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Michael Gatt: Musical Life For Blood Drive


I sat down with this composer for his appearance in Monsters, Mutants And Mayhem panel at San Diego Comic Con 2017

Michael Gatt: We met at the same time you know developing a palette of sounds that was totally specific to the show with custom since custom guitar tones custom bass tones and so by doing that right from the start it gave this show a signature sound and it allowed me to do things like go for spaghetti western, you get the mashing up so or in Kung Fu there’s a show called “The Chopsocky Special” .So it allowed me to go in those directions and still hear the sound of the score glued to the show.

Tony Tellado: So you must do mad scientist plotting things

BLOOD DRIVE — Season:1 — Pictured: Colin Cunningham as Slink — (Photo by: David Bloomer/Syfy)

Michael Gatt: Things were moving very fast. But I tried to keep and there was a huge collaboration with the filmmakers to keep this overall vision of what was happening with the series because it is a true anthology and all of the characters had these amazing arcs.

Tony Tellado: I know Colin  Cunningham.

Michael Gatt: I will tell you this. First of all he’s incredible in the show. He’s also an incredible person and the audience will  know about his musicianship. So they told me that he you know that he was a musician in the end they had to idea him playing on the score. And so he came in and he played on the score. And he was saying like he just rushed the parts to the point where we ended up just playing stuff back and having him solo over it. And that became the end credits music. Awesome. I’m so happy to hear that because you don’t have to like I told you he was out of control.

Tony Tellado: So I would think there’s a lot of sounds that really kind of going in the studio.

Michael Gatt: Well it’s you know as a composer very often along with coming up with signature sounds you make rules for yourself. And it’s almost like picking out paints that you know what you’re going to use for the painting and it’s going to keep it all consistent and for blood drive there were just a couple of instruments that I got I decided these can live without any effects like so a little bit of streams some choir and some heartline but everything else needed to be unrecognizable from what you might eventually hear.So even though for example I use brass in my drive for the most part over the course of the show. It’s been tweaked so heavily that it sounds like synthesizer.

Tony Tellado: What about the all the tools available today ?

BLOOD DRIVE — “The Fucking Cop” Episode 101 — Pictured: Thomas Dominique as Christopher — (Photo by: David Bloomer/Syfy)

Michael Gatt: I will tell you funny we were talking about this coming in here that there are so many tools now that you can overwhelm yourself into not doing writing anything here. You almost feel like it’s it’s limitations in time and resources that I think create the best art. So with that being said what’s so great about what you’re saying is that every time I get into a new film or a new TV show I know that there’s going to be places I can go that haven’t gone to. I mean when it comes down to it it’s the tone of the show and the character of the show is how much you have to work with. You got to have more tools to make or maybe get to them a little quicker.

I say the show was easy it was. Endless hours of work and it was constant. But the easy part was the characters were so fleshed out. There was so much happening on screen. I mean it’s like they gave me so much to work with and the people behind the show like the people you know on the other side of the class are going to the show creators were they were way with me I heard this from Colin Cunningham. I heard this from other people that were on the show and they empowered everyone to do their take.  I’m sure you’ve experienced it . So often people bring you on for something and then they tell you what you know. It’s in that rabbit hole just keeps going deeper and deeper and deeper. I was a fan of the show from day one.

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