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Genre News For 11/15/2017

Headlines Include Flash TV News, A New X-Men, Affleck will slip away from Batman, Rampage Image, and more

‘The Flash’: Tom Cavanagh Previews the Upcoming “Council of Wells”

‘The Gifted’ Recap: “eXtreme measures”

New Character Trinary Joins X-Men Red As Final Cast Reveal… For Now

First ‘Rampage’ Images Find Dwayne Johnson Battling Monsters

Movie Talk: Ben Affleck to Coolly Segue out of Batman Role

‘The Punisher’ Video Review: Marvel’s Netflix Series Kicks Ass

‘Justice League’ Producer Chimes in on How Much of the Film Comes from Whedon’s Reshoots


Iron Man Silver Centurion - Mark 33 - Sixth Scale Figure EXCLUSIVE

  • D.C. In DC Event

    12/15/2017 // 0 Comments

    “DC in D.C.,” a pop culture event open to the public in Washington, D.C. during the Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday weekend that brings together the worlds of entertainment and public service to illuminate the story of America and discuss topical current issues through the lens of comics and Super Heroes. .....
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