specific lifestyle to a degree which was an interesting thing that was new to me.So yeah I literally holded up and rarely came out just for the month. In terms of like the extra questions that I obviously get due to the comic based on last season, that’s just been easy for me because it’s easy to say nothing.
Scott Gimple: (Reaction to the season six finale) Being a reader of the comic, there’s always been big reactions to the comics when big things happen. You can’t worry to much if you’re working for the fans and you’re trying to tell a story that either offers them something different and takes some risks. You have to respect the reaction no matter what. But I think it’s important not to be afraid and I think that’s what the comic, that’s what the template that was started.

Scott Gimple: (On the expansion of the world of The Walking Dead) : We have these groups in different areas. And some of these groups we have only seen hints of like The Saviors. They exist in their own society and we see that. We talked about the Kingdom, that’s their own place.There’s Alexandria. With these places have different characters, have different situations, different ways of life even.We are literally expanding these different locations and the type of characters that we see and the kind of lives that they lead.

Robert Kirkman: (On Shiva) : It was not humane to have a live tiger on the set and also very dangerous for the actors.

Michael Cudlitz: Which would have made it terrifying.

Robert Kirkman: So great no real tiger. I can still come to set. That sounds awesome. Because I would have not come to set if there was a real tiger. So there is no real tiger at all. It’s all magic.

Scott Gimple: It’s the dragon from Game Of Thrones, shrunk, slighty changed in proportions. It’s just a filter. You guys don’t have that on your phones ? I’m thrilled you’re asking whether it was or wasn’t.




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