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New Superhero Girls At SDCC 2017


Interviews from the roundtables on the second Super Hero Girls movie with Tara Strong

Tony Tellado: I really like what you did with Batgirl in “The Killing Joke”

Tara Strong:  I really appreciate that, you know that the Killing Joke is one of my most proudest things I worked on. I just love that film so much and I love all the emotional places we got to go with her and. Apart from the comic books , the other stuff is just so interesting .

On Batgirl having sex with Batman in “The Killing Joke”

Tara Strong:  She’s a grown woman so she’s making choices. And I didn’t think it was gratuitous. I thought of such a beautiful movie so thank you for that. And Once again you’re clear and I think that’s really pretty cool. The first point I think really kind of took people by surprise .  It’s time to empower young girls that’s for sure.

On “Superhero Girls: Brain Drain.”

Tara Strong: So for this version you know Harley and Ivy are in high school so it’s before anything bad happened so they’re actually good. And so this version is very inspiring to young girls to be strong and powerful and sensitive and friendships and caring about the planet and working together and it’s a very nice role model for the girls.

I love seeing the kids cars playing as these characters are dressing up at Halloween time, so this version is all positive. Now when we move into dark versions which I actually prefer to play Harley because she is so complicated and fun and interesting and I think people are drawn to her because she loves is as hard as she is crazy and willing to do anything for that love and I think most people will recognize that like it’s all from such a good place and you feel sorry for her that there are moments where she’s abused or treated badly. And I think people really empathize with her. And so I don’t know that she’s necessarily a role model in her actions. People want to fight alongside of her. And I think that in that sense it’s nice to sort of teach women about being there for each other. We really need our strong women to be there for each other and I love how successful Harley is. I mean I don’t know if you guys went to the Harley panel yesterday but I surprised the fans dressed up like her and then they took a picture at the end with all the people dressed as Harley and it was so much fun. It was just really fun is like this big like group hug you know and it’s just, I don’t really know. I can’t really put my finger on it. You want her to win even though she’s not always good.

I think for me it’s because when I when I am voicing a character I really become that character like in my mind I’m in her life. When we were doing the arcade game I was Arkham night when Joker dies it was Arkham City, I can’t remember.  I really cried in the studio like I was feeling that emotion for her. So for me in my portrayal of her maybe that’s why it’s translating is like I really feel like I am her and with her on this journey and hopefully the girls that are inspired her by her are inspired by that powerful side of her and not necessarily the abuse side of her .  I haven’t seen the Suicide Squad movie yet I have to see it. But in most of the stuff I’ve portrayed, there’s less abuse to her. She’s become more her own powerful woman and there was even a movie that I did for Bruce Timm. It was a really dark or if you guys saw it was more of a Chicago accent but she was more evil than the Joker and she had killed people and sewed up their faces and like she was way more powerful so I think even her character is moving away from maybe the earlier version where she was like OK I want you to like that you know this really powerful.

On Harley:

Tara Strong:  I think you’re a she’s just unadulterated Harley She’s just. She makes no you no concessions for who she is. She’s not apologetic for who she is. She’s just so much fun to play. Well in this version I prefer her more because in this version Ivy is very shy and quiet so in terms of getting your teeth into a role Harley’s more exciting and more fun. I love Poison and she’s sweet in this version but I really love playing Harley lead on a regular basis. Anyways like what I’m doing a videogame. Sometimes I get cranky because when you’re doing a series you’re playing off all the other actors so you get all the breaks. If you’re doing a video game it’s just you for four hours and there’s a lot of screaming and death noises and versions of what happens if this happens and it’s like even if you’re not yelling it’s very vocally taxing and you can actually damage your vocal chords especially if you have a director that doesn’t know what they’re doing. But if it’s Harley or even care there’s a thousand deathsounds I get so excited. She’s like my spirit animal you know. So yeah just take out all my frustrations it’s like Harley time if I’ve had a bad day and I get in that booth to have a lot of fun.

On voicing Harley in “Brain Drain”

Tara Strong:  There’s always a slight change like this when she’s younger she’s happier she’s much brighter. And then like I said that really dark version for Bruce was more realistic in acting for the videogames is a mix. Some of the video games have been more subdued real moments like there’s some scenes where she’s Harly Quinzel and then there’s some where like really crazy like for me in terms of the acting perspective it has to be based on what world we’re in and what we’re doing. And I like playing all versions I am happy to do her more subdued and I’m happy to do her kind of crazy. It’s all Harley to me and it’s all rewarding and fun.

Tony Tellado: It’s kind of like 360 of Harley Quinn

Tara Strong:  It really is. Yeah. She’s such a complex character and you’re right. There’s so many sides to her. So Lego Harley is exactly the same as superhero girls. Harley it’s the exact iteration from the series. So from an acting perspective I didn’t do anything different. For me the big difference was really seeing it. And when you watch the movie you know like they have Lego hands and like everything around them is Lego like. I think that’s why it’s such a kick out of these Lego movies like the raindrops drops to the ground,  the cars everything is a Lego piece. It’s  instant comedy and also takes you back to your childhood.  In your brain when they break something like “Oh I know how long that took to make it.” So for me acting wise this is the same as the series.

On Harley’s costumes:

Tara Strong:  I don’t love the Daisy Dukes and I don’t love the first one as much. I really love the Arkham game costumes and the Injustice costumes. I just think they’re cooler and sleeker and I don’t I’m not a big fan of like when they were like the ruffles and like the craziness like I like her more be more able to kick butt. I just really love it if you look at all the versions of you google  like Carly skins in Injustice or hardly going to win every game like I love looking at all those costumes are very intricate. It’s fun.

Tara Strong:  Sometimes you do something and then it’s an out for like a year. And it’s so funny when fans like remember this and I was sorry. The fans definitely know more than we do. It’s hard to remember everything but sometimes it seemed like oh yeah. OK.

More on Suicide Squad The Movie:

Tara Strong: So I had been negligent in seeing the movie so I can’t say for sure because I haven’t seen it. I was going to watch on the plane but I passed out. I just haven’t had a minute to sit down and watch it,  but I will but I do love Margot (Robbie) and in fact when they first announced it my fans were furious that I wasn’t Harley and I said “Guys Margo is gorgeous”. She’s an A-list celebrity and she’s a great actress.” I loved her and her other stuff so I haven’t seen this version. I don’t know enough to say but she certainly looked gorgeous.” When I  watched any clip of her I didn’t like that she didn’t do the accent, like she didn’t do the voice.

Look for Lego Superhero Girls Brain Drain on DVD

Special thanks to Gary Miereanu and San Diego Comic Con. 


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