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Warner Bros SDCC Dominance

SDCC 2017

Interview and look at Warner’s plans to once again conquer SDCC

I sat down with Lisa Gregorian is the Chief Marketing Officer for Warner Bros Television in the cool Warner Bros TV booth.

Tony Tellado: But first of all I got to tell you just in conversations with my peers we’ve been talking for years how you guys have just really blanketed this convention. Our hotel keys the bags. I mean it’s such a presence and of course the characters are iconic even now supernatural is iconic. Those guys have been around so long they raised families. I mean it’s amazing. So. How do you’re plan for Comic-Con ? I guess every year must be a different kind of challenge for you.

Lisa Gregorian: Every year is a different challenge but every show is has its very special audience. So. We look at each fanbase and then we try and figure out “Ok, what are we going to do ? And then we also have to figure out which shows we’re going to take to Comic-Con. Tammy who is our Executive Vice President of publicity unscripted. We have these conversations about. You know we really don’t want to take this show but now producers want to come down here and talent want to come down here and we’re very selective. Because we’ve been coming to the con for so long. We know what works. We know what doesn’t work.

And we have Black Lightning next season as well. So that. Really be the rebirth of D.C. on television is because of Greg Berlanti. He is a genius. His team is amazing. At Berlanti really are huge fan boys themselves and they’ve done such a marvelous job of thinking about the audience first and what would make them happy. And they do it on a daily basis across every one of their shows.

Tony Tellado: I know there’s a Funco line on some of the DC TV characters.

Lisa Gregorian: Our consumer products Group has been working with Funco and there’s a number of really interesting spinoff toys that have crossed the DC line and especially on the television side which we’re really happy to see because traditionally have a lot of theatrical coverage in the consumer products area but not as much on the television side but we really broke through when it came to the Funco dolls. What I’ve seen is really the growth of the DC heroes on TV.

Tony Tellado: I remember the DC booth used to just have like Arrow maybe with The Flash and now you have so much depth you can have the heroes can have their own booth separate from the movie ones. Although we love them too.

Lisa Gregorian: And DC is really representing in the area that the way that the con is set up. You’re located in the publishing area and people don’t even realize that.The floor of the convention floor has very specific areas where Warner Brothers are in the entertainment space. But when there’s a signing let’s say for the Justice League feature film that’s now being done at the DC booth. But all the television properties are read that here and that anything that doesn’t fall within DC Comics. Let’s say like tomorrow we have Ninjago or we’ve got. It. Those signings are all part of the Warner Brothers banner And that’s really important to these signings with the fans.

Tony Tellado: I know you’ve been doing it for quite a few years now. The signings are hugely important the sessions are incredible.

Lisa Gregorian: These signings are important and I think it just gives people that one-on-one time to talk to have a connection to have a moment with the talent you know they’re very fond of in so many ways. In the case of television, they’re in their living rooms every single week and they have a real sense of affection for these characters and these actors and not just on the CW they’re also on TNT and a few other shows everywhere. I mean we  have The Big Bang Theory down this year and that’s running fine on CBS and in syndication across the United States. And by the way is number one across every single one of those different mediums. These shows stand on their own. Have fan base. For all of them. It’s not one or the other and it’s really not like television is just you know keeping time waiting for the next feature film to come out. You know all of these characters and really love these characters in the way that we’re depicting them and love them the way that they’re being depicted in feature films and they don’t have to live separately in fandom.



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