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PODCAST: Dark Matter’s Anthony Lemke


Here is a partial transcript of the interview:

Anthony Lemke:  There’s a whole heck of a lot of reveals that I think change the direction of the show pretty fundamentally or will anyway if we get a season four. We get to find out about Two and the android and how they are linked.There’s another step forward in the Sarah story line that is thematically linked to all of that. It’s just really cool and I think you’re going to start seeing the seeds for how season 4 could be the really like the best season yet. In my mind, I’m just so excited because it kind of feels like this is the season we’ve been building towards where you know things like the corporate war and you know those are those are things that come from the outside that land on our characters. So we aren’t so tied into them. You know we maybe Six was because we really didn’t want to be a part of that. But you know we didn’t really want to be involved in that and it sort of landed on our heads. What’s coming next is tied straight into us as a team. And the themes that that each of our characters have been dealing with throughout the entire series and that’s going to ripple forward into that. I just think it really amazing. A really amazing set of stories for season four and I haven’t seen them but I know roughly what his plan is. It starts and I can see it quite a long time but people will start to see how those see you know are growing into something and that you know that that is that information (in the most recent episode.)

You know we’ve made the show we made and then out that for us just just making sure the fans know that they do have a voice and if Wynonna Earp was renewed it literally is directly because of the really loud fan voice and the fans reached out on Twitter and they were always there was always tagging at SyFy-I. They even reached me and reached out straight to to some of the folks who actually work at SyFy who are on Twitter. It’s interesting to see that they listen ,you know, they say the network does listen to their fans. The fans are vocal and our fans have been fantastic on Twitter and you know I just hope that that we can keep ,the keep the chatter up for us and Killjoys and keep it there one two three punch together on on Friday nights. I think it’s a really great line-up

His (Three’s) version of morality which is, “I’ve got a team of people and they come first and that’s it. That’s all that matters.” There’s not more than that there. There isn’t a morality you need to portray outside of that or convey outside of that. The it stops at my family and my family at the Raza  and Sarah and you know very few people outside. So that’s interesting.

On Three:

I’m a character who who is actually comfortable withbeing a bad guy who’s OK with that. Those were people who raised him. That was his morality. Those were that the world he went in and then he was OK with that. The question then really is is he OK with it now moving forward in it. And it seems to me that it is sort of circle of carer is expanding. And we’ll see where that goes in season four.

On The Time Travel episode:

I think it’s a really beautiful fun episode and that moment on the bench with Two and you wait all season to be able to play a little moment like that and it’s a throwaway you know whatever it was it could have been much more than 10 lines between us but it was just really impactful and simple scene between two people who obviously care a lot for each other. You know even though they’re not in a romantic relationship even you know in season one whenever they dallied a bit but it didn’t feel like they actually cared about each other but now it feels like there is a real tenderness between the two of them. The tenderness that comes from being really caring not for actual sexual kind of way like I want to sleep you and whatever which was in season one but it feels like we’re a family. And you sit down there and it’s like chatting with your sister or something. You’re not. I love that scene. I just thought it was so beautiful and so simple and kind of represents everything that you know the choices that these guys have made have certain consequence and Three is fine with that. Interesting because the thing that she’s craving is the way he grew up. It is hard to know really how much of him inside was like to “Do and to stay down the planet.”  And if Sarah there didn’t exist. It’s hard to know whether that scene would have been different. Sarah’s his world is paying the planet not an option. And let’s get back to a reality where Sarah can be something more than what she is. And those moments we fight hard for the moments. it’s something that that as actors we just love and love. You love to play because the truth is it is a bonding moment when the audience is feeling you’re actually living like you know whether that scene or any of you had scene any other characters or replayed a lot of those scenes with Five , a few with Six , plays some, and done much with Four as has done with the android. The truth is we’ve all bonded with these bonding moments. But particularly for Three because he spent so much of his time closed off , being apart. And saying the unpopular thing and everyone was against him. To have those moments where he’s so clearly bonding with other characters is really special and fun.

Dark Matter airs on SyFy. Special thanks to Torchwood PR




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