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Resident Evil Vendetta

SDCC 2017

Interview with Executive producer Takashi Shimizu and producer, Takanori Tsujimoto

Interview with Executive producer Takashi Shimizu , Takanori Tsujimoto, producer/director

Tony Tellado: What was it like to do this as an animated film. What kind of action were you looking to do ?

Takanori Tsujimoto: I wanted the fans of the video game to enjoy this too. I wanted to fit the video game so I used first person view. I wanted action scenes like guns shooting and car chases to be incorporated.I wanted to please all of the franchises fans.

Was there any influence in this film apart from the video game?

Takanori Tsujimoto: The Grudge. I used a lot of references from different action films which I can’t say here but you would recognize them.

Tony Tellado: As far as the look of the characters, it looks like a cross between the video game and photo realistic ?

Takashi Shimizu: As you know the CGI technology has advanced since the first Resident Evil and also Vendetta follows the video game timeline. So you will need to understand what happens to these characters in each video game series. And these characters age too so that’s something that they had to keep in mind when it comes to making these characters for Vendetta.

Tony Tellado: This is coming out in Ultra HB 4K which sounds  cool to us fans but for you filmmakers, it seems like an extra challenge.

Takashi Shimizu: For Vendetta, we used motion capture. Because of the advanced CGI technology and mo-cap, it captures even subtle expressions. So the director was able to make sure and even settle on the facial expressions of the actors being transferred to mo-cap.

Tony Tellado: I’m a gamer To me it’s another form of story telling, a very interactive form. What is your opinion on gaming which has come a long way not only in Japan but in this country as well ?

Takashi Shimizu: I feel that the video game has the interactive features. There is a main storyline which could branch out to some side stories which is unique to video games. But with Vendetta, it follows the timeline of the video game without breaking that arc and storyline of the video game. The fans that clear some stages of the video game and then watch the movie and they’ll feel that maybe this story happens in this part of that part of the game. I feel that there is a collaborative enjoyment between the video game and Vendetta.

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