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PODCAST: Sara Shahi

The former Person Of Interest actor plays Mara Kint, an ex-detective now college professor who specializes in human behavior is brought in to help people trapped in their fantasy lives in a virtual world before their bodies break down.


Transcript:  Sarah Shahi: When you first meet my character, she is this booze and pill popping college professor of human behavior and I get recruited by Dennis Haysbert character to go into this virtual reality company in which people are designing their alternate  virtual universe which is their dreamland and they’re getting stuck in there because they’re having so much fun. They don’t want to come out and they’re kind of dying on this world while they are living these lives in the other world. So I play somebody kind of like the Leonardo Di Caprio character in Inception where I have to go into their deep subconscious minds and learn their program and learn about them and try and get them to come out. But wait there’s more that on my character also as you see in the pilot episode. My sister and my niece get killed in front of me and at the end of the first episode they kind of come back out and start haunting me. And you don’t know if this is a result of the program and if it’s messing with my mind or if this is my own or my own delusions. But throughout the rest of the series that becomes another major component of the show is my own sort of rabbit hole of crazy that I start falling into and how the hauntings are affecting me.



Essential Elizabeth Montgomery Book

The Essential Elizabeth Montgomery: A Guide To Her Magicial Performances by Herbie J Pilato (Twitch Upon A Star, Taylor Trade, 2012) is a delightful new book that delineates, dissects, and celebrates the diversity of Montgomery’s remarkable career, .....

Iron Man Silver Centurion - Mark 33 - Sixth Scale Figure EXCLUSIVE

  • D.C. In DC Event

    12/15/2017 // 0 Comments

    “DC in D.C.,” a pop culture event open to the public in Washington, D.C. during the Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday weekend that brings together the worlds of entertainment and public service to illuminate the story of America and discuss topical current issues through the lens of comics and Super Heroes. .....
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