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Fear The Walking Dead Press Conference 2017

SDCC 2017

Partial transcript of the cast and show runner at an SDCC 2017 Press Conference

Partial transcript of the cast and show runner at an SDCC 2017 Press Conference

Kim Dickens (Madison Clark): Coleman and I haven’t  been together. With each script we’re like “Oh we’re not back together yet” because we have such a good time working together. So it’s a really creative and surprising way that they reunite in a really amazing location. One of my favorite places that we shot that you’ll see in the second part of the season. So and we’re up to our old high jinks.

Coleman Domingo (Victor Strand): And also what I love about that. I don’t a mic anymore but I ll use my theater voice. (Laughs) What I think is very cool too it’s like once with all of these characters that we’ve been torn apart and now we’ve had some life lessons and it’s interesting to see the way we come back like I love watching when comes back and how she’s changed. No one can appeal to her the way they used to anymore. She’s a very different woman so that’s what’s happening with all of our characters and I think that’s really a beautiful.

What would you like to see and who would you partner with in the sister series, The Walking Dead ?

Coleman Domingo (Victor Strand): I’m going to speak for Daniel Salazar and I think he would take out Negan. I think that’s like that’s a no brainer for that. He’s got to go. I like that.

Kim Dickens (Madison Clark):I think Madsen’s probably might be related to Daryl.

Dave Erickson (showrunner) :  Ultimately it’s Robert Kirkman’s universe. We just we just live in it. So he had done a lot of leg work on the show before I even came on. So then it became you know, one of the great things about Robert is is incredibly generous creatively. There were certain characters that didn’t exist before we started to collaborate rather then you know and he was really you know I think he was very lovely about that so I included some personal things involving divorce and blended families and all that. But You know I there’s two sides.I mean we used to talk about this a lot in season one. I think one of the great things about Robert was his realization that he was moving forward that there was more story to tell. That he could actually you know sort of rewind a little bit and see a little bit more about what was happening while Rick was in his coma. And I think that in some respects it’s really quite brave when you think about it because he’s obviously a successful comic he has a successful show. Things are going quite well and I think those are in danger of risking that too,  if you know this guy knows the show has been under a microscope from the very beginning. And I think the fact that he was willing to embrace that and try to do something that is you know it is ultimately a different show. We will we have the same rules that go with the zombie apocalypse. But tonely, I think one of the great things about this season in particular because I do think that it has evolved to a place where kind of feels like it is its own thing if that makes sense. And I do think some of the I’d like to think that some of the comparisons have fallen away just a little bit. But you know I think just fundamentally at the start Robert that there’s more that we can do and that aid there is a much more story to tell. So let’s let’s see if we can go.

Kim Dickens (Madison Clark): Well , from the very beginning AMC and Robert encourage us to do our own thing and not feel beholden to The Walking Dead and their story to look different ,to tell different stories, different time period obviously. And and with that encouragement and that license I feel like it is Season 3 where we finally got our groove on. We finally have our sea legs and we are  our own thing. And beyond that I think season 3 probably for me I’m the most proud of. I just feel like the stories and the characters and just everything is really strong and epic throughout the season and to get a fourth season is has just blown my mind. I mean it’s it’s kind of rare to get a fourth season so we feel really grateful for that.

Coleman Domingo (Victor Strand): And I’ve been saying that I just recently put together a little collage like looking at the looks from season one until now and the way we evolved And just looking at how we were in the beginning were just ordinary human beings. And now when things are stripped down we are just sort of like scavenge what we need and who we are. We are become something else which I think is just very interesting and I love that I think we’ve all been becoming something else and we’ve been on this journey with this show as well. I think that we’re a very tight knit group of people and we love the stories that we’re telling. And I love that our audiences are responding to what we’re doing singularly and we’re part of the universe but we’re not trying to be compared to The Walking Dead what we want to be our own an organism with our own California-Mexican sun.

Tony Tellado: I really enjoyed the spanish language episode. (Everyone claps)

Dave Erickson (showrunner) : We talked about it in the room . Let’s start from a story perspective we hadn’t seen Daniel for a long time. Think there was a lot of energy with the odyssey in terms of his perceived demise. We wanted to do was for the character of Reuben an opportunity portrayed in the show to have his episode that develed more deeply into his psyche, to get an understanding on how he made it how he survived. Practially, you’re telling a story set in Mexico with spanish speaking characters. So it made no sense for it not to be in spanish. To add an english speaking character so there was simply a balance didn’t make any sense. That was the story. And I think it was interesting. There were some people who embraced it and some people who “If I want to read, I would read a book” There were a few people. I go online, I try not to. Alan Page wrote that and did a beautiful, beautiful job. And Reuben ‘s performance was fantastic.

On getting both shows together

Dave Erickson (showrunner) :  And the first answer is I don’t know because you know we’ll see if it’s really in someone else’s hands right now. However Scott (Gimple) eluded me and I want to move forward. I think that’s my intention. I mean we spoke about it briefly before we did you a very it’s a very fractured narrative. You know what I think we made cautiously an effort by the end of season two to send everybody off you know on their own trajectories.So this season was the intention was to slowly start to blend everybody back together, which is always challenging when you’ve got three or four different storylines and you want them to intersect in an organic way you want to you know to feel as you know the least cheesy you can possibly be. What would be lovely would be to start to see these people come back together because when you get to play the scenes with you know with Kim and Coleman when you get to play scenes with you know with with Nick with Frank you can have Frank and Coleman or with it just there’s a nice camaraderie that’s developed and the thing is that because I’ve seen that over the course of the show but I’ve also seen it off camera so much. And it’s just it’s such a joy. Just to say thank you to the group that’s here but everybody else to watch. Everybody how it wants melted and sort of the family that you guys perform. So I do think yeah. And my hope would be that we see a return to that and actually bring everybody back together to some kind of a core groove. It was a good thing. Everybody is great.

Kim Dickens (Madison Clark):  She has become more merciless she is set on protecting her family. Losing Travis was a devasting blow for Madison

Alycia Debnam-Carey (Alicia Clark): Our cast is very tight. We are forced to get along but we do anyway.

Colman Domingo (Victor Strand): I love that he was a self made man. It season two he was deconstructed. In season three he is starting over

Mercedes Mason (:The culture of Mexico and in the crew adds to the series Ofelia is becoming more like her father I love that.

Dayton Callie ( : They needed my leadership there

Sam Underwood (Jake Otto): the idea that Troy represents the society that is angry and wants to protect itself. Jake is the exact opposite. He feels a need of democracy.

Daniel Sharman (Troy Otto): it’s been quite a fascinating ride. It is is very specific investigation into human beings. There is no black and white.

Michael Greyeyes (:  This is a world where all rules are broken. I was able to embrace his violent side. He is a true leader.

Special thanks to AMC and San Diego Comic Con.





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