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Man In The High Castle At NYCC

NYCC 2017

Rufus Sewell and Jason O’ Mara preview the new season of Amazon’s Man In The High Castle at NYCC 2017

Jason O’Mara: (on being welcomed to cast)  It certainly felt like they were but they’re actors you never really know so a really good actors to to my face. I’ve got a lovely warm welcome  You know this is this is a train that’s already left the station and it’s like I’m hopping on as it moves so. It’s It’s been very exciting. It was something I was really really looking forward to and is delivering on its promise so…. It’s been great. It’s just you know trying to find characters place in this in this world. And you know what he’s going to add or take away from us and that’s sort of in the journey for this season. For me anyway.

Rufus Sewell: It keeps him in the trenches where we work in the new directions all the time. So you know I often say I’m working with a lot of very interesting writers but If you get a particularly creative team it’s not repeated. Shakespeare it may start to be but you know it’s kind of pot luck at the moment but we’re getting very very tense.

Tony Tellado: To me Nazis in surburbia is very chilling

Rufus Sewell: I mean interestingly enough and you go back into the 1930s there were those in upstate New York those a Nazi town .There was pro-Nazi factions that were very very pro Nazi  n America there was a lot and in England too. So you know certain factions of it so it seems really shocking to see it. I mean you know there was certainly there was certainly fertile ground for them had they come here. They were not a majority but they did exist. Well it’s a great opportunity to try to approach the truth which is a far more responsible thing to do. I think the Nazis are more prone than any other kind of part to type in films to be rendered into werewolves , vampires,  zombies , and aliens. Why is that ?  The fact is it’s what’s scary is that they’re humans. Germany went Nazi for various reasons some people were particularly anti-Semitic or angry or whatever. Some of them weren’t but it happened to an entire country and that means it happened to people. It takes a normal person. And that is a system that suppresses what’s good in them and brings out what is taught you know and it is a very very effective. And it’s and it’s catching you know. So it was an opportunity to show it at best how what can happen to people. Fascism is really about destroying. There’s no sense of individuality and fascism there’s no there’s no space for it. It’s really it’s all about the collective right. Sure but the individual really doesn’t matter. So it’s good to get to know your character you know and to see the humanity behind the uniform. I think is interesting because it really in a sense.

That (Philip K Dick) his recurring theme is what at the top of that short story was. It was something human. Well I that’s basically the essential question. You know and that’s what modern cause is about it seems to be what actually is. What are we ?  what do we do to survive ?  How do people continue to exist how do they rationalize their existence ? How do they exist in the world ? That’s what this show is about how what happens to the subjugated mind what happens to the fascistic mind. But you know how do we cope with the changing world around us and keep our humanity ? What is our humanity ? That doesn’t change. The world continues to change and we continue to be these weird little bugs in us in our heads trying to deal with it all. That doesn’t ever change know.

Jason O’Mara: I think that depends. I would say that I would hope no.

Rufus Sewell:  I don’t think this is it should be seen as a prediction rather than a statement of what is. The truth they have chosen constructed a wall between them and said that they don’t have to. And this kind of happiness they built for themselves that is built on murder and deceit and destruction that we do that we can do that. It can be happening now. It’s happened in the past in ways we have recognized is happening in the present and it is something that we need to be aware of. We need to be aware not just not to be aware that it might happen to be whether they might already have. So I don’t think it’s I hope it doesn’t become increasingly. So. It’s kind of like freedom to see . People being coaxed into thinking they were patriots who doing it it’s like cowards for not being an expert. Freedom it’s a word that can be co-opted.

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