PODCAST: Sense 8’s Naveen Andrews And Terrence Mann

Actors spoke to me before the season season went online. They talk about thier characters, the series unique multi-country shooting style, and the challenges of this series.








6 thoughts on “PODCAST: Sense 8’s Naveen Andrews And Terrence Mann

  1. PS I see the date of 7/2/17 in the filename, is that when the interview took place? Again thanks for that confirmation.

      1. Thank you for your reply. That makes sense. I thought it was so thoughtful of you to not discuss spoilers from the second season in case someone hadn’t watched it yet. Am I easily confused? Wait, don’t answer that.

      2. Really challenging. And uncompromising. Imagine a production where the crew set up and tore down so many times a day in so many places. Imagine the colorist trying to match so many interior and exterior shots in so many places (at night while the rest of the crew/cast slept). The cast were so jet lagged after season 1 that some of them hadn’t fully recovered in time to shoot season 2. JMS told me that he saw every frame of film shot from season one, as he had bowed out of planned direction duties to oversee the epic post-production. The bar was set high.

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