PODCAST: Shawn Doyle Of Bellevue

Partial Transcript:

Tony Tellado: You know what’s interesting about this character is there really wasn’t much about him that was established when you joined the show. So you kind of had to develop him as the series went on. So talk about kind of doing it kind of having that kind of freedom as an actor.

Shawn Doyle: That’s a good question.I didn’t know here this character was going to end up. You know as an actor your job is to… You don’t know where it’s going to go because they (showrunners) didn’t let me know. But it’s important for you to find your own way into those character moments that don’t necessarily have to do with that particular character by bringing in your own life or imagination to it. I had a lot of in-depth converstions with both Jane (Maggs) and Adrian (Mitchell) (Co-Creators) to get me involved and then when we started shooting.  They talked in very round about ways where my character was going to end up. So based on those conversations where I knew where I had to emotionally place myself. The idea of secrets was very big with this character. So. It was easier for me to find my own substitutions or imagings for these secrets and for guilt, for shame and all those accompanying feelings.  You appreciate are all those feelings. So yeah there’s a lot of freedom in this series that I created an entire world that informed  this character before I even know what the Hell he was going to do.

Tony Tellado: He definitely has a secret. No two ways about it and I’m still discovering them in so far it’s interesting.The show itself has is such a big massive jigsaw puzzle and you’re trying to sort it all out and what’s another thing that’s interesting is the relationship between Anna Paquin’s Annie and also Peter at its Times fatherly and at times adversarial kind of speak about that aspect of the  show.

Shawn Doyle: Well for me that was the meaning drawn to doing the show was very multi-layer relationship between the two characters. Peter decided that he was going to take Annie under his wing after she lost her father who happens to be my mentor. He was the police chief prior to me. So there’s a lot of elements of protective instincts for Annie. I have a great admiration for her talent as a police officer but she’s nuts, she’s a maverick. She doesn’t do it by the book.Her personal life is a mess.  I question a lot of judgment on how she is mothering her daughter. All of that fleshes out what a real relationship in the real world is like. We have very conflicted relationships with people all the time. It’s not one note there are many many things and so it was interesting to me to jump into a character that had all that going on with another character. And once we started working with the other first of all it happened naturally, not forced between Ana Paquin and I . What we started to do on camera then informs where that relationship went for the rest of the season. The rest is the stuff that wasn’t necessarily intended to be in story raised it’s head and the showrunners didn’t ignore it and allowed that to happen to be a part of their their relationship arc.

Tony Tellado: Well the series has a little bit of everything. The riddles are cool. You know it’s like a jigsaw puzzle and there’s also kind of like there’s the past kind of bleeding into the future a little bit and it just it is a really interesting whodunit and I don’t have a clue as to who this is but it’s got to be somebody in the town It’s a small town so it’s kind of be somebody that in the town and has been there a long time.

Shawn Doyle: We didn’t know either.We didn’t know who it was until the last two scripts. And I was floored when I found out.

Tony Tellado: I got credit your co creators Jane Maggs and Adrianne Mitchell. I mean Adrian has directed it. This is a really good team and have really crafted an entire world that is pretty awesome.

Shawn Doyle: The reason I decided to do it, yes it is a huge jigsaw puzzle. There are so many moving pieces to the mystery of it but in spite of that the relationships between the characters doesn’t get lost. Usuall on these type of shows that the story element drives everything forward or read and at the detriment of the character developments.  And I think Jane has done an incredible job of balancing those elements.

Tony Tellado: It’s definitely has a strong human drama with Annie she’s dealing with being a mother and her father’s death still haunts her. And in your case you know you’re trying to kind of put it in perspective, The former crime and it’s connected with today and dealing with all of various theories too so I also get the feeling there’s a little more to that to him

Shawn Doyle : There is a lot more to it. if I told you I have to you-know-what. And I will say this much the mystery, so this case of the missing teen once once this case begins it brings back this mystery of this past case. And that brings back the history of my relationship with the dad and there’s a lot of unresolved issues around that death. There’s secrets that I’m holding I’m not all that I have never heard anybody and I’ve been trying to partmenatlize  for the better part of my life. The confluence of these two cases makes him awesome for me to hold these back anymore.


An interesting conversation with this actor in his memorable roles in the series, Bellevue and The Expanse.


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