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EW’s Halloween Issue


EW rolls out their Halloween Issue with the boys clubbing their way

Here is their press release:


EW staff writer Samantha Highfill goes behind the scenes of the upcoming 13th season of CW’s longest running show, Supernatural. Thirteen seasons later, the writers and stars are having more fun than ever making the show, and taking more risks along the way.

The season starts with the Sam and Dean dealing with the many losses from last season, but Castiel’s return will inject some light back into the show. “One of my favorite things about the series is that it can bring levity to situations,” Jensen Ackles (Dean) tells EW. “And I think that’s one of the reasons why this season we’re not going full mope.” Jared Padalecki (Sam) chimes in, “Never go full mope.

The season will also feature an episode with Scooby-Doo. “It’s going to be an episode of Supernatural with Scooby-Doo in it,” co-showrunner and EP Andrew Dabb says. “It’s not going to be an episode of Scooby-Doo with the guys in it. It’s more adult than your average episode of Scooby-Doo.”

The show is also taking its second crack at a spin-off, after the failure of Supernatural: Bloodlines. Ultimately, they found what they were looking for with Wayward Sisters, which will follow Supernatural recurring guest stars (including Kathryn Love Newton and Kim Rhodes) as part of a pack of women who form a supernatural fighting force in Sioux Falls, Indiana.


At the height of the women’s liberation movement, The Stepford Wives, a chilling satire about free-thinking women transformed into docile housewives ignited a national conversation. Stars Katharine Ross, Paula Prentiss, Nanette Newman, and Tina Louise look back at a feminist classic.

“It’s the first of the women’s-lib kind of movies,” Prentiss tells EW. “It isn’t pounding you on the head. It’s doing it through horror and comedy, and that’s a good genre.”

“It was interesting to lull people into this sense of security,” Newman says. “And then the normality becomes very weird, and then the weird becomes scary.”

Plus: The real story behind the Pumpkin Smasher, and a brief history on Tourist Trap.


The star of Child’s Play, the scariest killer-doll franchise of all time, downs some brew—and takes a stab at some questions—in our filthiest and most fatal interview ever: Three Rounds With Chucky.

EW: What’s the first thing you would do as president?

Chucky: “I would encourage the Senate to bring me a plan to boost infrastructure over the next 10 years that would result in government-subsidized training, job growth, and bipartisan support. I’d also make murder legal.”

Plus: An alternate ending to Little Shop of Horrors, and Blue Velvet’s severed ear.


More than two decades later, the filmmakers and stars of the coolest coven ever—The Craft—“invoke the spirit” of the hair-raising production and address those witchy urban legends in an oral history. By breaking the mold and giving viewers female leads who weren’t “perfect,” “cool,” or even “good,” a film about magic ironically delivered one of that decade’s most relatable portrayals of high school.

Charmed is a rip-off of The Craft. It was completely obvious to the point that people would think I was on Charmed in years after,” Robin Tunney tells EW.

“In the original script, before they decided to go with someone nonwhite, my character was bulimic. And then once they cut that out I was like, ‘My issue is that I’m black? No, my issue is not I’m black; the world’s issue is that I’m black,’” Rachel True says.

Plus: How Hocus Pocus and Don’t Look Under the Bed were made.


Obscene. Tasteless. Sophomoric. And hilarious. Scary Movie, an R-Rated parody that broke the rules, battered box office records in 2000, and 17 years later, it’s still funny. Now, Anna Faris, Carmen Electra, Shannon Elizabeth, and Keenan Ivory Wayans take a look back on the goofy, gross, and groundbreaking horror comedy.

The movie was Anna Faris’ first role. She tells EW, “I had no idea what to say when he called ‘Action.’ I turned to [costar] Jonny [Abrahams] and was like, ‘So wait, what are we supposed to do?’ And he was like, ‘Say your line.’”

Anna got really nervous about the scene where she gets blasted up onto the ceiling [by semen, during a sex scene], so I took her for a little walk, and I said, ‘I will not be the one to decide whether this stays in the movie. The audience is gonna decide. If they’re laughing, then you will have nothing to be embarrassed about. If they’re groaning, I give you my word, I’ll cut it out of the movie.’ She took a deep breath and committed 100 percent, and the rest is history,” says director Keenan Ivory Wayans.

Plus: Secrets revealed from Psych, Hannibal, Harper’s Island, Shawn of the Dead and Black Mirror.


PODCAST: Steve Warnek – Space Opera Society

Interview with former Star Trek episode co-writer for DS9’s The Abandoned to chat about a new venture the Space Opera Society which hopes to preserve a staple of science fiction story telling.We also chat about the pitching of story ideas that Steve had with Paramount for Star Trek Voyager and Enterprise. We examine the mixed Star Trek productions being done with fans and pros. .....

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