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Roundtable transcript with actors Isabelle Cornish who is Crystal and Iwan Rheon who plays Maximus.

 Isabelle Cornish : I  Play Crystal, who’s a member of the royal family I control the elements. I think I have the best superpower and I’m the keeper of luck. Yes I’m still going to love stories about my character.

Iwan Rheon: I play Maximus who’s the younger brother of the King Black Bolt,  who by his charter Genesis renders him a human. So it took away the human gene which basically Is the worst possible outcome to our Genesis and how it with another life or another person, he would have beaten in the minds in the lower caste of this society or the caste system that the society lives in. He is  the king’s brother. So he’s kind of a man of the people, really. He understands the lower caste, he feels it’s an archaic system that needs to be changed especially with the eminent threat to humanity. And he has a very very different opinion of how to deal with that which then you’ve got the conflict with his brother and he feels that he’s (King Bolt) is not doing anything and he’s just ignoring the problem and he never has an opinion on anything.
It’s very frustrating for Max because he is smart. He’s he thinks he would make a much better job of being king and possibly he could. And you know and it’s the ideas he has. You know on paper you would probably support him if he was in this political climate which I think is quite seen as a very charismatic leader. I mean Maximus is by far the lower status because you know everyone’s been picking on him all his life because he doesn’t have the power. He’s scum really in the human world and his brother is just all powerful and you know really, Maximus would have made a better king. And maybe you know he certainly thinks he would have. So yeah, there is a power struggle. I think it’s interesting. He didn’t just keep Maximus around because he he was his brother but also because he he provides kind of , you know the ying and yang is kind of he’s he’s the antagonist to any of these ideas. So when they if they’re debating anything or you know with, any policies or any issues that come up in the family you know it was a very intelligent guy. He will have an opinion which could help the debate.
This way has always kept him around. The melting point where it’s now or never decision we have to change. Black Bolt  says no. Max will take matters into his own hands.

Iwan Rheon: On comparing Maximus and Ramsey from Game Of Thrones:  Well I mean first of all, Ramsey is so much of this a completely different character. Ramsey is evil. He wants to play and he hasn’t thought about what he’s doing next. He’s just a psychopath. You know he wants to just go around he’ll just do anything in order to get further. He doesn’t really have a plan. He’s like all right I’ll kill him and he kills his father because he’s a threat. He doesn’t have any emotion. Maximus is a very thoughtful. He’s a politician. He’s not evil. He wouldn’t hurt people. It doesn’t have that in him. He’s he’s he’s a revolutionary wants to change the way things are. Like Ramsey just wants to hurt things that are so different. And hopefully when the series is and people actually get to see him they’ll stop going oh he’s just the same. He started to get annoying for me now.

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