Starship Troopers Traitor Of Mars

Ed Neumeier:  One of the things that I wanted to do was I always want Casper Van Dien to be Johnny Rico , and that was actually one of my “I said I’ll do it if we get Casper to voice it.” And I also wanted to bring Dina Meyer back because I had a way to bring her back that I thought was interesting ,it wasn’t a cheat. And so that was part of the inspiration of it and I think the other issue that in terms of commentary was just sort of talking about how you know at least in this world of Starship Troopers world, how decisions are made and how maybe the wrong decisions can get made or there might be personality problems or corruption at the top. What do you do about that ?  Just to to suggest to the viewers who might be quite young in this one you know you should question authority, you don’t always trust them. I like my I really like the hero , Johnny Rico because he really is kind of above all of that. He doesn’t even always know what’s going on when he does the right thing and somehow that takes him through the world for the moment. Yeah he’s 20 years older. Actually we keep it in time from the first movie.

So the battle of Klendathu  was 20 years ago. And it’s interesting because I’ve known Casper ever since then and he’s is Johnny, he’s one of the easier characters for me to write for. I always know what he’s going to do and we have a lot of fun and he’ll read the script “you’ve got oh my god, I can’t believe you did that”. I wanted to bring Dina back because I felt regret that she died. I think after Starship Troopers and really after Robocop,  I thought I had to stop killing off all these good characters because you know you might want to have them back again. The character Dizzy Flores dies in the first one and that is what happened to her. She doesn’t come back to life magically but she does come back for this movie.

It’s animation and it was animated so that Japanese animation that was done in Japan. So I actually saw a couple sketches and I knew the director Shinji Aramaki is really good at what he does so I already had a great deal of faith in him. I think he actually out did himself with less money than before.

I think this movie actually looks a lot better but in a weird way I wrote a script and seven months later I saw a movie. Normally with a live action movie or one that I’ve been involved, it’s just you’re trudging for sometimes a couple of years and then you see the movie, “Oh it’s a lot easier”

You do think “Oh, I can do anything. And there are things you can say, “I want this to happen” and it can. But then if you say “I want 400 bugs and I want this” and they’re going on we don’t have the money for those. There are still resources and you don’t have that many assets and you know it’s funny I was saying the other day and the director who speaks English better than he once you know when I said “You’re still working with budget and you still have resources and problems” and he was like “Oh yeah”.So it’s the same. I mean making movies is always that way

On Robocop:

Now it’s 30 years. I just think “Wow I don’t know how that happened because it’s it’s it’s a miracle.” I’ll tell you how it happened. The trick is to work with a genius like Paul Verhoeven and you have a producer who also a genius Jon Davison. It helps if they like your script but without those guys it wouldn’t happen. It’s sort of again the power of Robocop is greater than the sum of all of its parts. And I think that’s I don’t know how that happened. Everybody who worked on it kind of got the right ,not everybody who worked on it got it, the right people got it and they were of the same mind. I know that Paul and Jon and I all thought of this as a satire before it was you know a action you know thing for eight year olds but it still you know worked out that way.

I don’t know I’m writing a couple of things right now and working with my old partner from Robocop, Mike Minor on one and we’ll see what comes together next. Maybe though maybe we’ll do another one of these.

I feel kind of like you know they always come to you and they say well we don’t have as much money as before. To me it’s a it’s really fun. I like these characters. I like the situation. What they do. They don’t give as much money but they let you do anything you want to do. And I really enjoyed working with Casper. So we have this kind of interesting actor-writer relationship. And so it’s it’s it’s almost like the ideas come a little easier on this one. So yeah I would do another one. We have an interesting relationship that way. I would love to do something else. Anything. We were kind of thinking what is a character we can do that will last another 20 years.

Special thanks to Sony Pictures and MPRM Public Relations.

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