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The Orville’s Palicki And Grimes

NYCC 2017

Adrianne Palicki who is Kelly Grayson and Scott Grimes who is Gordon Malloy on The Orville sat down with to chat about this new space dramedy

Adrianne Palicki:  I mean it’s a hard character to come into it because you know you meet her cheating on him and she’s reading that is because you know it’s an awesome challenge but  I think by the first episode the audience kind of warms to hery and you will see it there’s love there and there’s just such a great love between these two people that I think getting people and hopefully the fans are rooting for that level to see where it goes because I think it will be that you know, will they  ? or won’t they ?. Throughout seasons If we have seen them we will. I think Kelly is warm herself now. And you know I think she came in a little bit of like nervousness in the sense that people know that there’s information in writing.Anything that she’s fighting or her had taking charge the way that she said it. I have hope.

Scott Grimes: I don’t have a zero problem with just playing the sidekick. I love being the best friend who drives the ship well and says something funny once in a while. It’s just friendly with everybody. I don’t really like to delve into Gordon’s past. But You know what makes him want to dream come on the ship. I love playing Gordon wherever they think that should go. You know I’m a guy that’s funny or character is funny is always endearing to people so you know that’s half the battle for me. So I’m fine.

THE ORVILLE: Scott Grimes as Gordon in the new space adventure series THE ORVILLE from the creator of “Family Guy.” The first part of the special two-part series premiere of THE ORVILLE will air Sunday, Sept. 10 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT), immediately following the NFL ON FOX Doubleheader. ©2017 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Noah Schutz/FOX

But that bridge you put eight people on that bridge for a three page scene. Oh man !  Seven hour, eight hours…look at me and say something  cut and then set the look in her and say something cut …so you got to cover it all. That was surprising the amount of time it goes into shooting on that bridge.

Adrienne Palicki: My favorite time because it’s one of these rare times all together with the cast it’s great. And we actually genuinely love each other. You get really tired of having fun.

Scott Grimes: You’ve got to remember this is about a year and a half ago I was approached by Seth (MacFarlane) at a party. We were outside having a drink and he said “Hey Scott you want to do television again ? ”  I said “Yeah”. So. About four months later we were to another party I was saying to Seth” Would you ever want to be involved in something like that ? “Yes” The network comes in and says we want this first show. And God bless him for remembering me.  I think he be wrote Gordon  basically for me. And that’s rare because I probably wouldn’t have gotten that part. You know we did go in and do like a little audition together to make the network to make sure that we had some chemistry as buddies. But it’s testament to who he is as a person, that it doesn’t happen in the industry. So I’ve seen this thing go . He collected this group of people together who already knew him. J. Lee who plays John Lt John knows him. He was a fan of Penny Johnson, so it was already a group that was supposed to get along.

THE ORVILLE: Adrianne Palicki as Kelly Grayson in the new space adventure series THE ORVILLE from the creator of “Family Guy.” The first part of the special two-part series premiere of THE ORVILLE will air Sunday, Sept. 10 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT), immediately following the NFL ON FOX Doubleheader. ©2017 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Noah Schutz/FOX

I did an episode of Dexter and they taped to me to a table. It was a 15 minute process to get me a taped to this table. That changed about the way I felt about control. Howard Berger who does all the makeup was so kind and so beautiful with this. That he would cut a hole in the back and kind of rub my head to make it feel like I’m still me. It was not easy. It was hot and sticky and we were in that stuff for you know 18 hours at one point. But I did it and I feel really good that I went through that challenge in the episode. I think I haven’t seen it but you had such a good time doing it. So. It was one of the hardest things to do. You know I think it’s because I did the voice thing was a new thing for me . I had to change because you got to talk a little more energetic and exaggerated a bit. You know with a voice you’ve got to make it funny. It has to be your voice. This you can do movements. I think it’s easier. I was happy to be back right.

The comedy comes out of realistic aspects of this show is grounded in reality. I mean yes we’re doing a space show but we could be on a cruise ship Because at the end of the day these are all real people having real experience. You know it’s you know it’s it’s fun having all those layers. I. That’s what makes it real life.

You give me a take by the take and I’m as exaggerated as you want. And then Seth would come in. “You’re getting a little too big”. We do want to keep the show. We don’t want to. It’s not like I said we don’t want to be an airport we’re not doing airplane here.  I mean there’s been jokes from like how am I going to say this. People are dying in front of me in explosions and I have to turn and say something goofy. And that has been the toughest thing to figure out how to do that without taking the audience completely out of the drama and the.mistakes that are happening. I don’t know if we have done it. It’s all really well written that’s the thing. Now why change ?


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