PODCAST: Bruce Campbell On Ash Being A Dad

So does that make this season like you know more challenging than ever for you ?

Bruce Campbell:  Yeah. I have a daughter. That. She looks like my daughter. Really. Yes. And we had scenes that were actually surprisingly difficult to do because a couple of times I couldn’t get through them. Because it got kind of real because evil is like the mafia. They can’t get to Ash so they’re going to get to his family. So she’s in grave danger from the second she appears until the end of the season. So he’s more vulnerable to that.

Can tell you once he accepts the fact he’s a father?

Ash Vs. Evil Dead – HollywoodLife Exclusive Photos

Bruce Campbell:  Now it’s like holy shit. I have to protect her. She’s job one. You know you have a lot of times that I should be like :Hey I’d love to stay but you know I’ve got a daughter “.

Tony Tellado: Henrietta returned. Are there any other beasties coming ?

Bruce Campbell:  Who’s left ? I think we’ve sort of screwed the pooch on that. I know if Season 4 comes about everything will be very different in every way you can imagine.  To some degree but there’s no point to get a bunch of writers in a room if you can’t pay them.  So yeah we have a clue. But it’ll be radically different.

This was pretty big. This satisfied me for the whole season. You know because with scenes with her or with someone who’s actually like my real life daughter. It’s like scenes you’ve never done before that Ash has never done this before. So it’s all new and that’s what keeps actors interested as they (writers) keep evolving that character. We have to you can’t stall in television. You make a movie. Characters can be two dimensional and snarky. You do a TV show you’re investing. You’ve got to invest in this person. You want them to come back every week. You have to have different criteria. There’s going to be a different step to that character and the show has to grow and evolve. So that’s we’re hoping in Season 3 to grow it.

Bruce Campbell:  New characters ,like a little more of the Joseph Campbell myth thing is going to come out. Ash wants to know too. Why the hell me ? Why is it me ? We also get to see Ash kind of get to his breaking point. This the point where he maybe he can’t do it anymore. So is this good stuff.

Did you ever have concerns that maybe you couldn’t do this on a weekly basis ?

Bruce Campbell: You know it was only the physical concern that it was just that not the mental concerns that I think we could have fun with and make them work. Just doing the actual job playing as it gets harder every year. You know so we should kill him pretty soon. Yeah I think in a larger scope this year 2017 has been a peak year for horror with like that out has it’s very successful it was kicking ass.

How does that make you feel ?

Bruce Campbell: Well I love it. These are our brothers. The Walking Dead does well, I’m not jealous and happy for the genre. They brought it out of the darkness. You know they made it mainstream. We all owe a big debt to The Walking Dead. So these are my brothers the guys  like  Greg Nicotero. So everybody is sort of intertwined and look at the end of the day it’s just another genre. And that’s what I think people realize that. Same with the superhero movies. It’ll eventually fall off his little perch. I guarantee you have three or four bombs in a row with those spandex movies are going to go bye. They will become another standard genre .

I think the original Spider-Man really jumpstarted it and Sam Raimi did a really good job regardless of what the group thinks of which one was best,  but really solidified that so or is just another genre. Now when I first started out here horroe was about one rung above porn. It was looked down upon. You were either starting your career or you were ending it in horror. Now its ok .

Ash is kind of be a superhero because while I look great the icons are typically monsters they’re not typically heroes. That’s right. That’s what makes us unique in the horror universe. There are very few series that have the good guys to lead you.It’s always the killer. Yeah maybe that’s why we stand out.

The themes that have you know made him successful in films. Are they the same themes same things now ?

Ash Vs. Evil Dead – HollywoodLife Exclusive Photos

Bruce Campbell: Because he’s you know he’s you fighting monsters. It’s your neighbor. Ash has no special skills. We got a note from Starz that Ash improperly went in front of a guy’s face and shoot something and we’re like that’s a dumb no. I have never had any gun handling change. It’s just silly. He’s not in the military he never was. Another reason why people can’t relate because he’s not a superhero. He doesn’t come from another planet. He’s way mortal. He’s a flawed mortal. I love how flawed he is. Well that’s the beauty of television. At the end of season three you still got 15 hours you know 15 hours.I we did movies you’d get a hour and a half or we’d spit out a couple of them. If you want to product men go to TV. So we were just grateful that people have accepted the show. They didn’t have to . Campbell’s too old and out of shape. This is just not going to happen. We’re not interested in this anymore. To me it actually has made it more interesting to me because he’s not able to do the job anymore.  I mean he drinks, smokes, does  angel dust. He’s got lots of bad habits and this is the guy who has to save the world. I think that’s fantastic. It’s just an old geezer now trying to save the world. I love that.

Tony Tellado: What about directing an episode ?

Bruce Campbell:  I try not to get involved in the directing side of it. I’ve been on the producing side. I think it’s more fun just to torment the directors that come through there and finish this season.

Is there any particular stunt you should look for that you know is especially harrowing for you or anything like that ?

Bruce Campbell: Anything not tear a hamstring like last year. I didn’t tear one this year so that was better physically. This is the hardest work.  Harness workss kind of sucks in general because you can’t breathe. You know feel like you’re in a horse of which you are now in just general discomfort ? Yeah fake blood still tastes like shit. The taste does not really change. What has a lot better is the delivery system. Like you can swap out of nozzles and the guys will take us outside if we have a thing coming up. We’ll go outside the stage. And put the nozzles on and they have an outline of a human to see what it’ll do. See, we want to see the spread. Like am I going to get a tight shot of the face or is it more of a shotgun. Shit that’s a lot of blood. So you can get yourself ready. You know it’s coming. So try try not to flinch when a guy is like right in front of you.

Special thanks to Starz And New York Comic Con . Photos are from Hollywood Life.


Bruce talks about Ash being a dad as season three of Ash Vs The Evil Dead starts season three. He also reflects on this unsual horror icon from NYCC roundtables. Please note that this is uncensored and rated explicit for language.


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