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The Gifted At SDCC

SDCC 2017

Roundtable interviews with Amy Acker, Coby Bell and Stephen Moyer at SDCC 2017

Interview Highlights from the roundtable at SDCC 2017

Coby Bell (Jace Turner) : So the show is set in the we’re in the universe of the X-Men. I am a sort of a high ranking official in the Sentinel services which is the government branch that chases after the fact after the news. So that’s what I do I do a lot of chasing. So I’ve played James Turner. His he was a cop whose daughter was killed in a mutiny incident. And he joins us in the services to sort of try to set that right click here. Mom Wife of. This. Lovely gentleman handsome..

Amy Acker  (Kate Strucker) : Lucky lady. And I have to come to find out our children and living in this world. And guys like this they’re trained to lock them away. I am looking for a way out

Stephen Moyer (: One of the things I was saying that was interesting about the world is the way that set up it’s it’s ok for mutants to exist in the world with humans. Unless they use their powers in a detrimental way. And when that happens somebody like me or somebody like him arrest them and then somebody like me comes in and prosecutes. And removes them from society and puts them into a sense of where they are no harm to others or to themselves Until you find out that your children are mutants and then you run for it. And then I know that that my kids will get into A detainment center. There’s nothing actually that will be done about it. And I. Protect my kids and I go on the run and I think what’s particularly lovely about what our show is is that it’s. It’s told from that subterranean place from underground from outside the normal society and suddenly this very affluent family have to join that underground world.

Question: With the political climate what it is, will it spill over into this series ?

Stephen Moyer (: I think it will be incredibly difficult to watch your show and not think about that in some respect. And I hope that people watching it do it.And here is a different point of view. So no matter what. The. Situation here on what we think about what’s going on here I think world is maybe by watching this show you come out on a different. A different side

Coby Bell (Jace Turner) : And maybe it maybe vote differently in this election.

Stephen Moyer (:  We’ve got to remember it. I think what’s important about our show as well because it’s a network show. It’s hard to be as forthright with the opinion as you might be able to be on a cable network. It’s a family piece of entertainment. And ultimately we’re here to entertain. If if we can stretch away the surface of what’s really going on in the world at the same time that’s fantastic but ultimately our job is to create events.

Coby Bell (Jace Turner) :  It has fun effects a lot of zaps a lot of wounds a lot of power lacks a lot of. Stuff. Going around.

Stephen Moyer (: I think that you know the whole story actually are the only ones on the on the show with children. So he’s got four. I’ve got four. He’s got two. And so I think it’s it’s really interesting. There is. I’ve thought about this in my my two oldest kids are exactly the same age as the kids in the show. And. There’s certainly aspects of it where I would love my family to be my daughter or my son to be able to like.When they’re being bullied or persecuted by these you know by other words at school I’d love them to be able to go home with me. I think I think that’s why people relate to the show to any kind of show where the superpowers is you tapping into that thing that everyone wishes they could pick right wrongs when the time comes like you know what.

Stephen Moyer (: This is one of the questions that we ask the most and I’ve always been asked and I was asked what I was doing True Blood is if you can have a superpower, what would it be ?. You know we live in a world where that doesn’t really exist but everybody wants everybody. Everybody dreams of having a lesson to be able to do something to change. And we seem to all have a desire. To institute that change to implement that change you know to to be able to do something about things that we are powerless against.

The Gifted premieres October 2, 2017

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  1. Those 2 lame dudes were ultimately talking over a lady and shutting her up the whole interview so I don’t really believe them when they say that their show is going to focus on issues. If the creators think anymore like those two, we’re going to have a bunch of sidelined women in favour of “stronger” males.

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