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12 Monkeys The Final Season At SDCC

SDCC 2017

Interviews with the cast and showrunners at SDCC 2017

Interviews with the cast and showrunners at SDCC 2017

Terry Matalas (Co-Showrunner) : We actually knew we knew we were headed towards a fourth season even when we started season three. So what The goal was to tell one big movie. So Season 3 and Season 4 are one giant arc with the midpoint. And so what that meant for us was. You know. In the first episode of season three there is actually a scene from the series finale so we had to know everything Everything. So I started the writers room about two months earlier than normal. And we just dug in and committed to the show. And I you know having seen enough of the fourth season. I think we I think we stuck the landing. So I’m I’m I’m excited for you all to see. Yeah It’s a binge show. You know and with time travel keeps it all fresh. Look guys that’s Jennifer going Into You know what I mean. And it keeps it all fresh. And we drop a lot of clues and that pay off and a lot of those images when they’re fresh in your mind it’s more satisfying it’s just a long movie season three very much was designed to be. Consumed that way. Season Four is as well.

But but the real fun. Will be people going back and watching Season 3 and 4 as one thing and they’ll be like oh my God they were saying this thing the whole time and I didn’t see it. It should be fun. So you know I don’t know how they’re airing it. I hope. I hope so because I think it was successful in. It was. Disturbing because we had started shooting season four. We had just finished season three. A week before that post on it with visual effects and then by the next weekend everybody had already seen it. So it was disturbing. Like while that was. Eight months of my life that you guys just consumed a little bit of like I trying to get the music right in that one scene and then boom you guys next thing next you know. Each each season one out of map. We knew where we would. Go to season two of them out. And then seasons three and four had one man. So we  have to know everything. And we had a lot of late nights in that writer’s room in a room because this completely covered and dry erase boards being like we set this up here. I’ve got to go here keeping track of everything. So. That it’s pretty organic actually when you think about it because we knew the witness As we knew it was there.We knew were telling that story. But then when you go and break it down you want to watch a show about two people going to kill their child. You know you don’t you know. And so organically It’s like they may not save his life but they could save the soul. So it begs the question. Who is doing this ? Because we saw the witness do some horrible things in season two possessing Cassie taking Sam doing all these weird things. Somebody there was an entity that did that and it wasn’t didn’t feel like a thing. And in the army the 12 Monkeys. They didn’t know you know. And what I think was what I think I love so much about Season 4 is Olivia didn’t know and we will tell the story about her rise to power to becoming the witness. You actually see the moment she puts on that mask of the moment and why she wears that mask and why she does the evil thing. And you see her do all the things to keep put these things in place and how it consumes her. I’m I’m I’m really excited. Our scene is amazing. In season 4 she will be blown away. She is. You will forget her say she is the evil queen of time and space. That We think we’re like what we now know is.

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