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The Magicians Season Three At SDCC 2017

Jason Ralph: Yes I destroyed magic.

COMIC-CON INTERNATIONAL: SAN DIEGO — “The Magicians Panel” — Pictured: (l-r) Jason Ralph, Stella Maeve — (Photo by: Matt Winkelmeyer/SYFY)

Question: So are you guys going to deal with the parents now getting upset ?

Jason Ralph: I don’t know. We’ll see what further repercussions come from this like I can’t imagine that it just stops with them ending magic. I eventually need to disrupt the lives of the old gods.  That that comes with a lot of punishment.

Stella Maeve: I think we’re in for a crazy season.There’s probably going to be a lot of turmoil.

Question: I would love to see Julia finally be a demigod.

Jason Ralph: We’ve kind of know that’s where it’s headed in the books. So when we pick up on that who knows ?

Stella Maeve: At the start of the season, we’re together (Julia and Quentin) .We’ve started shooting two episodes and that’s exciting because normally we’re separate.

Jason Ralph:  Yeah we actually have common interests this season which is something I think we’ve kind of been at odds a lot of the time or at least what we were released at different times .We both wanted different things but now we’re both pursuing the same goal which is exciting and nice to work together. Also looks really like working with Stella as an actor and we kind of got to establish the series in the pilot together with some of the first stuff we shot.I really like working with Stella like I was an actor and we kind of got to establish the series in the pilot together with some of the first stuff we shot.So it’s just really nice to get back to basics.

Stella Maeve: It kind of feels authentic. We became friends and then separated for two years. We didn’t really work together and now we’re like back together as friends.It’s really nice to explore that.

Tony Tellado: One of the strangest things was that Quintin took a shower with Alice but she was not really Alice.

Jason Ralph: That was one of my favorite episodes to shoot. I love kind the choice that Quintin makes to give magic up. And just like to put him in a completely different context, to pluck him out of this world that we’ve established so early in the film right in the muggle world. And to have just the opportunity to have a quiet simple like a little like love story., a first hook-up story It was a it was like a real pleasure to do.

On Acting with special effects:

Jason Ralph: That’s like what happens on these kinds of shows a lot of people end up acting against tennis balls and green screens a lot but we really have a fantastic crew that creates these  sets and these environments that like when you make magic , the sets shift, the environment shifts,  the lights move and the air changes. The only green scree we did last season was the dragon.And it was literally acting to an X on the wall. We all had the flu and I was high on Dayquil just like trying to get through it. And like Olivia just happened to be there that day. She read the voice of the Dragon for us. It’s not how it ended up being in this show but it was really helpful for us because like we were just hanging on by a thread. And so like anything that we could get that life felt normal..

I feel like. In the second season Quinton learned a lot about who he is and what he wants and shed had a lot of that weird adolescence stuff. In this series of mournings that he had for Alice you had to do for hours. And in his pursuit of her and for her.That has become addicting the idea of a journey and like moving forward and forward momentum and there’s fear in sitting still because then you’re forced to self-reflect. And so I think a lot of this season is about him forging forward. With it because it would be terrifying to look backwards.

Special thanks to the SyFy Channel and San Diego Comic Con.


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