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Reverie At NYCC

NYCC 2017

Navigating and rescuing those stuck in a virtual world is Sarah Shahi in NBC’s Reverie

This interesting new series looks at a virtual addictive world. Here’s the official synopsis:

A former detective specializing in human behavior is brought in when the launch of an advanced virtual reality program has dangerous and unintended consequences

Starring is former Person Of Interest star Sarah Shahi

Sarah Shahi: When you first meet my character, she is this booze and pill popping college professor of human behavior and I get recruited by Dennis Haysbert character to go into this virtual reality company in which people are designing their alternate  virtual universe which is their dreamland and they’re getting stuck in there because they’re having so much fun. They don’t want to come out and they’re kind of dying on this world while they are living these lives in the other world. So I play somebody kind of like the Leonardo Di Caprio character in Inception where I have to go into their deep subconscious minds and learn their program and learn about them and try and get them to come out. But wait there’s more that on my character also as you see in the pilot episode. My sister and my niece get killed in front of me and at the end of the first episode they kind of come back out and start haunting me. And you don’t know if this is a result of the program and if it’s messing with my mind or if this is my own or my own delusions. But throughout the rest of the series that becomes another major component of the show is my own sort of rabbit hole of crazy that I start falling into and how the hauntings are affecting me.

People traveling to different worlds and living out different fantasies and stuff it is like Westworld but it’s a lot easier to follow.I was like because people compare the show to where there’s an element of it like there’s the show to Westworld a little bit so I think it was Pleasantville.

REVERIE — Pilot — Pictured: (l-r) Sarah Shahi as Mara Kint, Dennis Haysbert as Charlie Ventana — (Photo by: Sergei Bachlakov/NBC)

When you’re in these reveries do they have a sort of a stylistic look because  the different the colors that they play with for first of all. A lot of you know some of the stuff is green screen but a lot of it they really try to find the most practical locations and then they manipulate that in effect. And so yeah everything is much more vibrant there’s a different color tone they shoot different lenses when we’re in the reverie. So it’s pretty obvious.

The concept is not that unbelievable. I mean it’s not a show that set 500 years in the distant future. It’s something that’s literally tomorrow. You know it’s it’s less than two years away where you can. I mean if you listen to Elon Musk you know it’s here now. I mean those days are here.

Her fragility was something that I really responded to and you know I’ve had I’ve had a few ups and downs in my life and over the last few years there’s a little bit more down that I wanted to. Life sometimes doesn’t go the way you want it to. And when I feel like at the time when I was approached for this I really responded to this character who was struggling who was somebody who was trying to push through her darknesses and her emotions to try and to try and make it.

NEW YORK COMIC CON — “Reverie” — Pictured: (l-r) Sarah Shahi, Dennis Haysbert, Jessica Lu, Sendhil Ramamurthy, Kathryn Morris — (Photo by: Heidi Gutman/NBC)

She was struggling and I really responded to that. And you know I think it’s a it’s something that’s really relatable I think a lot of people can relate to a tragedy in one way or another. That was pretty much the main reason we all look to Person Of Interest. That was also a really smart he’s a speculative fiction for you.

I get sucked into these worlds but honestly I feel I feel like I don’t belong because I know I was I was watching things like All My Children and not living in Dynasty. The comic books I read were like you know what was it Betty and Veronica. So my perspective growing up was a little bit different. So you come into it you know probably from a different perspective from a different perspective. I do remember the Heavy Metal comics although I don’t think that I find that interesting. But n the end I also think in science fiction the message that I found which I think is so relatable to today is it doesn’t it’s like if we can if we can we can come up with the idea of a monster in our minds. We write about it and we can end up loving this monster for all of its flaws for all of its shortcomings. Why can’t we do that for the person next to us. You know what I mean no matter who they are no matter what their color is. And that’s a theme that I kind of discovered through science fiction because you know playing these characters and kind of being this world there are such hideous creatures on scene that do horrible things but you find a way to love them and root for them. And it’s like why can’t we do that in real life you know. So anyway that’s a theme that I enjoy trying to go through a Person of Interest,

All eyes are on Berkeley. There are eyes that are telling you what you’re going to like next on Person Of Interest.  You know it’s it’s it’s it’s very well present. I don’t like the I never liked the idea of playing like perfect people. You know I don’t think that exists. The chance to play somebody who’s kind of a mess is exciting to me. It’s always exciting it’s a challenge. The psychological journey of the show is the death of my sister and my niece and it’s what happens to me as each episode progresses. My character keeps getting these visions and is you know being haunted by her sister and her niece in the office and that this. And I’m trying to hide these visions because I don’t want to get fired from this company and still be able to do a good job. So at the psychological stuff is all of my character’s stuff and you know what we’re building towards for the finale of the show. So that’s my hope.

Special thanks to NBC Television and New York Comic Con.


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