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William Shatner Voices Two-Face In Animated Adventure


The former Star Trek actor spoke to us reporters at New York Comic Con in appearing in Batman Vs Two Face in Adam West’s last role as Batman.

Did you ever watch the Batman 66 show when you know when it was on at the time it was on that same time as Star Trek ?

William Shatner: No I would watch the news rather than watch a couple bangs and pows

So you were never approached to do a guest spot back in the day for them ?

William Shatner:  I don’t think so. But my affinity towards Batman was the comic book. And when I was a kid I would I was reading a book and I vaguely remember having the covers over my head with a flashlight. You were supposed to be asleep and reading the comic book. That was my affinity

Tony Tellado: How did you come up with his voice ?

William Shatner:  It’s part of the process I guess you know you could do it here.  I thought that the challenge would be to allow the evil spirit to emerge as though it were really had. So it’s Jekyll and Hyde really isn’t it. We’re going too far afield because was literally tried to do another voice. But if you think of the psyche emerging, there are many voices but I’m going too far afield for a five minute interview.

Were you familiar with the Two-Face character before ?

William Shatner: You know I was vaguely. The producer had called me and said “What would I do if I played the role ? ” It just came out that I would try and do it with nobody else there.  I can recall the simple recording script in my hand was that they had a drawing of the character. Whatever  was the name of the person who did the color of the encroaching algae in the face ?  I watch it on screen as a little pimple emerge and then it got bigger and bigger. So I thought I would do the voice alone in the in the booth and try and get it. And then as the as the Green got bigger and bigger the voice got bigger and bigger and that and so I played with that. That was the most challenging part that I can remember doing the voice all by myself. So it was hard to get.

It would be interesting to do Two Face real with as much humanity as you can and him wrestling with. I mean not to put too big a deal on this whole wonderfully amusing story …Is he laughing hysterically ?  Is he sad ?  Is he happy ? What’s he thinking. What is that monster that’s inside ? There was something monstrous at him. Wouldn’t that be an interesting character to play as he’s fighting his conscience ? And that’s the difference in playing Hamlet. Every actor takes a shot at him, who takes a shot at him says the same words. But what’s intrinsically them is what nobody else can do because that’s them.

Did you talk with Adam West and all through this process ?

No I didn’t. I saw Adam at Comic-Con some time ago. We had a lovely nodding friendship. He was a lovely man …a lovely sophisticated charming amusing guy. He was. He was lovely and I enjoyed his company and we in passing the try to top each other with a funny line. He was great. He was a great guy. I did a pilot on Alexander The Great before Batman and before Star Trek and I played Alexander and Adam was one of the guys in the club. I was into horses even then. So I was riding around bareback and I don’t know what the other guys were doing but they couldn’t have been what I was because that was dangerous.

I was having a conversation with the gentleman who produced this film and I kept asking I’ve never had a reasonable answer to the question. Why aren’t more of us recording in the booth with other actors ? Actually there’s a  give and take in the scene . I can’t answer you back unless you’re there. So the Ping-Pong game this was me there and dialogue is in there you’re playing against the back. There’s a perfect analogy.

Did you watch Star Trek discovery and what do you think ?

William Shatner: I was I was invited to the premiere and I forgot why I agreed to go I went. And it’s very it’s very fun. It’s so busy. I think I went because there was a lot of publicity .I have a lot of things I’m doing and I thought I would go out there and stuff like that. So I saw both episodes in a big theater in California. And it’s fun. It’s great fun. I think the audience will take it up.

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