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DC Original Movies 10th Anniversary At NYCC


Interviews from the roundtables at NYCC 2017 to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of The 30 DC Animated Features now comi8ng out in cool box set

Interviews from the roundtables at NYCC 2017 to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of The 30 DC Animated Features

Bruce W. Timm:  I think there’s constantly there’s always going to be a mix of both original stories and adaptations. We’re  constantly looking at things that pre-existence of yet what are the fans what do they really want to see. We’re personally talking amongst ourselves and say oh yeah you know we haven’t done yet or here’s a character that we haven’t really focused on yet that we could do in terms of a Justice League movie or a Batman movie or you know whatever. So I think there’s going to be a mix of both original stories and adaptations. In terms of alternate universe type stuff the only thing that. I can confirm is it’s already been announced as Batman Gotham by Gaslight which is the original Elseworlds story. I think a lot depends on how that one does sales wise. Honestly Gods and Monsters did OK.It wasn’t great. So nobody’s banging down the door to see Gods and Monsters. You know I get a lot of interest from fans. Fans seem to really like it but. Not with their check.  But Gods and Monsters is really exciting for us too to be able to do a different genre to do more of a horror movie -slash. Period piece thing. Yeah it was it was it was it was it was a lot of fun to try out different shades you know getting to use Batman but different shades of Batman so. So hopefully that might be something along those lines again. Vote with your with your paycheck or with your with your you know your 1 click button.

Alan Burnett:  I really like was just a recent small movie small personal story it was under the hood and it was just very beautifully told. When I saw it at Comic-Con on the larger screens . I actually Had a second show and I actually just stayed in my seat and watched it again. Lots of people just want to see it go because it was so beautifully directed. And that’s what makes it So. But I like them all To various degrees. I think they’re all I think it’s amazing. I mean I can’t believe that we’ve done 30 and then you know there’s more in the pipeline. It’s like the other half dozen. I’m involved with five and now retired. So they’re in other people’s hands. But it’s. It’s great. And for me it was doubly great because I’ve worked on a lot of series. I’ve worked on. 15 series. Some of them were eighty five episodes some of them were mini. But I did not beat that grind and of course when this came along they were willing to do it. And you’re dealing with different stories every couple of months with great new characters. It was just it was it was a godsend. It’s hard to believe I was on it for nearly two years but I was.

James Tucker:  Well for me it’s been five or first one it’s been four or not. You know you Bruce get the ball rolling I just jumped in and did it. Dark Justice is one of my favorites. Getting Matt Ryan to do it was also too much to see him again. The movie did well. So you know there’s chances are I will do another one. And he’s doing a CW thing now. So he’s. He loves being Constantine. Yeah but he’s it’s great to go out on the film. It’s hard because I’ve done in-continuity titles and of those I’d probably love Justice League Dark. But I think Judas Contract was the harder nut to crack because that’s something fans have wanted for a long time. And it was hard. It was a difficult story to break. And I think we did a we did justice to it. So you know other than that my other favorite went Flashpoint Paradox was the first one. Assault On Arkham was probably a bigger surprise for me. And I think I had more fun watching that with an audience. Just because it was you know we were following up in a videogame. And I just think that’s really a lot of fun.

James Krieg: I think we’re going strong and you’d be there. People ask why are you almost out. And it’s like no we’re not out one. There are so many great stories that you already know that you want to see that hopefully we’re going to get to but the other surprise. Is eminently. DC keeps making comic books every single month. So you know. And sometimes you know this is really good. And I’d like to see this as a movie. And if you wait. Three and a half years that might happen. What’s top of the list of the storylines ? I can’t say because I’m actually in a position that those might come true. And so every few weeks we have a meeting and everybody brings what they want to do and and something rises to the top and mine get shot down. But what the story will never see the light that. You know never say never because there are other ones that we said we’d never do that we’re going Well you know what happens is you think. That graphic novel wasn’t as good as I remember so I don’t want to do it. But then somebody comes with an idea like a take on it that makes you go Oh that would make it really cool and it would stay you know if you’re faithful with the other.

Vanessa Marshall:  Well in Young Justice Black Canary was a teacher. So that’s an interesting area of her personality that I found interesting she was sort of like a mentor to the young the superheroes. Which was which was really cool. And one of them I guess she lives by example and teaches people through her actions. But she’s not necessarily coaching teams. And obviously their superpowers are quite different. Black Canary scream versus you know in Wonder Woman , we got the airplane the bracelets and  , the lasso. So a lot going on. And her general might be a but in the sense that they’re both really strong female role models and great iconic characters. They’re they’re pretty similar but the different nuances. And of course what the story’s focused on and like I said for Crisis On Two Earths and and Flashpoint Paradox. It’s a very different Wonder Woman So that was an interesting twist on her. I suppose I just try and locate the best parts of my personality that apply to those qualities within the character and the within the circumstances. Are presented in the script of course they’re both quite different and just try to be as honest and focused and available energetically as I can in the moment and hope. The stories are so different I think it is easier to differentiate. But Wonder Woman and Black Canary they’re all sort of in my natural voice range so I rely on the specificity of acting choices to create the nuance that makes them sound different rather than affecting a sound that sounds different.

Jason O’Mara: I think I think the the trilogy you know son of Batman and versus Robin and Batman Bad Blood was really where I got a chance to sort of make about more of my own storyline.You know we got a sense of what this version of Batman was.And there aren’t many movies that really serialized the story like that because these are movies not TV shows. This was a real proper trilogy of animated feature. So. If I had to pick a movie out of that trilogy I’d probably say Son Of Batman only because it was my first shot at a standalone Batman movie which is kind of a thrill you know with his name on the poster. Yeah but at the same time I think that the the movies got better I think they got more entertaining as they went along. You know some of them were like establishing the world. Batman Versus Robin where it was kind of like the Empire Strikes Back of the trilogy. But then Batman Bad Blood, I thought was probably the most entertaining overall. You know having watched each one with a live audience that was the feedback I got. I don’t know if I’m right around that.

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