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War Of The Planet Of The Apes Mo-Cap At NYCC

NYCC 2017

Joined by Karin Konoval (Maurice) & Terry Notary (Rocket), fans were treating to a one-of-a-kind experience to become a part of the beloved trilogy through Weta Digital’s state-of-the-art Mo-Cap technology during the “Bad Ape Chase” that allowed fans to be fitted into partial Mo-Cap suits, mount a horse simulator and be mapped into their own version of the film’s “Bad Ape Chase” scene.

In addition, Konoval and Notary gave fans a special treat by surprising fans during the “Caesar’s Army” experience were fans had the opportunity to use arm extensions like the ones used by the Mo-Cap stunt performers and train in the basics of ape-like movements. The demonstration and tutorial was hosted by Terry Notary (“Rocket”) and Karin Konoval (“Maurice”) giving an inside look into how they build the characters for Apes.

Special Thanks To Cohn And Wolfe and New York Comic Con


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