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Nick Antosca – Channel Zero – No End House – Week One


Excerpts from my questions from a press conference with Nick Antosca creator of Channel Zero: No End House

Tony Tellado: Hi, Nick, how are you? Great to talk to you again. Excited for No-End House. I was out of the country, so I missed Episode 1, but I’m going to catch up, certainly, this week. Talk about the casting of Amy Forsyth, and how that came to be.

Nick Antosca: The casting of Margot is obviously crucial because that character carries the whole season, so we needed somebody who had that kind of emotional vulnerability, and that’s hard to find in a young actor. So, we saw hundreds of people.I had actually seen Amy audition for something else – another movie entirely that a friend was working on. And so I told our casting director make sure you call her in. See if she’s available.And when Steven and I saw her audition, we knew immediately that she was the person that we wanted. So, we got her from the very beginning. She was the only person we ever sent the network.Then we chemistry-tested her with a bunch of other cast, including Jeff Ward and Aisha Dee, and she was just able to do everything that we needed. She was the perfect person for Margot.

Tony Tellado: Very cool. And getting Steven to direct, I mean, he doesn’t have an extensive credit, but what led him to get the job?

Nick Antosca: His film, Uncle John. When I look for directors for every season, I’m not specifically looking for horror directors. I’m looking for talented new voices who have a strong directorial vision, and who can do character and psychology as the specs. If they can do that, I know that they can do the stuff we need to tell our horror story, because it’s a psychological suspense story, and because it’s so character-based.Steven’s film is visually strong. It has great young characters and great older characters, which we needed for this story, and then when I met him, he had the right temperament and personality.I’m looking for something specific, which is a collaborative auteur. And it has to be somebody who has a strong vision and a great creative sensibility but also is super-collaborative and willing – excited to take the vision that we already have in the scripts, and then take it further.

Tony Tellado:   I wanted to ask you if this is intentional, or maybe that you’re kind of developing the look for the — like the Tooth Creature in, you know, in (tracking) in the first episode, the first (fury). And now, like the Gatekeeper. Would say there’s like a Channel Zero kind of look that you’re trying almost to unify the universe in your quote/unquote creatures?

Nick Antosca: I would say there are visual themes that will repeat throughout the season. That said, each season will have a distinctive cinematic style that differs from every other season.So, there will be stylistic touches you see, and little Easter Eggs connecting the seasons, but if you’re familiar with Channel Zero, and you were to turn on one minute of every season, you would always be able to tell which season it is.

Tony Tellado: Oh. Very cool.

Nick Antosca:  However, we do have many of the same artists working on each season. For instance, Francois Diganee, who created the Tooth Child also worked on the other seasons of Channel Zero.Sarah Sitkin, who created the sculptures, who created the flesh memories, and created the embryo that Jules sees, she’s consulting on the third season. Many of our artists and crew stay the same.

Tony Tellado: That’s cool. Now, you, obviously, have a set idea for 3, and I guess maybe something for 4. Are you going to do it the same way as you did do it the first two series? Like shoot them back-to-back kind of thing?

Nick Antosca: No, because we already shot the third season. We couldn’t shoot the fourth season right after it because we’d be going into Winnipeg winter. Which would be a subhuman experience.If you were to shoot in Winnipeg in the winter, you’d have to do it entirely on stages, or almost entirely on stages. So, we decided to hold off until we can shoot outdoors again.

Tony Tellado: Is there a definite idea for 4?

Nick Antosca: Yes.

Tony Tellado: Oh, cool.

Nick Antosca: We have a story, and we’re back in the Writers’ Room.

Tony Tellado: Very cool. Yes, I’m looking forward to this one. I remember when we talked last year, you were pretty excited as they began shooting this one. We were still talking about, you know, the previous one, so I’m looking forward to it.

Nick Antosca: I’m very proud of the work that we did. I’m excited for you to see it.

Tony Tellado: Cool.

More to Come. Special thanks to The SyFy Channel


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