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David And Gillian: The X-Files Live


David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson reprise their iconic roles. Has the world caught up to Fox Mulder ?

So David what’s been the biggest surprise about returning to the world of The X-Files ?

David Duchovny : After a break like that I’m surprised. I think what’s interesting to me is to think about how how the world is kind of caught up to Mulder’s conception of the world. You know this was a guy who was telling us our government was lying to us in 93 and Just a few people believed in it. So it’s an interesting proposition to take this guy into a world that is maybe more receptive to his way of thinking. Here’s where I think I got it because I think a lot of what makes this show such an underdog. I’m not sure if it’s a different proposition.

Are you encouraged by that ?

David Duchovny: No I mean it’s not really it doesn’t really factor into an actor’s consciousness. I’ll say , “You know if you want me to kick ass” in a couple episodes and risk me hurting myself. “Yeah let’s do it because we only got 10”. You know if it’s 24 we like to maybe take it easy. Nothing in terms of like mental or spiritual growth but maybe physically I’m more like I’m more down for some some bad ass action and fighting . So right now I mean there may be in the back of my mind but that’s not really fair.

You know it’s like I can’t all of a sudden say, “Hey guys, I want purple hair”. I mean he is who he is. The show is what it is. And my job as the guy who plays this guy is just going to make sure it’s as believable as sometimes funny, sometimes scary ,is and as real as it can be and not. Cater to my own whims as an actor who wants to be seen in one way or another so I show up with a “Hey he’s got a French accent.”

I never I never thought I remember agreeing to do the pilot and thinking you know I don’t really want to do television. So you know life career happens. Way busy making other plans whatever the John Lennon quote is so but having said that I have no regrets and nothing but at this point gratitude for being able to, you know,  not only the work not only is the work itself on this show gratifying but it’s enabled me you know to have that I don’t think I would have had. I mean who knows what kind of havoc you don’t have unless you do the show.

You really can’t see what’s happening in an alternate universe. I thought you know I remember talking with my manager at the time and saying you know this is a show about aliens. “So let’s do the pilot and then I won’t have to do any TV because nobody’s going to want to watch this”. It will be a good pilot but never catch on. That’s why I’m an actor in America.

Was there anything from the run that you did last year and in the episodes. What’s your favorite ?

David DuchovnyMulder is often foolish but in Darin’s (Morgan)  episodes he’s a real imbecile and I find it really interesting to try to play this somewhat heroic character as an imbecile. I think in for the opportunity to deflate the show every now and then. And he’s just a smart writer.  As such a good writer, you know his his episodes exist in in another universe and then.

You know it’s interesting to think about it in terms of the Internet you know because back in 93 even until 2000 problem and they stopped the run of the show or 2002 or whatever. You know this Mulder was getting his information from you know blogs and newspapers that now you know now that kind of information false and true is open to most everyone. So it is an interesting.

You know I think I think there are interesting questions to be asked about how you play a character years later for how the world is changed to either catch up to the character or make that character obsolete or whatever. But I think ultimately what makes a show or any drama or any piece of entertainment enduring is is actually something that never changes which is our humanity or our capacity to wonder in what capacity to imagine. So I think that that’s what the show was always about. So those are actually superficial things and what the show is actually about. And to me what makes them do what makes any work of art it is a human hopes it makes every day.

Gillian Anderson:  (On Media doing David Bowie On American Gods) Challenging. Research. It was the first time I think that I in doing those those characters that I had the conundrum of deciding how much of this is the character how much of appropriate is is it appropriate to try and emulate the real person and at what point does the actual character of Media step in and what the balance is. It was it was actually harder than I thought.

(On This new X-Files 10 epiosodes) : I guess the biggest surprise this is how much fun it can be. We’ve had a lot of fun. We’re halfway through it accurately. And it feels like the hours have been kinder to us this year. We haven’t been pulling many 17 hour days which we used to do all the time. And so as an older person that’s quite nice. Anyway so it feels like we are delivering everything that is expected of us to deliver it but it feels more. There’s still some change. Well certainly you know us as a show being so much of the at the beginning of this type of TV whether there was so much money put into the cinematography and there was an intention to you know it felt very filmic from the very beginning to introducing something. That was so addictive that people had to come back every single weekend and watch it on on mass with families. So you know we were very much at the beginning of addiction. With streaming et cetera has become ,you know,  has become a way of life. There’s a lot of things that we have always done which doesn’t seem to be picked up on by other shows is the fact that we have you know, all of our episodes are quite different. There were three different types of episodes that we do. We do the anthology episodes and comedic episodes, we do the monster of the week episodes. And somehow we were able to sell that in the way that the audience accepted as being part of our world in our reality. And I think that’s an element of it that fans have come to appreciate within the genre. And this is how it feels on the one hand quite unique to what it is that we do and different from the genre as it has continued on television. Going forward. That makes any sense for fans.

Was there anything much to change Scully ?

Gillian Anderson: Really I mean I think one of the biggest questions for me as an actor is coming back to something. After so much time you know is the is the fact that I don’t look a lot like the the young Sculley, my face is much more angular. Obviously a few decades. So if that’s the case and I am emulating somebody that exists in so much younger What are the elements of her that are still evident? And which elements are appropriate and which elements are actually inappropriate because they’re a matter of    age and how one’s ages and matures. That’s been a really good certainly in trying to do right by her. I think the there is no other than conversations,  casual conversations that are had once the scripts come in. We don’t get that involved in the storylines enough to say I want to make sure that this season this happens here but we see you know she’s always you know from the very beginning of her inception. She has been kind of at the forefront of representation of the television. We met a woman in there. I mean it kind of started with the ex-spy. And so you know seeing a professional intelligence. Equal female on TV very much started with her so the fact that was the beginning of the conversation that has spread and been emulated Ad nauseum over and over time is incredible. Well I never really had to go back and forth between them because I think I’m pretty sure that I was done with the fall entirely before coming back to the Tenth season.

Even if I did see it (Aliens) they doesn’t exist it can’t possibly exist. You can still  question the existence and the impossibility of something even though it’s right in front of you. So let’s say that an alien is standing in front of me. You can still have the conversation. Now is that what do you know they can still you can still talk about possibilities and I can still talk about it in possibilities and yet we can be looking at the same thing. So I think the dynamic is that hasn’t changed in her degree of skepticism or you know or maybe her degree of skepticism has shifted. But she still as a scientist and a doctor still has to ask those questions of the universe and Mulder is anybody else who could fill these gaps wonderfully.

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