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The Exorcist At NYCC

NYCC 2017

The two men who battle evil demons on Fox’s surprise hit, The Exorcist return for season two.

Ben Daniels: So each season will be a different case that you’re working on different family. Actually at the beginning of it is It’s not going to be like that. While the story advances I think the three stories are going to collide. John Cho’s storyline, our storyline is going to come soon.

The Exorcist is the single most successful horror movie of all time and also one of the most iconic. Was there any hesitancy to step into roles like that or is there any worries that it wouldn’t live up to the quality of a movie that we loved ?

Alfonso Herrera: Yeah of course you know and I think when it was announced we were doing it the reaction was dreadful from people on Twitter and social media it was not well received and you know I felt the same way and then. I didn’t read the script when it arrived and then it was like “No you must read it because the writing is fantastic and sort of” I’d read a third of it and I was just completely on board. I just went in for a little to get it because the characters are so well drawn like that original novel and movie. So it’s a no brainer.

Ben Daniels: But yeah it’s tough because you all try to treading on like the Holy Grail. I’m a massive horror fan and it’s my favorite Or maybe I’ve seen the countless times I’ve been obsessed with the stories and if you really have a lot to live up to then hopefully we’re pulling it off.

What’s at the core is the relationship to the kind of mentoring him along the way you recognize the ability and the connection that you have almost a psychic connection with each other to talk about that relationship.

Alfonso Herrera: We explore that further with this as well that is going to be very important through the whole arc of the second season, this friction and the different approach that he has. And they did have this need of wanting to be part and to experience that battle. And even though that friction is there it’s not it’s very subtle and it’s going to be very important that that tension. I also think there’s another thing that’s kind of creeping into that relationship is that Marcus has for the first time ing he has come here and he’s lost the ability to converse with God. He doesn’t feel him when he works and is sort of coming to realize that maybe God is at the moment has brought them together so. He can take over and be God’s kind of number one so that is also adding to the friction. Not only is he exercising in this way that’s very unpredictable by letting the demon in. There’s also a bit of jealousy to Sometimes. I remember Ben was talking about he had some crazy doing in Chicago but I come from a very happy from a Catholic background my Mexican all my family and they are all Catholics. I’m a Catholic but I’ve not been practicing. So I remember my family they were very concerned about that. And I remember I told my mom a mom going to do so. And literally she sent me a hundred rosaries just in case just in case there’s a hundred like the sacred number of the madness of it. They were just in a box and they just and send them to work to Chicago.

Ben Daniels: I’ll tell you so I’m sort of being so far from home. You know I don’t get back at the week obviously and it’s too far. And so I just Face Time my partner and my cats and my family but then I’m sort of alone. Because of the way we work with Marcus. You know it’s a huge part of the day so I do get very obsessive and that will keep me awake but not the fear. It’s just just the work. I crammed my head with as much knowledge as I could. And I read lots watched lots and it was all I did for four weeks was demonic possession, devil, satan and it did start to sort of like go and you know there were so many accounts of it that you caught something strange happens to human beings and someone will come along and quote some form of scripture and it’s in every religion every culture and not just Catholicism. And it’s it’s a fascinating subject and it can get under your skin if you let it go.

Alfonso Herrera: Besides the Catholic Church they are very limited when they try to share information about the specific matter and they have knowledge that they know that exists. But trying to get some information from you will be at least I tried that in Mexico and it was very difficult I couldn’t get along with it.

Ben Daniels:  It’s interesting because Alfonzo is working in a second language so he comes to work really really really prepared. And I do the same kind of preparation. And coming back , everyone comes so prepared because sometimes the scenes are really long like yesterday or a few days ago we were doing a scene that was nine pages long which is like unheard of so each take is 10 minutes long. And so the concentration is really intense. So in between as soon as it is called there is so much levity on this I have never worked on any job like that. And then as soon as action everyone in the room concentrates its so there’s a lot of down time in between the intensity I think otherwise we just go.

Hearing it were only two episodes of aired. Are there any moments coming up that you guys are really looking forward to the fans getting to see the next episodes ?

Ben Daniels:  Episode 3, Unclean directed by Ti West. The Innkeepers is one of my favorite horror movies and when they said he was coming to do I was beyond excited and his episode is phenomenal. It’s a really great. And he was just really wonderful to work because a lot of the time you know when you’re working on a long show you know directors come and go and they just are happy with what you’re doing. But he came in and really pushed us in new ways and I think is very exciting. And the young actress Beatrice who 12 year old and she’s absolutely phenomenal. So it’s really exciting. I can’t wait for people to see it.

What’s it like working with younger actors and actresses ?

Ben Daniels: The stakes are so high for everyone you just kind of can come in or you can come in and scream and write around and just have a whale of a time. Not so long ago and we were shooting a scene and yet she was so excited because she was going to fly. And they have a look. They have a lot of fun. I think we just kind of try and really invest in the characters. And if the situation is terrifying for the character or they’re in it you know it’s a terrifying situation and then hopefully it’ll just kind of remain like that.  What we do is kind of play the truth of the scene as much as we can. And you know hope that they’ve written it. So what so it pulls itself off or is like are you always fighting against the same manifestation. I mean I know it inhabits.

Special thanks to Fox Television and New York Comic Con.


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