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Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. – Bennett And Gregg

NYCC 2017

The head of S.H.I.E.L.D. and one of his top agents discuss space, the episode pods and directing

Tony Tellado: How was it directing your first episode ?

Clark Gregg: Directing and settling in this case was a little bit terrifying. No suffering because it’s tough. What is it like it’s it’s like “Oh My God :. It’s like doing a stand up routine for all your brothers and sisters. It’s just you feel like you’re going to be just heckled out of the room. And instead they were so generous and took my crazy ideas seriously. The crew on our show it gave me a whole new appreciation of how incredible the machine is there and how talented everyone is from props to wardrobe to editing .The way they were able to kind of take my ideas make them part of the look of the show even though some of them were a little bit different. They gave me a pretty large episode and I only got a couple of tiny independent films. I had an incredible experience doing it. I loved working with these actors and it was such a trust exercise to go from being you know after colleagues to me giving them stuff I wanted them to try and everybody everybody kind of did each other in terms of really stepping up and being amazing.

Chloe Bennet: I mean he elevated the script and he really elevated it in a way that only only Clark could have done. Another director couldn’t have been able to come in. He knows the characters so well and Clark has such a great eye for comedy. And these are really great emotional beats that I know for a fact would not have been able would not have happened if he wasn’t directing. And also I mean you killed it. There was also a huge fight sequence that we got to work on together and he was it was fun and it was just cool to see him. He’s always been The leader on and on screen but to be the literal director of S.H.I.E.LD. is also kind of awesome because we made those jokes every day. But it was really it was really cool to have him having to do that. I can’t wait for you guys see the episode. We have like one episode where that kind of happened for a second. But my favorite Marvel comic movie is actually X-Men. I love the idea of working of flight sequences and I loved watching people with powers work with each other and that kind of ragtag way where they bounce off each other and in a unique kind of comic comedic ways. And that was still fun to get to do that episode. We have our new Natalia Cordova-Buckley who is now a series regular which has been so fun because she’s has brought so much such different energy to the show and so to have another fellow human as is a legit partner in crime.

Clark Gregg:  I had a lot of questions about it and it was really interesting because they were only able to give me hints. You don’t get to where the flaming scroll without some ramifications. And it’s not clear to me exactly what they are. We’re definitely we are definitely transported into space and it’s a different realm than the Ghost Rider realm so that’s kind of hanging out there like a sword over his head. I don’t quite know what it is yet but I’m a little nervous about it. I have 80 days to get them to change things up every few episodes has been absolutely wonderful and it’s great for the fans. There’s so much content and they are so creative will come in time that they are given it and I think. That season 4 was one of the best seasons and yet again they could be recreated as a whole new world again for season five. And I think that the fans are going to really love it. I Think that the pods are amazing. I really like that they’ve broken up that way. I grew up watching those shows you know Star Trek those things that I wouldn’t say that it’s like that but to have it really bridge and to more the side five cosmic origin of the Marvel universe in ways that would be surprising to people. It’s really thrilling and I cannot say enough about the guts of our writers to take our most successful season which had three separate seasons. We’re starting over with an entire new world at the beginning of season five. It’s really gutsy.

Special Thanks To ABC Television, Marvel Entertainment and New York Comic Con


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