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Liam Cunningham Enters World Of Philip K Dick

NYCC 2017

The Game Of Thrones actor will star in Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams running on Amazon working with Bryan Cranston in the episode, Human Is.

Liam Cunningham (On Game Of Thrones Season Seven) : We did a couple of jokes this year as well. We got a bit of light hearted stuff in there and you know the stuff inside us and all that for the last few years. Slightless about a character being called whatever it was all kind of rather serious but he’s a younger man who doesn’t want to be king. Finds himself on his feet so you can kind of have a bit of a bit of a laugh laugh with him even in this even though this War is coming. You can still you can still manage to have a sense of humor about all that. That is a brilliant that sort of stuff. They got a black sense of humor and they squeeze it in as often as they can escape and really enjoy the a great good season last year. I really enjoyed as an actor one of the things you know you can sit there all you like “What what are you gonna do big movies ? “…and blah blah that’s  all that bullshit. But all you can kind of hope for. Is the company that you keep.  And you’d like to see yourself in the company of people that you respect.


Mr. Cranston has brought me my family years and years and years from what my my kids were small Malcolm In The middle to Breaking Bad and or whatever. My kids have grown up with Mr. Cranston. And when he’s on set , he’s everything you wish for. He’s just completely professional, completely passionate. His attention to detail. He’s has a childlike passion for what he’s doing. He’s been in the game a long time. And he’s just kind of go look to see if  there’s hope for may have this guy,  hasn’t been spoiled by success, hasn’t sat on those laurels. And loves telling the stories. And as he said the most important thing is that is the characterization of the character that you’re watching , the story is good then the characters are going will follow because you’ll have an empathy.  You see that it’s just luminous. Essie Davis is fantastic in the show. I mean I play the boss and it’s very much the emotional journey of the whole thing as it is their marriage. And so we kind of play the ball as I put them in harm’s way and put them in a bit of trouble when he gets back.

Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams Episode 109 “Human Is”

So he’s not a bad guy but I’m a general and I want things done properly. But Brian’s characterization is absolutely fantastic. And he’s got he’s got a real shift of character. It’s Shakespearean what he’s doing especially towards the end of it it’s really really beautiful. She’s got some gorgeous words to say . And it’s science fiction and it’s Philip K. Dick and it’s you know you’re just going to go you’re going to like I hopped out of the bed in the morning. Now there was no difficulty tearing myself off of my pillow when I was working on this. It was really lovely.

Game of Thrones was more or less what I did all the time. Hit the ground running to do a job maybe a movie for three months and then was unemployed and I had my nails bitten down to the quake. So to actually have a run of, what is it now seven years now or whatever I’ve had on this. The tax man is not kicking down my door.And I’ve actually got a couple of quid in the bank for the first time which is which is about to stop when this fucking season ends.

The security aspect was really nice. But I mean artistically the other side got involved in the television program and that became a cultural phenomenon. You just won as an as an actor if  you love acting, it’s always about the words .Beautiful words to say that they try and trip me up with speeches. They they kind of they got the measure of me as an actor and they try. I don’t think “Oh man, you’re kidding me.” They don’t know I’m going to be working for hours in the hotel room on my own looking like a mad person trying to get the rhythms of speeches. They bring me to the gym. I love it it’s almost there’s almost some of the stuff is a puzzle that needs working. Lots of repetition. Being alone and with learned pots of coffee and it’s great. It’s just it’s like a very very difficult crossword puzzle that I’d love doing. And then we get to do it in front of the camera with all the fabulous actors.It’s fantastic.

My rule is incredibly simple. The greatest moment is hearing what used to be the script hitting hitting the carpet in my hall.And it’s it’s it’s awful it’s you know obviously a lot of stuff is kind of mediocre and it’s not real and not everything  is like A Game Of Thrones. And you open it up and the disappointment is horrific. But when  open an email or whatever and you start getting into it. I mean that’s the bit that you’re counting internally you’re just screaming for I don’t care whether . It’s a ten minute short film from a film student or it’s Spielberg,  Fellini or whoever it is. I’ve turned down jobs for people that I wanted to work with because the script wasn’t good enough, I didn’t think it was recoverable. The story was in wasn’t good enough. That I felt it wasn’t kind of fixable. So yeah my agent had to pull her hair out of her head many times when I’ve come now to big projects.

On Electric Dreams: I can only see something in this that maybe they haven’t seen or are have a thought about it. And then I’ll sit down and talk. “Is this what you want to do with this” . And then you know throw it a couple of ideas. And just see if we’re all singing from the same hymn book you know the same song with them . I was supporting a wonderful Philip K. Dick idea where I thought we were facilitating the writer’s ideas from what I saw on the page. I loved how he (Bryan Cranston) drives his character . And I loved where it went on and on. It makes it short even for a moment to make make you examine yourself as where you are in the world where you are what it means to be human. And it may be a brief moment it may be cathartic for some people it may be whatever it may be ,but it’s It’s a kind of honorable pursuit.



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