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Gaming: Death By Daylight


A chat on the NYCC floor with Mathieu Cote on this great multi-player game, Death By Daylight featuring original and horror icons.

Tony Tellado: So tell us about death by daylight.  Is it do you play as those characters or do plenty to fight against.

Mathieu Cote, Game Director:  It’s asymmetrical So it’s unfair. By design you can either be one of those ruthless killers who’s trying to grab onto those survivors whack them over the head,  put them on meat hooks and let them be sacrificed to whatever weird malevolent entity recreates this nightmare world. Well you can play as one of the four survivors trying to fix generators open the door and get the hell out of there because the survivors they don’t go on the offensive they’re just trying to get away. They’re trying to find things to help them outsmart the killer and get away. Cooperation will help. But cooperation only takes you so far. At some point, you’ve got to pick who’s getting out.

Tony Tellado: So this is a who’s who of killers and they’re kind of talking about who you have.

Mathieu Cote, Game Director: So we launched the game. You have to go with our own killers as our first offering which are all part of our own fiction our own guy is obviously very inspired by all these 80s slasher movies that we grew up on. We had a trapper who’s this big burly guy with a lump of metal he’s placing bear traps with the levels the rate goes invisible. Then we have the hillbilly with a chainsaw that goes super fast and sprint across. Months after launch we have a nurse willing to teleport to walls and things. We have an old witch. We have a doctor that is a big fan of electro-shock therapy. And for Halloween last year we were very happy to bring in Michael Meyers is probably the most iconic slasher ever. We also brought in Laurie Strode. So the first last girl the one who makes it. We were lucky enough to bring in Leatherface from Texas Chainsaw Massacre. So we keep growing the ranks of the horrible horrible people running around murdering.

Tony Tellado: How many levels are there there right now ?

Mathieu Cote, Game Director: Probably around 50 different maps set with probably eight different teams. So there are a few maps set for instance in the junkyard and in the farmland. There’s a hospital there’s. A swamp. In the swamp we do have all these sort of archetype places where where horror happens. We brought in Haddonfield , the suburbs with Michael Meyers. And we keep growing data and bringing new maps that people enjoy. But the thing is the maps are procedurally generated so we create sort of a rough pattern possibilities. And every time you play the game you’ll have to get your bearings you have to find where things are because they are not always generated the same way.

Tony Tellado: Now if I want to play what how is the best way to ?

Mathieu Cote, Game Director:  The game was launched on the scene to see in 2016 just for an X-box One. However you want to play it right now on PS4 and PC.

Tony Tellado: Can you play by yourself against the creatures ?

Mathieu Cote, Game Director:  Is it better to play with other people. Both the vanilla game has to be matched with strangers. There’s no off line and you’re always going to play with other people. And the main way is with strangers you can communicate a little bit try to see if you trust them or not, it’s just really fun. You also have a mode called Survivor friends where you add up to three of your friends group of survivors and you will be matched with a stranger killer and other survivors in the group. So there’s always this sense of uncertainty and not sure who you’re up against. There’s also a mode called Kill your friends which allows you to just casually play with a friend.But in that mode you don’t get the gain progression will accumulate points.

Tony Tellado: So I guess on the internet it tells you there’s a new thing available to the PlayStation Store or the X-Box marketplace.

Mathieu Cote, Game Director: You will see pop ups of the DLC are available right now on console. When we launched we did a special console edition that included most of what was available on PC is available now.

Tony Tellado: As far as rendering the characters. What kind of steps were taken to kind of capture as close to what they are well so specifically for Michael Meyers and Leatherface And also we believe from Left For Dead ?

Mathieu Cote, Game Director: So when we deal with existing characters, you know put their heart and soul into special stuff that’s been love to make it look strange so to say that my co- workers and love the characters and for us and work very closely with the license holders to make sure that what we create is to share their ideas of what those characters should be. We also make sure it makes sense and to modify or persuade them we bring them in. For instance there powersets every killer has a very very different power in our game and so we need to bring in a new power that really represents what that character is about. Michael Meyers, for instance when you get in the game you’re normal you’re not that powerful but what you do is when you find survivors you can just talk to them and you watched him intently and as you do your power grows and grows until you become probably the most powerful killer you have in the game. You have to stalk people and watch them. This presence of the level just watching you and not even attacking me because that’s what Michael Meyers does. For Leatherface, our animation team did amazing job recreating that sort of child-like attitude that the character has because as opposed to every other killer. He’s not big monster. He’s not a beast. He. Is just a big kid scared and he’s trying to protect his family and he’s sort of upset and he doesn’t really understand that he’s a bumbling idiot. And it was funny because at first when we released that character a few of our fans who were fans of the game but didn’t know why we  made such a stupid character. People sort of got outraged and we responded to go watch this 1974 movie and you’ll see. The same was true with Bill from Left For Dead, it was important that all of his powers had to do with him being the guy gets the job done and he’s the guy who stays behind saves everyone. We we actually enjoy doing that because it’s a really fun thing to do. It’s a good challenge and it allows us to essentially honor what we think are icons that we like.

Tony Tellado: As far as the environment do I mean like creating Haddonfield to your design team go back to the movies and kind of go from there?

Mathieu Cote, Game Director: We were lucky in that case because when we talked to the license holders they actually were able to give us a picture reference that were not from the movie itself but were picture reference that were taken during the shooting and things like that. So it gave us a better view of some of those buildings. The movie especially is lit in a very cinematic way it’s very dark in contrast and some of the elements. We weren’t exactly sure what they should be but with those references we were able to be really close to the source material which is invaluable.

Tony Tellado: What’s coming up next ?

Mathieu Cote, Game Director:  Well obviously we’ll keep bringing new content. It’s important for us that we keep bringing our own killers and survivors, our own characters to the story because we have a story to tell and our world needs to be grown and enriched but we we do have a few other you know there are a few iconic killers and survivors out there that we we would love to pay tribute to in our own way.

Tony Tellado: I would recommend like incorporating urban legends in there too.

Mathieu Cote, Game Director: Well interesting that you say that. The last one we did before Leatherface is called The Huntress and it’s our own stuff but it’s inspired by like eastern european legends because we do have a lot of Russian players and we thought it was really fun to go and dig in that folklore. So for instance she has axes . She’s a really strong woman that roams through the woods and she hums this little lullaby. And we went to get an actual Russian Lullaby that that freaked out a lot of our Russian players. They told us that “This is what my mom sang to me when I was a kid” . There are no words but she just hums the melody as she goes through the woods and it creates a really nice creepy vibe that was specific to that song. We go and dig through the folklore. We go to the old archetypes of and then there are a few As I said iconic people out there that we want to find.

Tony Tellado: Well awesome. Thanks so much. Really appreciate it. It sounds like a lot of fun. I love gaming and the fact that it’s so available and all the platforms makes it even better.

Mathieu Cote, Game Director: And it’s cheap too, 20 bucks.


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